Davina: How's Kol? I can't see anything here expect New Orleans.

Klaus: I believe he's currently traipsing through the French Riviera, though, I'm sure he'll return once I tell him how lovely you remain. Death becomes you.

The antagonistic relationship between the Original Hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson and the Witch, Davina Claire.

Klaus made it clear from the first time that he learned of Davina's existence that he viewed her as a weapon, a weapon which he could use to monitor and control the witches of the French Quarter. When Davina discovers this, she decides to run away, which makes Klaus view her as a threat to his existence. Throughout the series there are more intense situations on both ends that make their relationship an hostile rivalry. However, Davina dies during Season Three due to Klaus' family using her spirit as Ancestral magic as a tool to kill Lucien Castle. Klaus was surprised when he learned that Elijah and Freya sacrificed her spirit in order to save the Mikaelson family. During a violent confrontation between Elijah, Klaus and Marcel, Klaus reveals that he feels sympathy for her death (as a spirit).

Throughout The Originals Series


  • Klaus killed Davina's childhood close friend Tim.
  • The reason Davina wants Klaus dead/daggered is due to the murder of Tim, attempted murders of Josh and Marcel, constant blackmail her into helping him, and the knowledge that, if there are any perceived sights against him, he'll do it again to get to her.
  • Klaus only viewed Davina as a weapon to use against the witches.
  • Klaus tricked Davina into owing him a favor. However, due to their future actions against each other, this is null and void.
  • All of Davina's successful attempts to take Klaus down have been thwarted by outlying factors, such as Mikael's interference, or Kol's capitulations.
  • Davina is alive partially due to a promise Klaus made to Camille. In Live and Let Die, Camille told Klaus that he was not to hurt Davina under any circumstances to which Klaus agreed.
  • In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Davina taunts Klaus by saying that he couldn't kill Mikael when he had the chance and says that Mikael was right about him, Klaus was weak. Klaus reaction was to bite Davina in her neck. But this was what Davina wanted him to do, as she poisoned her blood, therefore poisoning Klaus. 
  • In Red Door, Davina saved his life (with help from Kol) by temporarily draining the powers of the White Oak Stake
  • In Fire with Fire, Davina became the new Regent of the witches by using her many victories over Klaus in The Brothers That Care Forgot and The Casket Girls to prove her worth. She also promises that, while she would be willing to make peace with Klaus, she will not let him abuse the witches again.
  • In A Streetcar Named Desire, Davina successfully broke Klaus' sireline. With his sire line broken she used the magical energy from that to bring back his younger brother Kol from The Ancestral Plane.
  • Davina and Klaus have more in common than they would like to admit:
    • Both resorted to using murder as the answer to their problems (Klaus killing on several accounts and Davina having Hayley Marshall-Kenner murder Kara Nguyen).
    • Both have been rejected by those who raised them (Klaus was rejected by Mikael and Esther growing up and Davina is currently shunned from her witch community).
    • They are both orphaned from tough families.
  • Davina was dating Klaus' brother Kol before Kol killed her.




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