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The spell you described, Dahlia calls it "kenning"-- using proxies to watch her enemies from afar. But, I've never seen it done on quite this scale.
Freya explaining the spell to her siblings

Kenning is a spell used by old Norse witches to remotely enter the minds of others, allowing the witch to see through their eyes, talk from their mouths, and control their actions from afar. It is a subsection of possession.

Description Edit

Kenning involves the use of a powerful spell that allows the practitioner to invade the mind and the body of living beings, even of entire masses at once, in order to spy on their enemies or to explore the area in search of possible dangers. Because the spell is highly intrusive and at the expense of innocent (and because it was seen used by Dahlia, arguably the most powerful dark witch in history), Kenning may be a practice of dark magic.

The eyes of the possessed become totally white (or, for those with dark eyes, a light turquoise color) and the temporary host is at the total mercy of the witch in question, who can make them move and speak to her/his liking. The possessed ones do not remember anything, as demonstrated by the crowd that surrounded Freya for a few minutes in Night Has A Thousand Eyes; they stared at her with a dazed expression before then returning to their activities like nothing happened.

Notable Examples Edit

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Freya surrounded by the enchanted crowd

The most powerful witch Dahlia used this magical practice to spy on on her marks before making her move. Through her temporary hosts, she was able to inflict pain on Freya, a powerful witch in her own right, and perform spells without attracting the attention of the crowd, though the latter would be due to her hold over the people. She was even able to use this spell to briefly possess the body of Josephine LaRue after Dahlia had killed her the previous evening. Dahlia sent Josephine to the Mikaelson compound in order to communicate with them through her, allowing her to both speak with Klaus and Elijah without risking violence toward her (though her pseudo-immortality afforded her near-invulnerability as it was) and to also unsettle them by possessing the body of the Mikaelsons' former ally using Kenning.

Freya Mikaelson was able to recognize the spell, probably because she saw her aunt using it countless times throughout their centuries together. According to her, one can prevent their minds from being invaded with Kenning spells by drinking a tonic tea.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kenning seems to be dark magic, since it takes advantage of the body and mind of innocent beings for personal gain.
  • The symbol used by Freya to trace the magical traces of Kenning back to Dahlia is the astrological sign of Taurus.
    • This is also a symbol used in Wicca to represent the Horned God.
  • The smudge-stick used to trace the symbol in the spell to trace the Kenning spell back to Dahlia appears to be made of sage leaves.
  • Kenning allows a witch to reanimate and control a corpse as shown with Josephine LaRue's possession.

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