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You are the reason I wanted to stay in New Orleans, Freya. You make me feel understood, known. And there is always going to be a spell to do or an enemy to fight but when that is all finished you deserve someone who gets you.

Keelin is a werewolf appearing in the fourth season of The Originals. Keelin is a smart, strong and resourceful Emergency Room doctor. She is the last living werewolf of the Malraux bloodline after the rest of her family was hunted to extinction.

After her family's death she went into hiding and, since then, she has deliberately avoided getting too close to anyone. She was held captive by Freya and eventually struck a bargain so that together, they could combine their knowledge of magic and medicine to destroy Marcel's venom. Since the creation of a weapon that can kill Marcel, Freya released her and is currently enjoying her life of freedom.

Early History

Prior to 2014, while she is well into her medical education and just starting her residency, her family and werewolf bloodline were hunted down by Lucien. Once he obtained the venom he needed they were killed off. It remains unknown how she survived her family's destruction though it is likely because she does not share her grandmother's maiden name of Malraux.

During an unknown year, while Keelin dated an orthopedic surgeon, one morning they went for a hike and Keelin badly injured her ankle. However, the next day, due to her accelerated healing, Keelin's ankle was back to normal. Her then-girlfriend freaked out and they broke up. After that, Keelin broke into the hospital lab and managed to find a way to slow her healing down to almost a human's so that she could live a normal life.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Four

In Gather Up the Killers, Hayley sought her out because she was the last of the Malraux bloodline. After she was kidnapped by Hayley, she agreed to give her the venom she needed in exchange for her freedom, though after Freya was awakened and she healed her siblings, she remained a captive as Freya could only make two doses of the cure.

In Haunter of Ruins, she is still held captive by Freya, who is extracting more of her venom. Hayley tries to intervene and they engage in a fight for her freedom though Hayley relents. Some time later, Hayley frees her and she escapes. Later that night Freya locates her and is subdued with a pain infliction spell and re-captured. Contained in a boundary spell, Freya makes a deal with her, she tells her that she will set her free and that she can have her life back if she helps her find a way to kill Marcel.

In Keepers of the House,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In I Hear You Knocking,

In Bag of Cobras,

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter,

In Queen Death, Keelin visits Freya at St. Louis Cathedral as she is preparing another spell. After their brunch is interrupted with Elijah no where to be found and her spells not working, she calm's Freya down, telling her to take a breath and to focus. She tells her that she believes in her and that if anyone can find him, it's her. While they prepare to go up against the Hollow, Keelin watches over Hope and plays Jacks with her.


Keelin is a very strong young woman and is a warrior at heart. She wasn't afraid to fight Hayley when the latter came after her. However, Keelin later helped Hayley being she knew that Hayley was just trying to help her family. Keelin is also incredibly intelligent, as she was able to slow her werewolf healing down using medicine.

Physical Appearance

Keelin is a pretty woman of an unknown age. She has shoulder-length curly black hair, round brown eyes, and plump lips. She has an athletic build and is normally seen wearing relaxed clothing such as jeans and a casual t-shirt.

Powers and Abilities

Keelin possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-evolved werewolf. However, due to the Moonlight ring she currently wears, Keelin is capable of accessing the full power of her condition that is usually only available in wolf form.


Keelin has the typical weaknesses of a non-evolved werewolf.


Freya Mikaelson


While at the beginning, Freya saw Keelin only as a way to ensure the longevity of her family (a prisoner), provided a cure to Marcel's bite, her opinion of Keelin has since changed. After realizing that Keelin has acute medical abilities and could help her in her quest to defeat Marcel, Freya aided Keelin in controlling her werewolf curse, via a moonlight ring, in return for her help. As her captivity with Freya prolonged, the two developed a friendly bond towards one another. After Freya was almost killed by Dominic, Keelin realized there was something more between them. Freya told her there's no reason for them to see each other, though as she was leaving, rejected her own comment and kissed her. They've since began an official relationship.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner

TO-S4-Hayley and Keelin

Keelin was first approached by Hayley at a bar in Austin. Keelin felt threatened that she knew of her bloodline and attacked Hayley. They fought though she was overcome by Hayley's vampiric strength and was taken hostage so that she could use her for her venom. While being held captive by Freya, Hayley saw the pain that Keelin was forced to endure and eventually was set free. Since then, the two have not interacted though she did show relief when she found Hayley dead, from only a broken neck, and that she would soon recover.


Season Four


  • Keelin is a Celtic name and means "slender" or "comely". [1]


  • She is openly bisexual.[2] This makes her the third LGBT character who appeared in The Originals after Josh Rosza and Aiden and seventh in The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe after Bill Forbes, Luke Parker, Mary Louise and Nora Hildegard.
  • She is the first werewolf character in the series that is also a doctor.
  • Her grandmother's maiden name is Malraux.
  • In No Quarter, Sofya confirms that she is the last of the Malraux bloodline.
  • Keelin is the first known werewolf who used medicine and science to dampen her werewolf healing powers, despite the magic that makes her a werewolf, while retaining her strength, speed and wolf eyes.
  • Keelin is the first non-evolved werewolf to receive a moonlight ring since the second season of The Originals and the creation of evolved werewolves.




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