And now you will suffer, as you made me suffer.

Kara Nguyen was a Versailles Elder witch of the Ninth Ward Coven. She disliked Davina Claire due to her belief that Davina was a vampire sympathizer. As revenge, Davina made Hayley Marshall-Kenner murder Kara for intimidating Davina. Kara was later seen as a spirit and tried to take revenge on Davina in the spirit world, but she was unsuccessful. However, Kara was successful at her second attempt at revenge. Kara took her revenge on Davina after her second death by cursing her, with the help of the Ancestors.

Early History

Kara lived in the Ninth Ward in the Versailles neighborhood, managing a café called Cafe Chim Lac. At some point she gave birth to a son who she named Van and a number of daughters.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Three

In For the Next Millennium, Kara is seen at the meeting held by Davina, before the end of the meeting, she turns to leave. Davina exclaims that she has not dismissed her, in retaliation, Kara uses a spell to fracture Davina's hand and encircle her in fire.

In You Hung the Moon, Kara is assassinated in front of her café by Hayley who made a deal with Davina to free her from the curse. Her body (along with 11 other witches) are found the next day. A young man, Van, inquires about his mother and breaks down, realizing his mother is among the bodies. Her son is later seen mourning to her body at the cemetery.

In Savior, it is mentioned that her son is financially struggling to put food on the table for her daughters.

In Wild at Heart, she appears before Davina and Kol on the ancestral plane and attacks them in retaliation to her death. She is then pushed away and banished to an unknown part of the dimension by Ariane as they escape.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, She gets the honor of shredding Davina's soul.


Kara seemed to be well respected among her coven and loved by her son greatly. She is shown to have contempt for Davina being Regent and a Vampire sympathizer. This showed that she was loyal to the witches, but also showing prejudice against species different from witches.

Physical Appearance

Kara had medium length black hair and dark, brown eyes. She wore a black cloak and a multi colored shirt. She also wore a necklace that was a symbol of her coven that looked like an upside down moon with a emerald gem in the middle.

Powers and Abilities

Kara possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. She was an Elder of the Ninth Ward Coven and being able to hurt Davina, at the time their new Regent, she was presumably a very powerful witch.


Kara had the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


  • Kara and Van (Mother/Son Relationship/Former Allies)
  • Kara and Davina (Enemies)


The Originals Season Three


  • Kara is an Italian name and means "dear" or "beloved".
  • Nguyễn is a common Vietnamese surname and means "loyalty for the savior".


  • Based on her surname, she is of Vietnamese descent.
  • The character's surname was misspelled as "Ngyuen" in the credits of 3x01. Writer Carina Adly MacKenzie confirmed it as a typo via Twitter.
  • She managed a café called Café Chim Lac in Versailles.
  • She was killed by Hayley on Davina's orders. Kara is the second witch killed because Davina had a hand in her death. The first witch was very similar to Kara since they both worked in restaurants and their child harbored hatred for Davina as result.
  • From Marcel's comment in Savior, it is implied she was a single mother as her son is financially struggling to put food on the table for his sisters after her death.


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