Kol: Last year, when Esther first brought us back, I got put in the body of a gormless twit!
Kol reflecting on his time possessing Kaleb in Behind the Black Horizon

Kaleb Westphall was a witch of the French Quarter Coven who was under the possession of the spirit of the Original Vampire, Kol Mikaelson until both of their deaths at the hands of Finn Mikaelson.

Kaleb was a member of the Westphall Family.

Throughout The Originals Series

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Kaleb is only seen as Kol's host body from Rebirth to I Love You, Goodbye, when he died because of a deadly hex performed on Kol by his brother Finn Mikaelson (while possessing Vincent Griffith). Kaleb was later consecrated and entombed at the Lafayette Cemetery.


Due to Kaleb being a host for the spirit of Kol Mikaelson until his death, none of his true personality had a chance to be revealed to show viewers.

Physical Appearance

Kaleb was a young man with curly brown hair, blue eyes and a tall, athletic build. His age was not mentioned in the series, but he appears to be in his late teens or in his early twenties.

Powers and Abilities

Kaleb (who was under the possession of the deceased Original Vampire Kol Mikaelson) has been shown to be little match for those such as the Harvest witch Davina Claire, or Finn Mikaelson—who had been channeling multiple sources of magic—with regards to raw magical strength. This is partially the reason that Esther chose him as a vessel for her son, Kol Mikaelson, as the limit of his magic would allow her to keep him on a leash. However, to his fellow New Orleans witches, such as their Regent, Josephine LaRue, Kaleb was known as a formidable witch in his own right, as she had mentioned that all of the witches who were possessed by members of the Mikaelson family were known for having exceptional talents with regards to their skill level.


Kaleb and Davina


Kol, while possessing Kaleb, developed a romance with Davina Claire. Their relationship, however, is strictly between Davina and Kol's spirit within Kaleb's body, as Kaleb's own consciousness was being oppressed by the spirit possession spell on him.


The Originals Season 2

The Originals Season 3


  • Kaleb is a name from a Hebrew origin and it means "wholehearted." Alternate spellings are Caleb and Kalib.
  • Westphall is of Germanic origin and comes from the ancient German region of Westphalia. There are various variations of the name, such as Westphal, Westfehling, Fehling, Westfahl, Westfeleke (Silesia), Westphalen and Westfall.


  • Interestingly enough, Daniel Sharman played a werewolf on the MTV television show Teen Wolf before playing a witch on The Originals. This is the opposite of Phoebe Tonkin, who played a witch on The Secret Circle before joining The Vampire Diaries (and later The Originals) as a werewolf turned hybrid.
  • It is being assumed that Kaleb's family must be dead (or else he is estranged from them), considering the fact that Esther handpicked him to be Kol's host. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, it is mentioned that Esther's idea of an appropriate human host is someone who is healthy and strong, alone, and who isn't close to anyone who might notice a personality change.
  • It has had been theorized that Kaleb based on his accent was from London just like his actor is since it's noted when Kol's brother and mother were possessing New Orleans witches they picked up on their hosts accents.
  • According to Michael Narducci, in order to keep her son in line, Esther specifically chose Kaleb as a host body as he is a weaker witch than others. Despite this, Kol showed a considerable amount of power through his spells, and demonstrated the ability to fight his siblings, help to stop an empowered Finn by overloading the magic he was channeling, cast body jump spells, and creating a gold white oak ash dagger to use on Klaus.
  • Kaleb, while being possessed by Kol, is often referred to as "Koleb," by their fans, as it is a combination of their two names in order to differentiate him from the version of Kol played by Nate Buzolic.
  • He's the only character whose real personality is unknown: Viewers knew what Cassie, Vincent and Eva were really like.
  • Unlike Vincent's surname, Kaleb's surname, Westphall, became known post-mortem via his headstone. Likewise, the surname of Cassie was only partially shown on her headstone in From a Cradle to a Grave.



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