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The Originals - Episode 2.01 - Rebirth(h) (2)
Joshua Rosza
Biographical information
  • 1993 (Age 20/21)
  • 2011
  • Undead
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Broken neck (as a human)
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And hey, look, if you, uh, get nervous, or, like, need a vote of confidence or whatever? Just remember that, uh, I think you're pretty amazing.

Joshua "Josh" Rosza is a recurring character who appears in The Originals. Josh quickly becomes best friends with the witch Davina after being turned into a vampire by Marcel. He's one of Marcel's closest allies and friends, becoming his second-in-command. Josh is also the boyfriend of enhanced werewolf, Aiden.


In 2007, when Josh was sixteen, he was constantly partying in clubs in an effort to meet boys, becoming a fan of club music like House and Trance. In his senior year, he had a secret boyfriend until his family found out on Valentine's Day. They disowned Josh, who left, officially out of the closet.

Two years later, he planned a trip to New Orleans with his best friend, Tina McGreevy.

Throughout The Originals Series

Josh TO 1x02

Josh and Tina visit New Orleans.

In House of the Rising Son, Josh and his friend, Tina, travel to New Orleans, where they're invited to a party at Marcel's house by Diego. At midnight, Marcel's vampires attack and feed on all of the tourists at the party, including Josh and Tina. Afterwards, they're both fed vampire blood to heal them and are compelled to forget everything. Later, knowing they had ingested vampire blood, Klaus kills Josh and Tina by snapping their necks. Once Marcel informs them of their deaths and subsequent transitions, he holds up a coin and tells them that the first one who grabs it will live on as a vampire, and the one who doesn't will die. After a moment of hesitation, Tina grabs it, but Marcel kills her for betraying her friend, allowing Josh to complete his transition due to his show of loyalty. Klaus takes Josh to his van and compels him to be his spy before Marcel has a chance to get him on vervain.
Klaus and Josh 3 TO 1x03

Josh and Klaus torture Max.

In Tangled Up in Blue, Klaus has Josh torture the captured nightwalker, Max, by bleeding him dry in order to drain the vervain from his system and compel him to be Klaus' spy. Later, Josh accompanies Thierry, Diego and a group of nightwalkers during a "rousting" of the witches in the Cauldron. He watches the compelled Max attack Katie outside the Jardin Gris. Thierry, who's secretly in love with Katie, is so angered by Max's actions that he kills him in response. Klaus hands Josh a parchment containing instructions on how to create a daylight ring, and has Josh lie and say he found it at Katie's shop in order to further implicate Thierry of treason.

The Originals S01E04 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0358

Josh watches as Diego feeds on a girl.

In Interview with the Vampire, Josh asks Diego about how he could expedite the process to obtain a daylight ring, but Diego informs him that only those in Marcel's inner circle receive one. Josh asks him if there's a spot for him in Marcel's inner circle since Thierry's gone, but Diego tells him that Thierry didn't deserve his fate and Marcel was just showing off for Klaus. Josh then watches Diego and Rebekah talk about Klaus. Later, Josh interrupts Marcel's conversation with Father Kieran and tells him that Diego lost sight of Davina and Cami. Later, Josh watches as Diego and Marcel argue. After snapping Diego's neck, Marcel tells Josh to tell Diego that an apology would be more effective than a bad attitude.

Josh 2 TO 1x06

Josh talks to Marcel about their plan to defeat Klaus.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Josh sees Marcel drinking alone at the nightwalker bar, and asks if he can help him with something. Marcel informs him that there are vampires who are eighty years ahead of Josh on the list to receive a daylight ring, but then decides to use Josh to find out more information about where Klaus is living. Josh lies and tells Marcel that Klaus is living at the Palace Royale, but knows that Marcel doesn't believe him. Marcel then speaks to him about trust and Josh asks if there is anybody Marcel truly trusts. Josh goes to the Mikaelson Mansion to tell Klaus what happened, but Hayley answers the door and tells Josh that Klaus isn't there. Marcel, hidden from both of them, overhears Josh tell Hayley that Marcel knows that Klaus lied about where he's living. From this, Marcel deduces that Josh has been working for Klaus.

The Originals S01E07 720p 1255

Davina reverses the compulsion that Klaus put on Josh.

In Bloodletting, Josh watches a few vampires participate in drinking games as Marcel comes over and tells him he could join them if he wanted to. However, Josh tells him that they remind him of some of the bullies he had at school. Marcel then tells him he's a very funny guy before confronting Josh about his involvement with Klaus, forcibly taking him to Davina. Marcel asks her to undo Klaus' compulsion, and while she agrees to do so, she warns Josh that it will be very painful. Josh screams in agony while Davina magically erases Klaus' influence from Josh's brain. During their time alone together, Davina asks him to think of something other than the pain he's feeling and then asks him what kind of music he likes. Josh admits to Davina that he was just a gay club kid looking for a good time before he was turned into a vampire, and they bond over a lost sense of normalcy. Once Davina has freed him from Klaus' compulsion, Josh describes what it feels like to go from being driven by what Klaus wants, to finally feeling free to do what he wants and to feeling normal. Davina is perplexed by Josh's notion of normal, but Josh merely states that normal is relative.


Josh meets Klaus at the garage.

In The River in Reverse, Josh meets Klaus at the docks in a garage and Klaus surprises him. Josh suggested he might have studied theater and Klaus smiles and tells him he has a role of a lifetime for Josh. Josh then drives to the Abattoir and tells Marcel and Rebekah that Klaus asked him to get a dagger from Marcel. He's sure it was a test as Klaus might know he isn't working with him anymore. Marcel calms Josh down tells him that if Klaus knew he would have ripped Josh's spine out through his nose. Josh then begins to panic. Marcel tells Josh to call Klaus and tell him that he searched everywhere for the dagger but that he saw that Marcel does have it and he will need a witch to get it back, which won't be easy. Back at the garage, he tells Klaus that he's not doubting his mad vampire skills, but tells him that Marcel is on red alert and is surrounded by army of vampires. Josh then tells him he overheard Diego arguing with Marcel about clearing out the compound for a date and that is where he is. Klaus then congratulates Josh for his fine work, and tells him once he rules New Orleans, Josh will be granted a daylight ring for his services rendered to his true king. Josh then says, "Adios, Klaus."

The Originals S01E09 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0886

Davina and Josh meet Hayley.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Joshua hides in the Abattoir at the garage and Davina finds him due to being able to sense his fear. Josh shows himself to Davina from behind a car, and they hug. Davina asks what he's doing there and he says that he needs to stay incognito as he has to leave when the sun goes down due to leading Klaus into a trap. Davina tells him that he can trust Marcel and if Klaus tries to hurt Josh, she will hurt him. Then Hayley appears and tells Davina if she could actually hurt him, she would have done it already. She makes a sort of allegiance with Davina and Josh. Later, after Hayley tells Davina about the last elder dying, she became upset and when Josh appears she asks him if she can trust Hayley. Josh assures her that she can and that Hayley was telling the truth as Elijah killed her. Davina says that she's surrounded by liars and asks Josh to help her get away, which he does.


Davina and Josh reverse Cami's compulsion.

In The Casket Girls, Josh is with Davina as she tries to remove Klaus' compulsion from Cami, and Josh tells her that he knows what she is going through as he been through the same, when Davina removed his compulsion away. As time goes on, Josh also tells Cami that her cheat sheets are going to make a lot more sense with her memories back. He drops the cheat sheets on the floor as the sunlight comes through the window and he feels it burn his hand, winces in pain and quickly jerks away from the window. Davina tells him that she will get him a daylight ring as soon as possible, but Josh tells her not to worry about it at the moment. Later, Josh asks if there are blood bags in the fridge, but Davina offers him her blood. He's hesitant, but is about to drink from her when she senses the witches are trying to find her.


Davina offers Josh some of her blood.

Cami then suggests they seek Kieran's help, but Davina tells her that he knows about the supernatural. Josh tells them they need to go and they can take his car that is parked in the docks and he'll text them where it is. Davina tells him to put his number in Cami's phone and says it takes forever for the sun to come down, but Josh tells her to have no tears. Davina makes Josh promise they will meet again when it is dark and Josh promises and tells her she shouldn't worry about him and not to let Marcel and his vampires find her.


Josh and Davina hug goodbye.

Hours later, Josh is still at Cami's apartment as calls her to ask where she and Davina are. He then gets a phone call from someone: Klaus. Josh tries to convince Klaus he's in Turkey and there are no witches there, but Klaus knows he's lying and reveals he has Tim, asking him if he would leave Davina's best friend in Klaus' hands at the compound. Josh calls Cami and tells her and Davina of this. Josh tries to stop Davina from confronting Klaus, concerned about her safety, but she's determined that she'll be able to take out all the Originals. Josh decides not to tell her that killing an Original means killing their entire bloodline, and lets her go.

Josh and Rebekah help a poisoned Davina and Tim.

Rebekah's waiting for Josh and tells him that Davina will end up dead if she goes up against Klaus. Rebekah takes Davina, Josh and Tim to the Garden in order for them to see Marcel's true colors. After Tim and Davina drink poisoned water, Josh and Rebekah try desperately to save them, to no avail. However, Marcel makes a deal with a witch to bring Davina back.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Josh visits Davina and they talk about each other's problems. She tells him about Monique and he tells her that she still has her magic. He also tells her more about his past and how his family didn't like him being gay but he didn't care.

In The Big Uneasy, he goes to see Davina at the Feast of the Blessings. Klaus then publicly pardons him in front of everyone. He finally gets his daylight ring as Klaus gives Davina a Lapis Lazuli ring and the daylight ring spell so she can make him one. He's present when Marcel says his goodbyes to Thierry and then burns his body. He's also there when Diego and a group of other vampires agree to go up against the Originals.

In An Unblinking Death, with a daylight ring now in his possession, Josh helps Cami concerning the situation with Kieran. Josh is seen walking around the attic without the sun hindering him. 

In The Battle of New Orleans, Davina tells Josh about how things are starting to escalate and she convinces him to leave town before they do. As he is getting ready to leave, he is bitten by Klaus and is used as leverage so that Davina will tell him where to find Marcel.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Josh walks out in the street as Davina does the spell to collect Klaus' blood and he was the one to get it instead of Marcel, healing him.

In Rebirth, Josh searches New Orleans for new recruits to join Marcel's new vampire army. He brings the latest group to Marcel's new home and helps with a demonstration of vampire strength. After the group departs to think about the offer, Josh remarks about how "the rocker chick" will be back and Marcel expresses his doubts. Josh asks what Marcel is really looking for in these new recruits and Marcel says he wants warriors instead of tough guys. When Josh asks what the difference is, Klaus arrives, explaining that a warrior fights for something they believe in.

Later, after the defeat of the twelve werewolves that possess the first moonglight rings, Josh returns to Marcel and informs him that Joe is dead. Josh and Marcel discuss what's worth fighting for before Gia wanders in.

In Live and Let Die, Josh is at Marcel's loft with the rest of the new vampires, checking his phone. Marcel asks him about any prospects and Josh informs him that he's been messaging a guy he really likes. When Marcel asks what the problem is, Josh expresses doubt about having any kind of normal relationship on account of his need of blood to survive. Before the conversation can go any further, someone is thrown through the window. The loft is suddenly swarmed by werewolves wearing moonlight rings. The leader of the wolves, Aiden, tells Marcel that the deal that the vampires would stay out of the Quarter is over and they must leave entirely. To prove his point, he has one of the other werewolves bite a vampire. When another goes for Josh, he calls them off and warns Marcel that they need to be gone when they come back, because he won't stop them next time.

Marcel, Josh, Gia and the other vampires are discussing the situation in Marcel's loft, weighing the pros and cons and deciding not to run. Marcel points out that there's a difference between wanting to fight and knowing how to win. Josh points out that they can't learn how to defend themselves from an army of werewolves in one day, just before Elijah arrives and snaps the necks of two vampires, telling them all to constantly be on guard.

Josh, Elijah, Gia, Marcel, Oliver and Hayley discuss how Esther and Finn want soldiers and are trying to get teenagers to trigger their werewolf curse. One of the teenagers is Aiden's brother, Nick, and he wants to save him from Esther and Finn, so Elijah and Marcel agree to help.

As the plan begins, Josh waits at Rousseau's by a secret passage that will taken them anywhere it the city they want to go. As the children go through, Josh and Hayley follow them. Josh leads the children through the tunnels, breaking off the gate at the end and meeting up with Gia, who tells them that Marcel is getting the getaway car. When Marcel arrives in an ambulance, the kids are all loaded up. As Aiden's reunited with Nick, he also shares a look with Josh.

Later, Josh is at Bywater Tavern, glancing at his phone and looking a little nervous, when Aiden comes in and it's revealed that he is the guy Josh has been messaging. After a brief conversation about their conflicting species, the two decide to pretend they're not at war for the night and just be themselves.

In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Josh, Aiden, Hayley and Marcel outline a plan to take down Finn. When Hayley suggests killing him, Cami interrupts, saying they need to question him, as she places down a box of items. Josh sarcastically notes that it's a box of dusty old junk and they're saved, earning a smirk from Aiden and a laugh from Cami. Cami explains that they're dark objects and they can be used to take down Finn. Marcel pulls out a pair of manacles, getting a wry "kinky" from Hayley, which gets a laugh from Josh. Marcel explains that they're used to bind a witches power and Josh remarks that they won't be able to get the "manacles of doom" on Finn with an army of werewolves around him.

Later, Josh at St. Anne's Church with the others as Aiden lures Finn there. As Aiden goes to snuff out all the candles, Josh follows him and says he understands that Aiden would much rather be doing push-ups or drinking with his bros, but Aiden is quick to point out that this isn't so bad, earning a smile from Josh.

When Aiden is later thrown through the church by Finn, knocking him unconscious, Josh immediately rushes to his side before standing up to defend himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't get the chance as Finn easily snaps his neck with his magic.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Josh is at Marcel's loft as Davina explains what happened with Kol and the White Oak Stake. When she tells them that she think Kol took it, Josh sighs, and Marcel explains that he took it, and Kol and gave it to Klaus. He then tells Davina to stick with Josh while he heads out.

Later, Davina is venting to Josh about Klaus and how she feels like a failure while throwing darts at a dartboard. Josh points out that she's not the only one, citing how every werewolf in the city wants to kill him except one, bringing out the fact that he's "sort of dating" one of them, but it's a "Romeo and Romeo" situation. Davina's interested, so Josh shows her a picture of Aiden, and she tells him that he's worth all the drama. She tells him to invite Aiden over as she wants to meet him. After calling Aiden, Josh leads him into the loft where some music is playing. When Aiden remarks about Davina's great taste in music, Josh quickly corrects him by saying that he picked it out and that Davina wanted Puccini, earning a grimace from Aiden. They introduce themselves, with Aiden cracking a dumb joke about how he's a werewolf traitor. Davina recovers quickly and says she's going to go order some Thai food, leaving Josh and Aiden alone. They quickly realise that that was her plan all along.

While Davina's out of the room, Josh asks if everything's alright with the pack after the "werewolf traitor" comment. Aiden explains the situation and Josh expresses his confidence in him before the two share their first kiss. When they pull away, Josh remarks about how he thought they would be hearing clapping by this point. When he calls out for Davina and gets no response, he realizes she took off.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Finn traps the vampires and werewolves together to test how strong their new alliance is. Josh and Aiden go to the attic to be alone and share a kiss, and Josh calls Aiden his boyfriend for the first time. Aiden then reveals that the werewolves don't know about their relationship yet as they still hold a grudge against the vampires. Suddenly, due to Finn's spell, Josh can't seem to focus on anything other than Aiden's pulse and immediately goes to tell Marcel, deducing as the other vampires begin to experience the same symptoms that this is Finn's way of destroying their alliance by making the vampires want to feed on the werewolves. After some vampires go after Aiden, Josh fights them off, only to be tempted himself by some of Aiden's blood, but Klaus warns him off and snaps his neck. As the werewolves escape, Aiden and Josh share a final look.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Josh and Gia try to reason with Marcel when they discover he was bitten by a werewolf the night before. After discovering the vampires are missing, Davina uses some of Josh's stuff that he left at Aiden's to perform a locator spell. When Davina and Aiden arrive to save them, Finn wakes up the hungry vampires. Josh blocks their way out and attacks Aiden, Aiden snaps Josh's neck regretfully and carries him out.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Josh is still recovering from the hunger, with Davina's help. She tells him that Aiden stayed up with him. Josh arranges a meeting with Aiden and apologises as Aiden hugs him. However, Aiden breaks up with Josh, determined to keep him safe as Hayley and Jackson's wedding the next day will give all the werewolves advanced abilities. Josh remarks that he can't remember the last time he was safe and storms off, upset about their break up. After a talk with Jackson about how he loves Josh, Aiden finds Josh during the wedding and holds his hand, and then kisses him publicly, not caring who sees.


Not much is known about how he acted as human, as he wasn't one long before he was turned into a vampire. However, it is shown that loyalty runs deep in him as he was very hurt by his best friend Tina's decision to let Josh die and had not even considered leaving her to die herself.

Since becoming a vampire, Josh has been constantly pushed around and used, by both Marcel and Klaus, leading to Josh seeking out Davina's help. During his time with her, he explains how he just wishes to be normal. In Season Two, his standing seems to have risen as he is no longer pushed around as much and acts as Marcel's second-in-command.

Physical Appearance

Josh is a tall, medium-statured young man, with wavy, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is mildly attractive and handsome in his own simple way with style of a typical-20-something year old American man, and is usually seen wearing jeans with a polo or v-neck t-shirt and a hoodie or jacket.


Davina Claire

Main article: Davina and Josh

Davina and Josh

Josh met Davina after Marcel discovers Klaus' compulsion upon him, he requests Davina to free him in order to work as his spy. Josh is initially fearful of her although warms up to her after they bond over music, whilst Davina works her painful spell. After Josh's compulsion is lifted, they laugh over their differing views of "normal" and they are both noticeably sad when Marcel wants Josh to forget her. They "pinky promise" that Josh would keep her secret in exchange to keep his memories, as he says it's nice to talk to somebody again. Whilst Josh is stuck in the shadows without a daylight ring, he is expressively fearful of Klaus and Davina promises to protect him.

Marcel Gerard

Main article: Marcel and Josh

Marcel and Josh

Marcel and Josh have a very complex relationship who started off as just mere acquaintances and then evolved into friends. He was the one that turned to Joshua, and he is very loyal to Marcel and even endured the pain of having Klaus's compulsion removed from his system to show his loyalty to him. Josh wanted a daylight ring, and was endlessly trying to prove to him that he deserved it. Now that it is just himself left in Marcel's Army and he is helping him to rebuild it.

Niklaus Mikaelson

Main article: Josh and Klaus
Klaus and Josh 2 TO 1x03

Josh and Klaus

Right after Josh turned up in New Orleans and had Vampire blood in his system, Klaus Mikaelson broke his and his friend's neck to create spies for himself against Marcel and his empire. Once Josh completed his transition into a Vampire, Klaus compelled him to be his spy, his eyes and ears. Josh seemed to be an effective spy for him by helping him drain a vampire off vervain and framing Marcel's best friend Thierry. But after his compulsion was removed by Davina, he betrayed Klaus and sent him to an ambush. After that he has laid low and stayed hidden from Klaus.


Main article: Josh and Aiden

Josh and Aiden

Being a vampire and a hybrid, their relationship is hindered. Indeed they have a budding relationship that will blossom during the season as Caroline's relationship with Tyler did. During the brief moments of intimacy, stands the timidity of both. They are currently dating.

Other Relationships

  • Josh and Hayley (allies) 
  • Josh and Camille (Friends/Allies) 
  • Josh and Gia (allies/ Vampires of the same bloodline) 


  • Marcel: Did you ever hear the phrase of "Uneasy is the head and wears the crown"? Josh: Uhm, Lord of the Rings? Marcel: Shakespeare..
  • (to Davina): I'm a gay club kid who died and come back as a vampire.
  • The club kid in me is like in heaven.
  • (to Cami): Hey Cami you don't have any like human blood in your fridge don't you?
  • Reminds me to never piss off a witch.
  • (to Davina): I don't really care what they think about me anymore.
  • Klaus: I ordered you to drain blood of him. What's taking so long? Josh: Sorry. I'm not like medieval torture expert guy.
  • Josh: I'm gonna die of a werewolf bite. Davina: You're not going to die. Josh: Just promise me that you'll listen to my iPod when I'm gone. I spent a lot of time on those playlists.
  • Davina: Marcel used me. Josh: He used you to fight the people who were trying to kill you. You know, he also saved you from these people so you don't have to trust the guy but he does love you. And P.S. so do I.
  • (to Marcel about Aiden): "There is this one guy. We’ve only been messaging so far, but I think I like him. Like, really like him."
  • (to Marcel): What's got two thumbs and drink blood to survive? Oh,right, this guy!
  • (to Aiden): "Ps. Those pictures don’t really do you justice. You’re way hotter in person. You know, when you’re not…murdering people."
  • (to Aiden): "We could just, I don’t know… be ourselves?"
  • (to Marcel): "Not that I don’t dig the whole Karate Kid vibe that we got going in here, but how are we supposed to learn how to defend ourself from an army of superwolves in like one day?"
  • (to Cami): "Sweet. It’s a big box of rusty old junk. We’re saved."
  • (to Davina): “It’s kind of a, uh, Romeo and Romeo thing.”
  • (to Aiden): And hey, look, if you, uh, get nervous, or, like, need a vote of confidence or whatever? Just remember that, uh, I think you're pretty amazing.


Josh is a variant of Joshua (Hebrew), and the meaning of Josh is "Jehovah is salvation".



  • Joshua is one of the few characters that have exceeded more than 10 appearances, as he has appeared in 13 episodes in one season. He's the second in TO Season One, along with Diego to appear in 13 episodes, and third in the TVD/TO universe, along with Carol Lockwood, in Season Two.
  • In Tangled Up In Blue, it's revealed in the news report that he's 18 and comes from Michigan, but in Bloodletting he tells Davina it was four years ago, implying he is 20.
  • Josh is one of the few gay characters introduced in the series, and the first known gay vampire. 
  • Josh is the second LGBT character introduced to the TVD and TO Universe after Bill Forbes and before Luke Parker.
  • Steven Krueger played Emily's boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars before she came out. One of her girlfriends was played by Claire Holt.
  • The exact vampire whose blood turned him is unknown, but since all of them were turned by Marcel, he is of Klaus' bloodline.
  • Josh is the first vampire to have a compulsion placed upon him forcefully wiped out of his mind.
  • Josh obtained a Daylight Ring in The Big Uneasy.The ring was given to him by Klaus and spelled performed by Davina
  • Josh compels his first ever human in An Unblinking Death; a doctor, in order to help Camille with her plan to help her uncle.
  • In The Battle of New Orleans, he was bitten by Klaus and dying of the hybrid bite. In From a Cradle to a Grave, fortunately, Davina gathered enough of Klaus' blood that was on the ground in order to save Josh from dying.
  • Julie Plec reveals Josh was originally supposed to die but the writers refused to kill him.
  • Josh is the only noted Vampire who hasn't been shown to kill someone, however he did in a deleted scene in season 1.
  • He has not yet been seen to feed on a human.
  • He shares Similarities with Caroline Forbes.
  • He's currently the most recurring non-main character on the show.


Joshua Rosza has a photo gallery.


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