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Jonas Martin
Biographical information
  • 20th Century (Age Unknown)
  • Physician (Formerly)
  • Member of The Spirits (Formerly)
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Supernatural information
Significant spells
Cause of death
  • Broken Neck
Killed by
Physical Appearance
  • 6'2
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
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If any harm comes to my son because of what you did, you will answer to me.
— Jonas to Bonnie in The Dinner Party

Dr. Jonas Martin was a powerful witch and the father of Greta and Luka Martin. He teamed up with a powerful vampire named Elijah Mikaelson in an attempt to kill Elijah's brother Niklaus, who Jonas believed to have kidnapped his daughter. While trying to help Elijah in this plan, his son was accidentally killed by Damon Salvatore after he invaded the Salvatore Boarding House in his astral form. In his grief, Jonas went on a rampage at the Mystic Grill in order to find Elena Gilbert, which resulted in the injuries of many people. He was ultimately killed by Katherine Pierce (who was impersonating Elena) and Stefan Salvatore in The House Guest.

Jonas was a member of the Martin Family.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two


Jonas meets Bonnie

Dr. Martin was first seen at the Mystic Grill with his son, Luka while they were eating dinner. He introduced himself to Bonnie, who is also a witch, and began asking Bonnie questions about her family, specifically whether they had originated from Salem, Massachusetts. This line of questioning made Bonnie suspicious of the Martins until she soon discovered that they were witches, just like her. Still, she didn't fully trust the Martin witches, which led Bonnie to bewitch Luka's coffee at the Grill so she could force him to tell her why he and Jonas were working with Elijah. In her interrogation, Bonnie discovered that Jonas' daughter, Greta, was allegedly kidnapped by Elijah’s brother, Klaus, who had been forcing generations of witches into helping him figure out how to break his curse without the blood of a human doppelgänger. When Jonas realized what Bonnie had done, he became enraged and stripped Bonnie of her powers as a punishment before warning her that if any harm came to Luka as a result of her spell, she would have to deal with him.

In The House Guest, Jonas discovered that Elijah was daggered by the Salvatores, and believing that continuing their work with Elijah would be their best bet, he decided they should revive him. Later that night, Dr. Martin and Luka performed a spell together that sent Luke to the boarding house using astral projection so he could remove the dagger from Elijah's chest. However, when Katherine and Damon realized that someone was messing with Elijah's body, Damon used a flame-thrower to force the presence away, not knowing it was Luka, which set his physical body at his home on fire as well. Despite Jonas' best efforts, he was unable to heal Luka of his wounds, and he ultimately died from the extent of his burns. Full of anger and grief, Jonas cast a locator spell for Elena, believing her to be his only way of getting his daughter back. He tracked her down to the Grill, and when Bonnie, Stefan, and Elena don't immediately cave to his demands, he set the bar on fire and exploded multiple bottles of liquor, hurting several people in the process. Caroline Forbes lunged at Jonas and was about to feed on him to protect Elena when he cast a pain infliction spell on her that incapacitated her enough for him to get away. When Matt Donovan saw Jonas hurting Caroline, he tried to fight against him as well, and Jonas stabbed him in the neck with a bottle. In the chaos, Elena managed to sneak out of the restaurant, forcing him to rethink his plan.


Katherine attacks and kills Jonas

He ultimately decided to go to the Gilbert's House, where he tried to kill her again, not realizing that it was actually Katherine in disguise. When Jonas tried to attack her, she lunged at him, biting him on the neck and feeding on him seemingly to death. However, when Bonnie knelt beside him to close his eyes with her hands, Jonas sat up and put his hands on Bonnie's head and seemed to be casting a spell on her, so Stefan, believing that Jonas was hurting Bonnie, quickly snapped his neck. It was later revealed by Bonnie that he had actually been magically giving her back her powers, as well as providing her with the information she needed to finally kill Klaus once and for all.

In the episode Klaus, it was revealed that Jonas' daughter Greta had not been kidnapped, and instead was actually willingly working for Klaus. When Elena informed her that her family had been looking for her, Greta replied that they were wasting their time because she wasn't actually lost, essentially saying that Jonas and Luka had died for nothing.



Season 2



  • Since The Other Side has been destroyed, he most likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion.
  • Jonas was the first of three recurring characters to be physicians on the show, followed by Meredith Fell and Josette Parker.
    • Jonas was also the first of two characters who were both physicians and witches, along with Jo Parker.
  • As a hobby, Jonas collected old grimoires that he came across in his travels, as he held a strong belief that all witches are related to each other through their connection to nature.
    • When Jonas died, Bonnie took possession of his collection of grimoires in order to help the Mystic Falls Gang with their battles, including the fight against Klaus that Jonas intended to join prior to his death.

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