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Are you gonna hurt me?
Jessica to Damon in The Descent

Jessica Cohen was a 22 year old who talked to an emotionally pained Damon and then killed her.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

In The Descent, an emotionally pained Damon, who had to mercilessly kill Rose to end her suffering from a slow and painful death from a werewolf bite, encountered Jessica when he pretended to be sick or injured in the middle of the road. Shocked and taking pity on him, Jessica stopped to help but soon became disgusted with him upon discovering he was intoxicated. She tried to leave upon the realization that he was drunk.

However, he compelled her not to move. After a short talk, during which he confided in her about his conflicted feelings, saying that he painfully misses being human but believes that it's in his nature to kill and it tears him up inside. He then pretended to release her, saying she could go, but instead killed her after all giving in to what he believed to be his real nature. In the next episode, the killing was on the news and Damon contemplates what he's done.


Physical Appearance


Season Two

Season Six


  • Jessica is Hebrew and means "rich, God beholds".[1]
  • Cohen is a Hebrew name, which literally means "priest". It's also a common Jewish surname which represents an ancient biblical priestly heritage.[2]



  • With the confirmation of human souls being found in the two dimensions, Jessica either went to The Bright World or Hell.


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