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Jeremy and Tyler
General Information


Intimacy Levels

Close Friends, Former enemies, Tyler is letting Jeremy stay at his house, Both dated Vicki

First Met

Most likely known each other since childhood.


Close Friends

Jer, you should get home, stay inside, Klaus isn't going to stop until he gets all those coffins back, he's not done with you
— Tyler to Jeremy in The New Deal

The relationship between Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood.

At first, both of them were rivals for Vicki Donovan's affection, and they seemed to hate each other with a passion. They are in different crowds at school; Jeremy is only a sophomore, and is seen as a punk/druggie by his peers, while Tyler is a popular jock on the football team. Tyler generally seems content to ignore Jeremy, though Jeremy frequently confronts and antagonizes Tyler to provoke him. This usually ends in a fight between the two, fueled by Tyler, who admits to being aggressive and hot-headed. However, as time goes on, they've become friends, if not allies with each other.

Season OneEdit

For the majority of season 1, Tyler and Jeremy intensely disliked each other due to the fact that they were both trying to date the same girl, Vicki DonovanMatt Donovan's sister.

Mystic Falls High School, when Tyler

In Pilot, The first interaction seen between Tyler and Jeremy is at approaches Vicki while she's getting pharmaceutical drugs from Jeremy. Tyler calls Jeremy a crackhead and then Jeremy responds back but before it can go any further Vicki breaks it up. Tyle is later seen in the woods with Vicki kissing, she them tells him no that she will not have sex on a tree then Jeremy shows up and tells tyler to leave her alone.


In The Night of the Comet, Jeremy is seen walking up to Tyler while he is talking to other girls and ask him several questions about Vicki to try and embarrass him in front of the other girls which lead to Tyler and Jeremy almost fighting again. Later at Mystic Grill Tyler is seen sitting down and them Jeremy comes and ask has anyone seen vicki, Tyler then outs Jeremy to Elena about how he's been selling drugs then Tyler tells Jeremy that Vicki would never go for him but Jeremy responds by telling everyone that he already has been with her, over and over and over again but no one beileves that Vicki Donovan would sleep with jeremy.

1x03-Friday Night Bites (28)

In Friday Night Bites, Tyler purposely bumps into Jeremy just to start a fight, Jeremy thinks that Tyler did that just to impress Vicki but Tyler says that he doesn't need to impress her because he already won which infuriates Jeremy enough to push Tyler but this time Matt gets in the middle to break it up. Afterwards Tyler along with the rest of the school seem to be preparing for a football game but then he see's Jeremy and decides to pick a fight and then Jeremy punches Tyler and they fight until it is broken up.


In Family Ties, The doorbell rings at the Gilbert House, Jeremy answers the door and it's Tyler, Jeremy attempts to shut the door but Tyler pushes it back open and says " I'm here for my mom, I'm suppose to pick up a box of stuff ". Then Elena hands him the box and says " please be careful " then Jeremy says " yeah, be careful with it dick ".Then Elena asks them not to argue so they don't but before Tyler leaves he asks Jeremy if it would make a difference if he actually like Vicki and Jeremy replies not even if you meant it.


In The Turning Point, We see Tyler looking at a portfolio of drawings, then Jeremy approaches Tyler and says that he's suprised to see him their because he believes that Tyler has no culture and then Jeremy se's a picture that Tyler drew, after he see's the drawings he finds Tyler in the hallway and tells him that he didnt know he drew and that's just another thing they have in common. Tyler then says " and whats the other thing Vicki, lets hang out because we did the same chick ", which of course makes Jeremy mad and he pushes Tyler against a locker, the fight is then broken up by Richard Lockwood, and Alaric Saltzman. They are both taken outside by Tyler's dad and told to fight but they dont want to, Tyler leaves with with his dad and later is seen sitting down on a bench then Jeremy comes up to him and ask him if his dad is like that all the time and he tells Tyler that he gets it but Tyler gets angry and punches Jeremy in the face and says that he doesn't need Jeremy's pitty.

The Vampire Diaries 114 0620

In Fool Me Once, Jeremy and Tyler are seen at the grill, Jeremy seems to be writing something and Tyler is playing pool, Jeremy laughs and Tyler ask him whats his problem, Jeremy says he doesn't have one. They are both seen later on at Dukes party, Tyler see's Jeremy and ask him does he have any weed, Jeremy thinks he's joking because everytime they see each other they fight but Tyler says he just wants weed, Jeremy says he doesn't have any but if he did, he would'nt give him any.


In Let the Right One In, Tyler is at Mystic Grill talking to a girl when his dad tells him that they need to go,Tyler says that he's still eating then his dad tells him that they found Vicki Donovan and that they just took her body down to the morgue then Jeremy says " wait, she's dead ". They are seen again but at Matt's house, they look at each other across a table but say nothing.


In Under Control, Tyler and Jeremy sitting next to each other right outside of the high school, Tyler ask Jeremy if he wants to smoke, he says no, Tyler then ask what's your problem, Jeremy says that he just doesn't want any then they start to talk about Vicki and what happen to her and how people are saying that she overdosed which Jeremy doesn't believe because he says she was doing fine.

In Founder's Day, Jeremy and Tyler are on a Float dressed in a certain type of uniform celebrating the
battle of willow creak,

Season TwoEdit


In The Return, Tyler is sitting in his one of his dad's rooms drinking when Jeremy walks in saying he's looking for the bathroom then he says that he's sorry about Tyler's dad and then Tyler offers him a drink and right after that Tyler's uncle Mason walks in. The pair seemed to strike an odd truce, almost a friendship, after they bond over the shared experience of losing a father during Tyler's father's wake.


In Kill or Be Killed, Tyler is at the mystic grill texting to Sarah and Aimee and then Jeremy comes and sits down with Tyler and ask him how has he been, Tyler says that he's fine and Jeremy get's ready to leave but then Tyler apologizes. Then he invites Sarah, Aimee and Jeremy to his house because no one will be there, a little bit later thay are all seen at Tyler's house getting drunk and having fun. Jeremy then allows them to see his drawings of what look like to be Werewolves, Tyler then lures him into a room where he chokes Jeremy up against a wall, asking him why did he draw wolf pictures, Jeremy replies that he knows what Tyler is and then they proceed to talk about Werewolves and how it works. They are interupted by the girls who then steals the Moonstone, then Tyler chases Sarah up the steps to get the stone back they struggle over it and she falls down the steps leaving both Tyler and Jeremy to believe she was dead but then she awakens.


Jeremy talks to Tyler.

In Plan B, Tyler and Jeremy are helping set up for the Masquerade at the Lockwood Mansion when Jeremy tells Tyler that he researched the Moonstone, Tyler ask him why, he says because he was curious and bored. Then Tyler asked what did he find out, jeremy says that it's part of a aztec legend and he asked Tyler could he see it again but Tyler said no becasue he gave it to his uncle.

Season ThreeEdit


In The New Deal, Jeremy and Tyler are somewhere in the woods, Jeremy ask Tyler what is the point of them shooting cans, Tyler says that the point is that he's mad at Caroline and that Bonnie dumped Jeremy, he says again the point is to get drunk and shoot stuff. Jeremy tells tyler that Alaric is his like his Guardian, Jeremy then tells Tyler to het out of the way because he's about to shoot the crossbow, he then shoots it and Tyler catches it. Tyler is later at the Gilbert house with Jeremy, Elena and Alaric, he then explains to all of them the difference between compulsion and being sired. We later see them again in the woods again arguing because Tyler got Jeremy off of Vervain and he was almost killed

Season FourEdit


In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Jeremy arrives at the Lockwood Mansion. Tyler is surprised, saying, "Jeremy?" Another one of Tyler's Hybrid friends, Chris, was there and Jeremy killed him in order to become a full member of the Five and to save Elena from the hallucinations that were trying to force her to kill herself.

Season FiveEdit

TVD 1603

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tyler returns to Mystic Falls for Bonnie's funeral. Tyler give Caroline a hug and then gives Bonnie a white rose, and Jeremy nods.

In Rescue Me, Tyler Liv's and Jeremy's conversation and gets curious. When Tyler sees Liv leaving, he notices Jeremy yelling at her. Tyler tries to push Liv away, but she uses a spell on him.Later on when Luke are walking away from his car, Matt and Tyler appear, still curious, and questions him. When Jeremy makes a deal with Liv, Matt and Tyler are there to protect him, like they are bodyguards. Jeremy tells Liv that they are a part of the deal.

When Jeremy decides to move out of the Salvatore Boarding House, he reveals that Tyler is letting him stay over at his house.



  • Jeremy and Tyler's relationship is very similar to Damon and Alaric's relationship - meaning, they start off antagonizing towards each other, then become friends later on in the series.
  • They both have a big interest with Art, and they are also really good at it too.
  • They both have died.
  • They are roommates.
  • In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes Jeremy kills Tyler's friend Chris to save Elena from Hunter's Curse.
  • They both have mixed relationships with the Salvatore brothers.
  • They both are very close friends with Matt.
  • They both dated Matt's sister Vicki.


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