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Jeremy Poster
Jeremy Gilbert
Biographical information
  • October 13, 1993 (Age 18)
  • Alive
  • Male
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Broken Neck (1st and 5th time)
  • Gunshot Wound (2nd time)
  • Desiccation Spell (3rd time)
  • Stabbed Through The Neck (4th time)
Killed by
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I have a supernatural urge to kill vampires, so wherever I hated you less, there was no magic.
— Jeremy to Damon in Home

Jeremy Gilbert is the adoptive brother and biological cousin of Elena Gilbert and is a medium, as well as one of the Five. His best friends are Matt Donovan and Bonnie Bennett, who's also his girlfriend. Since he came back to life in the Season Four finale, he was living in the Salvatore Boarding House with his sister (when she's not at college) and her boyfriend, Damon Salvatore since their house was destroyed by her after his death. However, he moved out halfway through Season Five and is now living with his best friends, Tyler and Matt, at Tyler's house.

Prior to the beginning of the series, his parents died in a tragic car accident that Elena managed to survive thanks to a vampire, Stefan Salvatore. As a way of coping with the accident, he started dealing and using drugs but soon stopped after the death of his first girlfriend, Vicki Donovan, supposedly because of an overdose. He overdosed on pills after drinking vampire blood in the hope of becoming a vampire thus being able to turn off his emotions. He did this following the death of his second girlfriend, Anna. However his attempt to become a vampire failed and the blood healed the damage the pills did.  

He started a romantic relationship with Bonnie Bennett which ended after he kissed Anna. Jeremy was shot by Sheriff Forbes after Damon dodged the bullet and was revived by Bonnie, who is a witch and has connections to dead witches with the power to bring him back. However the spell that caused him to be revived gave him the power to see ghosts and he was haunted by Vicki and Anna. He later went to live with family friends in Denver, after being compelled by Klaus to stand in front of a speeding car. Elena feared for his safety and got Damon to compel him to leave. He returned to Mystic Falls after Elena and Damon went to get him once Klaus found out where he was. He was turned into a vampire hunter and became a member of The Five. After helping Shane free Silas, he was forced by Katherine Pierce to raise the immortal, who then drained him of his blood and snapped his neck. He was able to survive numerous deaths due to the Gilbert Ring, but since he turned into a supernatural being, this death would last. His body was burned inside the Gilbert House because Elena could no longer keep the house after losing the only family she had left. So she decided to burn the house down to make it a good cover story for Jeremy's death. 

Jeremy was brought back to life by Bonnie in Graduation, and since then, lived in the Salvatore Boarding House until Rescue Me, where he moved in with his best friends, Matt and Tyler, at the Lockwood Mansion.

Jeremy is a member of the Gilbert Family, and one of the members of The Five.

Early life

Jeremy was born to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert in Mystic Falls on October 13, 1993. The two had always wanted a child but adopted a baby girl, Elena, two years prior to that, who actually is his biological cousin as they fake the adoption. She is actually the daughter of John Gilbert and his high school girlfriend Isobel better known for being Alaric Saltzman's wife. As a young teenager, Jeremy was gifted with the talent to draw, however after both of his parents died, Jeremy became severely depressed and started using drugs and drinking continuously. He briefly had a sexual relationship with Vicki Donovan, although she later broke up with him and started dating Tyler Lockwood.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Six



TVD 407x03

Jeremy showing off his enhanced strength.

Jeremy is deeply affected by the loss of his parents and he originally dealt with this through drinking and drugs, relying on them and his love for Vicki to keep him happy. Once Vicki was staked by Stefan, Elena told Damon to wipe his memory so he could forget about the pain of seeing Vicki's death. This drastically changed Jeremy's personality: he stopped using drugs and he is more focused on his work. Damon explained this as being an effect of him taking away his suffering, though Jeremy later claimed he still felt empty. Thanks to his ancestor's journal, Jeremy grew very interested in local vampire legends, befriending Anna, who also seemed to share his passion. He gradually learned that she herself was a vampire and became obsessed with wanting her to turn him into one. However, his love for Vicki was still his primary focus as he thought he could live with her forever. However, he fell in love with Anna and was shattered yet again by grief when his Uncle John killed her.

After discovering the existence of vampires, Jeremy became more involved in his sister's and the Salvatore's worlds. He would help them in their efforts against Katherine, always looking out for his friends, showing a vast and sudden maturity that Bonnie Bennett took notice of and grew attracted to. He started a relationship with Bonnie, citing how he wasn't a little boy anymore. His life was shaken yet again by personal loss at the deaths of his Uncle John and Aunt Jenna before he, himself, was accidentally killed, only being brought back by Bonnie's magic. The consequences of his resurrection, however, were far from pleasant. He was able to see ghosts of his dead girlfriends, Vicki and Anna, who he grew haunted by. Becoming secretive and turning to drugs yet again, Jeremy found himself confused on what to do.

When the ghosts were all sent away, Jeremy proved that he had grown quite accustomed to living the dangerous life he'd been living the past year, beheading a hybrid on his front step without a second thought. He also showed great disdain and annoyance at all vampires, even Stefan, blaming them for the troubles he'd had in life, going so far as to try and forcibly get his sister out of Mystic Falls. Once a member of The Five, Jeremy gained the hunter's instinct that all of the members has. It made him unconsciously cold and hateful toward all vampires, giving him the programmed mindset to be able to kill them with more efficiency. This made him dangerous to his friends and family, who worked on removing those instincts so he'd at least be able to avoid killing his friends. Jeremy is shown to struggle with this instinct prior to his death but managed to keep it mostly under control.

Jeremy has consistently shown himself to be very brave. Often, he took on difficult and dangerous tasks without complaint, and is extremely loyal to his friends and family. He is also a talented artist, but since the arrival of the vampires to Mystic Falls, that skill has been sidelined in exchange for his nature fighting talents.

Physical Appearance


Jeremy Gilbert

Main article: Jeremy Gilbert/Appearance

Jeremy is a handsome young man, standing at 6' foot tall, he has a well-built form and possesses dark brown hair and eyes to match. In the first two season's, Jeremy could be considered "cute" with a lean body, however as seen in the fourth season, his body is much more defined and muscular.

Jeremy's style over the seasons has changed somewhat.

During season one, due to the loss of his parents and his drug addiction, he usually was seen wearing black clothing, hoodies and dark jeans. Post-Season one, his clothing style became much more relaxed, seen wearing lighter colored clothing and wearing a tux for special occasions. His dark hair was originally short, slightly spiked which grew into long bangs, however in the later two seasons, has returned to it's original short brown cut.


Elena Gilbert

Main article: Elena and Jeremy

Elena and Jeremy

Elena is Jeremy's biological cousin/adoptive sister. Although Jeremy and Elena are biological first cousins, they've been raised together as siblings. After their parents die, they want to help and protect each other. Once the two of them become more aware of the supernatural activities and entities of Mystic Falls, Elena and Jeremy work to keep each other and their other loved ones safe. Although they sometimes are led apart, they still seem to retain their closeness as siblings. And in spite of all their conflict, they always seem to reconcile in the end. They love each other and are always willing to risk their lives to save one another. They have a bond that no one can ever break.

Vicki Donovan

Main article: Jeremy and Vicki
Tumblr lblhkbSzeV1qeg1b8o1 500

Jeremy and Vicki

Jeremy dated Vicki Donovan before the start of the series. He and Vicki commonly smoked and did drugs together. Vicki, for her troubled home life and Jeremy, because of the pain of losing his parents. Not much is known about their relationship before the start of the series. In Haunted, Jeremy and Vicki's relationship takes a drastic turn when, after she gets turned into a vampire, and she is forced to be apart from Jeremy, though she misses him and when she gets the chance, she texts him and asks him to come to the Halloween party their school was throwing. When he gets there, he and Elena are attacked by her and Stefan is forced to stake Vicki to save Elena's life. Jeremy is devastated by her death and wonders why everyone has to die on him.


Main article: Jeremy and Anna
Tumblr lssydwAmvx1r118pho1 500

Jeremy and Anna

Jeremy Gilbert met Anna in Season One, she originally planned to use Jeremy's blood to release her mother from the Tomb, although switched her plans to Elena. After researching, Jeremy tempted her into drinking his blood to prove she was a vampire, before Jeremy's revelation that he wanted to become a vampire like her. Anna was hurt that he wanted this to be with Vicki Donovan, his ex-girlfriend, he believed left after transitioning. However, after distance, she and Jeremy made up and began a romantic relationship, bonding over the loss of parents. Anna left him a vial of her blood in case he wanted to turn, although he changed his mind. This, like Jeremy's relationship with Vicki, ended when she died although refused Damon's offer to remove his memories of her. He drank the vial of her blood initially to free himself of the pain of her death.

Bonnie Bennett

Main article: Jeremy and Bonnie

Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie is Elena's best friend, Jeremy started having romantic feelings for Bonnie after he started getting involved with helping to go after and kill Katherine. After spending more time together, Bonnie also developed romantic feelings for him. Their relationship lasted for a while until Jeremy started seeing the ghosts of his past girlfriends, Vicki and Anna. After having found out about him kissing Anna, their romantic relationship ended as Bonnie could no longer trust him. Their relationship developed in Season Four, up to Jeremy's death where Bonnie was devastated and determined bring him back, damning the consequences. She succeeded, however died in the after effects of using too much power. For three months, Jeremy was the only person who could see her. After her resurrection in Death and the Maiden, they confess their love for each other and kiss.

Damon Salvatore

Main article: Damon and Jeremy
Damon and Jeremy TVD 5x01

Jeremy and Damon

Damon is Jeremy's roommate/guardian and his sister's, Elena, boyfriend. Their relationship is similar to the relationship Damon has with Alaric. It's complicated between them but Damon is a father figure to Jeremy. Even though Damon goes about things the wrong way, Jeremy knows he means well and has good intentions in helping people and trying to do the right thing. There are times when Damon has treated Jeremy like a little brother and is a mentor to him. After Alaric's death, Damon trains Jeremy in how to fight and kill vampires. There are even times when they protect each other. Damon does his best to keep Jeremy alive for Elena's sake as he is the only family she has left and multiple times when Damon has told Jeremy to kill him but he refuses to do so, proving they do care about each other. 

Other Relationships


Jeremy (to Bonnie) : "That's how I feel a lot of the time, alone." -Rose
Jeremy (to Elena) towards Anna : "I love her. I've always loved her."
-Ghost World
Jeremy (to Elena and Damon) : "None of us are going to make it out of this town alive."
-The New Deal
Damon (Compelling Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls) : "Here’s the thing Jer. You’re going to go out of town for awhile. A long while. You’re going to stay with some nice family friends in Denver. You’re going to be at a new school and meet new girls, living girls. You’re going to drink a few beers, take an art class... you do whatever you want. You’re going to leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it. You’re going to have a better life Jeremy."
-The New Deal
Jeremy (to Alaric) : "Don't give me some crap speech about how I have to be the man of the house."
-Do Not Go Gentle
Jeremy (to Damon) : "See, told you I could be a badass."
-The Rager

Powers and Abilities

After being resurrected by Bonnie, Jeremy gained the ability to see ghosts. He is also able to see the 'invisible' tattoo on Connor's arm, which, according to Connor, means Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter (now fully a member of The Five).

  • Spiritual Medium - Jeremy has the ability to see and communicate with dead supernatural spirits, though he cannot physically feel their presence without help. At first, this ability was random but he later learned to control it.
Hunters Mark

Hunters Mark

  • Hunter's Mark - This symbol is related to the vampire hunters, this mark, revealed by Rebekah is a map of were the cure to vampirism lies. Only a potential hunter can see the symbol. In the episode The Five, Connor reveals to Jeremy that every time he kills a vampire/hybrid the mark/tattoo expands, this later is shown in the episode.
  • Hunter's Curse - When a hunter who is part of The Five is killed by a vampire, the vampire will be struck by horrifying hallucinations that will cause the vampire in question to kill them self. The only way to undo it is for whichever potential that was awakened by the death of the hunter in questioned kills a vampiric creature (whether a vampire or a hybrid). Jeremy's curse was inflicted upon Silas, who may or may not have beaten it.
  • Super Strength - As a Vampire Hunter of the Brotherhood of the Five, Jeremy has enhanced strength that is superior to a human. While not comparable to a Vampire, he's been able to put up a serious fight, and has equal or greater strength to Silas. Despite being weaker he was able to overpower the Pizza Deliver Girl with the element of surprise.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - As member of The Five, Jeremy has enhanced reflexes that gives them great agility, enough to take vampires by surprise though not fast enough to contend with The Originals.
  • Compulsion Resistant - As a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, Jeremy can not be affected by Silas' mind control or vampire compulsion. As well as this, the Travelers cannot plant a passenger in him due to his immunity to mind control.
  • Enhanced Speed - As with the other members of the Five, Jeremy's speed is enhanced that he is able to take a vampire by surprise if he has the element of surprise. He nearly staked Elena, due to the fact he was able to take her by surprise and he was fast enough to non-lethally stake Stefan.
  • Combat Skills - Jeremy appeared to be a rare and talented fighter, even before becoming a member of the Five. He used stakes on both Katherine and Elena with relative skill, despite never having been trained in them before, and became a good shot with a crossbow after training with it for a while, killing several vampires with it. His marksmanship was also shown that, despite close quarters, he was able to shoot Damon accurately with a pistol, while his arm was wounded. In addition, Jeremy proved to have good hand-to-hand combat abilities as he was able to put a decent fight to Vaughn, who has been hunting vampires for many years, despite only having a couple of days training with Damon. He also overpowered Silas in a fight, though it is unknown if Silas had good combat skills.

Tools and Weapons

Jeremy's Gilbert Ring

Jeremy's Ring

Jeremy has used a number of weapons since becoming involved in the world around him and even more, once he became a vampire hunter and a member of The Five.
  • Gilbert RingJeremy Gilbert possessed a family Gilbert Ring that protects him from supernatural harm. Although, the ring has stopped working since he activated his Hunter Powers and became supernatural .
  • Stakes - Jeremy has used wooden stakes quite often, starting when he attempted to kill Damon after Damon killed him, although his inexperience in whittling made this stake near useless. Since becoming a member of The Five, Jeremy instinctively carves the symbol of The Five into the stakes that he makes, growing much more proficient in using stakes against vampires. His enhanced reflexes allow him to draw a stake with startling agility.
  • Crossbow - It's fair to say this is Jeremy's weapon of choice; since becoming a true Vampire Hunter, he is rarely seen without it. Along with stakes, Jeremy has also used a crossbow a number of times. He first began practicing with one when he hung out with Tyler and became a good enough shot to bring down Tony, one of Klaus' hybrids. During his attempt to grow his Hunter's Mark by killing a large number of vampires, he armed himself with his crossbow. Upon coming back from the dead, he shot at Kol with it and prepared to fight him with it. He also threatened Silas with his crossbow, and attempted to kill a Traveler with it.
  • Axe - Jeremy killed the hybrid, Chris, by beheading him with an axe. It was this kill that made his Hunter's Mark grow for the first time.
  • Arm Cuff Stake - He used this against Elena, and would have killed her easily if not for Stefan and Matt's intervention.
  • Wooden Bullets - During his training with Damon, Jeremy would practice loading wooden bullets into a pistol. He used these to great effect when fighting against a compelled Damon.
  • Wooden Stake Shotgun - Jeremy used this weapon during the fight against Kol at the Gilbert house, although Kol managed to catch the stakes and it only slowed him down a little.


  • Hunter Instinct - When awakened, a hunter becomes filled with a supernatural urge to kill vampires. The more vampires a hunter kills, the stronger the urge becomes. This urge is purely subconscious, and forces a hunter to try to kill a vampire even if the he or she does not want to. Although, thanks to Atticus Shane and the help of his friends and family, Jeremy has been able to overcome the Hunter Instinct and no longer seeks to kill his friends, most of whom are vampires. Although he did stated he still has a hatred for vampires, but he has gain complete control over it.
  • Mortality - Despite their enhanced strength and stamina, hunters are still human and can be injured and killed in the same ways.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Season 4

Season 5

Season Six

  • TBA


  • Jeremy is a variation from the Hebrew name "Jeremiah", who is one of the prophets of the Old Testament. The name means "Yahweh has uplifted". Jeremy has returned from the dead several times.
  • Gilbert is a English given name.


  • Jeremy is often called "Jer" by his family and friends.
  • Jeremy's birthday is October 13.
    • Jeremy's astrological sign is Libra. 
  • Vicki was his first love interest on the show.
  • Though he is a primary character in the show, Jeremy does not exist in the novels. He is the only main character to exist on the show who does not exist in the books.
    • Instead of having a brother, Elena has a four-year-old sister named Margaret.
  • In Season 1, Jeremy dated two vampires (Vicki and Anna) who were killed in the final episodes of a chapter (Haunted and Founder's Day). They both appear to him as ghosts at the end of season two.
  • Alaric and Jeremy have had two couples who have become vampires and two have died.
  • Interestingly, both Jeremy and his ancestor Johnathan Gilbert were killed by Salvatores and came back to life thanks to the rings. Jeremy was killed by Damon and Johnathan was killed by Stefan.
  • Jeremy is the first human revived with magic and through the help of a witch (Bonnie).
  • He was the last character seen in Season Two.
  • Jeremy dies and is revived many times including in the second, third, and the fourth season.
    • Season Two:
      • (The Return) Damon kills Jeremy by snapping his neck and is revived by the Gilbert Ring.
      • (The Sacrifice) Katherine drains Jeremy's blood when he tries to get the moonstone from the vampire's tomb.
      • (As I Lay Dying) Jeremy dies from a gunshot and is revived with magic by Bonnie.
    • Season Three:
      • (Before Sunset) Bonnie uses his life to desiccate Klaus and brings him back with her magic.
    • Season Four:
  • Jeremy was the first human to kill a hybrid.
  • Jeremy was shown to have a dog in Denver, making him the first human on the show to have a pet.
  • While in Denver, Jeremy thinks he is friends with Kol, but comes to know that he is an Original when Damon and Elena visit him and Kol tells Jeremy that they are not "buds."
  • Jeremy can see every ghost on the planet if he concentrates. Not only Anna and Vicki.
  • Although Alaric first felt the negative effects of the Gilbert Ring after his fourth death. Even though Jeremy has now died the same amount of times, he has not felt any negative effects. This could possibly be explained by the fact that Esther had been coaxing out Alaric's vampire hunter instincts while he was on the Other Side during his deaths while wearing the Gilbert ring; Jeremy had no such interactions with Esther.
  • He and Matt are indirectly responsible for Elena becoming a vampire.
    • It was Jeremy's idea to get have Matt take Elena out of town, and Matt was the reason Elena drowned because she wanted Stefan to save Matt first.
  • Apart from Elena, Damon and Stefan, he's the only character who appeared in every episode of Season One, except A Few Good Men.
  • Jeremy, along with Caroline, is the only character besides the main three who have appeared in the most episodes.
  • Jeremy was the first human Elena healed with her vampire blood.
  • About same time Connor died, Jeremy got his Hunter's tattoo.
  • Jeremy is the second human to kill an Original (Kol).
  • Jeremy is the only member of the Five to kill an Original, and he is the only one to face Silas in combat, though he was not the one to kill Silas.
  • Jeremy is the fourth main character to die in the series.
    • He is the second main male character to die, the first being Alaric.
  • Jeremy is the first major character to be killed without transitioning into a vampire.
  • Jeremy is the first character from The Other Side to be resurrected.
  • Jeremy is one of three main characters that killed an Original. The other two are Niklaus and Matt.
  • He is the first character in the series to get expelled from school.
  • Theoretically, he has been an orphan since the death of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert , and thus an orphan before Elena, who officially became one when her last living parent (John Gilbert) also died.
  • Jeremy Gilbert seems to have bad luck when it comes to love, as all three girls (Vicki, Anna and Bonnie) he was interested in died while they were dating, though Bonnie was eventually brought back to life, in a sense, by being made the anchor to the Other Side.
  • In Gone Girl , Liv completes a locator spell for Bonnie and Jeremy.
  • According to Liv, the Travelers cannot mess with Jeremy's mind due to his status as a Hunter of the Five, as they were spelled to be immune to all forms of mind control. This also means that Hunters can't be passengers for Travelers.
  • Jeremy's sidearm of choice, when facing Damon, was a Beretta 92FS loaded with wooden bullets and a flashlight attachment.
  • Jeremy's favourite swear is 'dick', as he's referred to Damon, Silas and many others as this more than once.

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