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Jaiden Kaine is an actor who portrays Beau in the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries.


Jaiden Kaine was born to a single mother. His mom later married a struggling playwright with a substance/alcohol/domestic abuse problem and his life plunged into despair.

He danced for various R&B groups in High School and even did some touring; never graduating from High School but opting for his G.E.D. instead and subsequently attending the now defunct Blake School Of Business to get his programming/business degree with a minor in Marketing. He worked for some fortune 500 companies before a chance "Open-call" through a small modeling agency landed him the coveted Calvin Klein Campaigne taking him to countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, and South Africa, where he worked the "Feed The Children" Campaigne with Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Alek Wek, and Kate Moss, to name a few. He wen't on to be the lead host of Channel O' Music Television broadcast in Capetown South Africa but longed for his home & then returned to the states. He returned to NY and bumped into an old buddy who asked if he was looking for work, that turned into a couple of years work in the Middle East working for the notorious private contracting firm, Blackwater. "I don't really like to discuss my work over there. I'm not particularly proud of it but yes, it's now part of me. Upon his return to the states, he took what he believed would be a short term job with a new hotel named W in NY. He never forgot the joy of attending those plays as a child though & decided to study at the famed William Esper Studios in New York City.

After a chance meeting at the hotel with London's own, Idris Elba, a friendship was born.


Jaiden is most known for his work in Ridley Scott's; Killing Lincoln. Ridley hired Jaiden to play the historic role of Oswell Swann; the freed former slave who unknowlingly led Lincoln's killer, John Wilkes Booth to safe haven. Jaiden has quickly developed into a "character actor", who transforms seemingly effortlessly from one being to the next and has positioned himself as a "go to" guy for cops & bad guys alike. He enjoys playing on both sides of the law.

Jaiden was most recently seen in playing opposite Tamara Moury Housley (Sister-Sister) & Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) in the lifetime Original Christmas Angel. He also made a guest appearance playing a hardcore dealer in the 2012 Slamdance Grand Jury Festival runnaway hit, Welcome To Pine Hill (2012), for which he received critical praise for his star-turning performance playing Jay; a streetwise, trash-talking gang leader.


  • His trademark is his deep baritone voice.
  • Studied acting in New York City at William Esper, OneOnOneNYC, Actors Alliance Studios, and the Roy Arias Theater.
  • Was a member of the military outfit Blackwater.
  • Is the oldest of four children.
  • Has Cuban, Irish, and Antiguan ancestry.
  • Was highly successful as a model for Calvin Klein when the fashion designer launched his jean and underwear line in South Africa. After reaching international supermodel status yet being denied work in Capetown, South Africa because of the color of his skin; he chose to stay declining work internationally until he finally broke the "wall of color".


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