Inside The Vampire Diaries, new logo (from part 6 onwards).

Inside The Vampire Diaries was an eight-part series of videos about the second season of The Vampire Diaries hosted by Candice Accola and other cast and crew members.

Part 1Edit

In the first part (aired Oct. 2nd) Kevin Williamson and Candice Accola answered the questions that fans posted on Facebook about Season 2.

Part 2Edit

In the second part (aired Oct. 8th) Candice Accola took viewers on a visit to the Salvatore Boarding House and talks with the production designer Garreth Stover.

Part 3Edit

In the third part (aired Oct. 14th) Candice Accola talked with costume designer Jennifer Bryan.

Part 4 Edit

In the fourth part (aired Oct. 22nd) Candice Accola and Jennifer Bryan continue their chat.

Part 5Edit

In the fifth part (aired Oct. 29th) Kevin Williamson and Candice Accola took part in another question and answer session. As in Part 1, the questions came from fans and were posted on Facebook.

Part 6Edit

In the sixth part (aired May 29th) Candice Accola visited Julie Plec, who answered questions.

Part 7Edit

In the seventh part (aired May 29) Candice Accola visited Caroline Dries & Andrew Chambliss who answered questions.

Part 8Edit

In the eighth part (aired May 29) Candice Accola visited Kevin Williamson who answered questions.

Damon Salvatore's Personalised MessagesEdit

So if you want to get a personalised message from Damon himself please click here to do so.


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