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The Immortality Spell

Esther performing The Immortality Spell on Alaric.

Immortality is the ability to have an infinite lifespan. It is worth noting that "immortality" in the world of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, is not immunity to death; Elijah stated that every creature must have a weakness and that nature would never allow a truly immortal being to exist. This was, however, proven false as Silas and Amara were seen as truly immortal beings, however, their immortality was stripped from them by The Cure, providing a loophole to reverse their true immortality, instead of killing them.


  • The first immortal beings Silas and Amara were unconditionally and truly immortal. They were immune to disease, age, and all forms of physical and magical death.
  • They were only able to be killed after the Cure for Immortality was used to remove their immortality.
    • As they could not be killed in any way, Silas and Amara's loophole to die was to reverse the immortality spell through the Cure.

Original Vampires

  • The Original Vampires are immune to natural death, physical aging, diseases, and traditional methods of vampire destruction.
  • An Original can be weakened by werewolf venom, which will eventually cause them to hallucinate, run fever, along with becoming crazy and paranoid. Though unlike normal Vampires the effects are only temporary and they will recover within a day. Vervain can also be used to weaken and slow them down, though less so than a normal vampire. 
  • Like all vampires the Originals burn when exposed to sunlight without daywalking amulets, but sunlight will not kill them.
  • Though they can't be killed permanently by regular wooden stakes and weapons, a wooden stake through the heart will neutralize an Original Vampire, appearing as if they were dead, but they will revive within one to a few hours. 
  • If an Original Vampire is stabbed through the heart with one of the White Oak Ash Daggers, silver daggers dipped in the ash of the White Oak Tree, it will kill an Original vampire, but only as long as the dagger remains in their heart. The daggers must be dipped in the ash before each use or it will lose its effect, even if it was removed for less than a minute.
  • They can also be affected by cursed objects, though not being able to kill them, they can suffer great damage or be neutralized.
  • The only way to permanently kill an Original Vampire is to stab them in the heart with a stake made from the White Oak Tree or if enough magic is channeled against them as magic is stated to be able to kill all things if enough of it can be conjured.


  • Vampires are immune to natural death, physical aging, diseases, and most illnesses.

    Silas' tomb.

  • The only illness that can weaken or kill a vampire is werewolf venom, which will infect the wound and spread through the bloodstream. After that the vampire will start to hallucinate and cough up blood. Ultimately, the vampire dies rabid and paranoid.
  • Vervain can also be used to weaken and slow down a vampire. Though in some cases Vampires have shown to grow at least somewhat of an immunity to its effects through taking small doses over a long period of time. 
  • Wooden bullets are usually used to weaken and with proper aim even kill vampires.
  • The only way to kill a vampire is to rip out their heart, burn or decapitate them, or the most well known method, a wooden stake through the heart. Magic can also be used to kill a vampire as magic is stated to be able to kill all things if enough of it can be conjured.
  • Vampires will also die in the event that the Original Vampire who's bloodline they stem from dies, though this usually happens within a few hours after the original vampire's death.

Original Hybrid

  • The Original Werewolf Vampire Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson, is immune to natural death, physical aging, diseases, the negative effects of sunlight, and werewolf venom. 
  • Because of his werewolf heritage Klaus is also affected by wolfsbane, but he cannot be neutralized by the White Oak Ash Daggers, nor by regular wooden weapons, albeit they still cause great pain.
    • Kol and Davina, while Kol was possessing a witch named Kaleb, used magic to turn one of the silver bladed White Oak Ash Daggers into a gold bladed White Oak Ash Dagger that can be used exclusively on Klaus. As it is not silver, which does not harm werewolves, the gold blade provides a loophole that can now neutralize Klaus, just like the silver daggers neutralize his siblings.
  • The only way to permanently kill Klaus is to stab him in the heart with the White Oak Stake.


  • Werewolf Vampire Hybrids are Immortal. Immune to natural death, physical aging, diseases, the negative effects of sunlight, werewolf venom, and several of the traditional methods of vampire or werewolf destruction.
  • The only way to kill a hybrid is through decapitation or heart extraction.


  • Witches can use spells and herbs to delay the aging process and live much longer than humans, but age will eventually catch up with them.
  • Witches can cheat death for centuries using various methods of magic. Such as possession spells to transfer their spirits to a new body upon their death.


Immortality Spells are spells created by the witches Qetsiyah, Silas, Esther, and Dahlia. These spells were used to grant various forms of immortality to Silas, Amara, Dahlia, Freya and the Original Family.


  • Qetsiyah was the first witch to create an immortality spell, with Silas inventing the idea of the spell itself and helping, and was used to immortalize Silas and Amara. The spell came in the form of an elixir that turned the pair into true immortals. The spell is incredibly powerful and is forbidden by the Natural Elements.
  • Dahlia created and cast a spell to bestow physical immortality and delayed ageing to herself and Freya. The spell renders them immune to physical harm and death such as poisoning or a broken neck and lengthens their lives by placing them in an ageless sleep for 100 years to awaken and experience 1 year of life before falling back into another century long sleep in an endless cycle. As they did not die and revive, they are not undead. Unlike Silas, they can still practice magic as Dahlia's spell strengthens their magic while asleep for a century.
    • Dahlia adding the sleepin cycle may have provided a loophole in Nature allowing her and Freya to use magic as they are not free to roam the earth at all times for eternity as the Originals and Silas could.
  • Esther created and cast an immortality spell on her family. She called on the White Oak Tree for immortality, and the sun for life, and turned her children and husband into the world's first and most powerful vampires called the Original Vampires. Silas and Amara, while truly immortal, are not vampires despite feeding on blood, as they lack the powers and weaknesses and other attributes the vampires have.



  • Blood is the life-force of an Immortal.
  • The White Oak Tree is one of Nature's sources of immortality.
  • Unlike The Original Vampires, Silas is truly immortal. This is because he used a different version of The Immortality Spell.
  • There are two known ways to cure immortality: A spell and a potion.
  • Witches can cast a spell that will allow them to grow old with for a year and sleep for a century to keep his youth, this spell has been used by Dahlia and Freya and so they were able to overcome death and are now alive for over 1000 years.

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