The Human Faction are a group of Humans based in the New Orleans Faction.

It was led by Kieran O'Connell until his death and Francesca Correa.


Little is known about the human faction, but it is assumed that Kieran O'Connell made it so that he can help the humans of New Orleans find peace and not to fear the supernatural and also for all species to co-exist.

Throughout The Originals series

Season One


Season Two


"I would write... Dear Diary"

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Current Members

Deceased Members

Correa Family Secret

The Correa Family came to power in the Faction sometime around 2012, but have always had power prior to this, since Francesca was the leader of a drug ring and various other affiliates.
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Franseca and her Brothers

There family secret was exposed in The Battle of New Orleans, when Camille O'Connell discovered (through Kieran's research) that her family is descendants of Werewolves. At that point, Francesca and her siblings triggered the curse, took the stones for the Moonlight Rings and attacked Marcel's Army, giving and killing various Vampires with the Werewolf Bite in the process, including Elijah Mikaelson and Diego.

Their purpose on their trigger and attack is to reign in power in the French Quarter.



  • Technically, there are two Werewolf factions now in the French Quarter, since Francesca is now an untriggered werewolf and there are no current human members since all of them are Francesca's untriggered werewolf brothers.

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