This article is about Henrik Goetsch (Jack) from the novels. You may be looking for Henrik from the TV show.


When we realized that Solomon was headed for Dalcrest, we assumed he was coming to eliminate Elena. And when I saw Elena’s car crash, I felt sure that Solomon was involved. It seemed smartest for her to get away from the car.
— Jack to Elena and her friends about the last Old One in The Salvation: Unseen

Henrik Goetsch  (also known as Jack Daltry) is a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was a mighty hunter, but with a sincere and warm personality. His main purpose was to destroy all of the Old Ones.


Jack has dark hair, he is only about Elena’s own height but has well-muscled arms and shoulders, like an athlete.


Jack has a warm and sincere personality, however, after the destruction of Solomon, Jack reveals his true demonic and evil personality.


  • Henrik is a male given name of Germanic origin. It means "Ruler of the home" or "Lord of the house".
  • Goetsch is of Germanic origin and means "descendant of Gottfried (means god or peace)".


Jack along with his comrades have hunted vampires in a while. Jack and the other hunters know of the existence of the first vampires, they have hunted to the Old Ones, however, Solomon, the most powerful of all, it has not been destroyed yet, and for this reason that Jack and his friends arrive to Dalcrest to achieve destroy it once and for all. They later discovered that Jack was actually a European Vampire after he killed Stefan. Elena is last seen with her powers burning within her and her declaring vengeance on Jack along with Damon.


(Jack) reveals the Old Ones' nature : "We’ve been tracking Solomon for years. I’ve never even seen him, just evidence that he’s been somewhere. Most of the Old Ones, they’re flashy. They want hunters to see how powerful they are, to show that they’re not afraid of us. Solomon, though, he keeps to himself."
(Jack) about Solomon : "He can get anywhere, do what he wants, and, by the time we figure where he was, he’s long gone. He has more power than you can imagine, and he’s always a few steps ahead of us. We think Solomon won’t stop until he’s killed Elena.”

The Vampire Diaries

Jack doesn't appear in TV Series. His counterpart is, for the most part, Dr. Wes Maxfield.


  • Jack is the first hunter who kills two main characters (Stefan Salvatore and Katherine von Swartzschild) in the same book.
  • Jack is the first to mention the existence and purpose of the last of the Old Ones, Solomon.
  • Despite knowing of the existence of the most powerful of the Old Ones, Jack has never seen Solomon until the book: The Unseen, where he knows the truth of Solomon about because no one has been seen before.

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