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Stefan with Galen's heart.

Heart Extraction is a method of killing that involves the forced removal of someone's heart. This is a method which can be used to kill supernatural species such as vampires, werewolves, hybrids and witches. The most common way this method is used usually involves a supernatural being with enhanced strength, such as a vampire or a hybrid, who uses that strength to punch through another supernatural being's chest or back and pull back with their heart in hand. Thus, ripping it out to kill them instantly.

More recently, witches such as Finn and Dahlia have shown to use magic to similarly extracts hearts with their telekinesis.

Known victims

*The manner in which Esther died the first time has been described in two conflicting stories; in Ordinary People and Do Not Go Gentle, Esther was reported to have died due to Klaus ripping her heart out. However, in Wheel Inside the Wheel, Esther stated that Klaus had killed her by strangling her to death.

Known users


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