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Everything I do is for her.

The mother-daughter relationship between the Hybrid, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and the Tribrid, Hope Mikaelson. Hope is Hayley's daughter and only child. Ironically, she is also the sire of her own mother shortly after her delivery.  

Hope was conceived Bring It On and was born in From a Cradle to a Grave in St Anne's Church. Hayley is very loving and protective towards her daughter. To protect her from various enemies, such as the French Quarter Coven and the Guerrera Family, she placed Hope under her aunt Rebekah Mikaelson's care for a few months.  

They are reunited in The Map of Moments where Hayley is finally able to enjoy motherhood. Hayley leaves again to make an alliance with her pack and to protect Hope further, so Hope was left with Elijah and Camille O'Connell to look after her.  

Elijah and Cami brought home Hope to the compound in I Love You, Goodbye. Hayley married Jackson in order to bind his pack to Hayley for Hope's protection.  

Hayley and Hope lived together in the compound until later on, when Hayley decided to leave New Orleans with Hope and her pack, following her new husband's advice that removing the Mikaelsons from Hope's life would be the best thing for them.  

Klaus found them and cursed the Crescent Wolf Pack including Hayley and took back Hope from Hayley.  

For months Hayley and Hope only saw each other once a month for a few hours on a full moon, though when the curse was broken in You Hung The Moon, Hayley took Hope and moved out with her and Jackson.  

After the prophecy came true and the Mikaelson family fell, Hayley left New Orleans with Hope to find cures for the family. They lived quietly together for five years in a country house, until Hayley woke the Mikaelson's.  

They are known as Haylope (Hayley/Hope).  

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

In Bring It On, Hayley slept with Niklaus Mikaelson and conceived her baby daughter Hope. 

Throughout The Originals Series




  • Hayley didn't think it was possible for vampires to procreate, only to later to find out that the Original hybrid can procreate. 
  • In House of the Rising Son, after learning just how dangerous being a part of the Mikaelson family is, Hayley tries to abort the pregnancy with wolfsbane but can't go through with it. When she is attacked by nightwalkers a few moments later, she realizes just how much she loves her baby because she was also fighting for its life, not just hers.
  • In Tangled Up In Blue, it seems that Hayley preferred to have a daughter than a son. 
  • In A Closer Walk With Thee, Hayley fought against Mikael in her dream to protect her daughter.
  • Before Hope was born, Hayley wrote a letter to her daughter which expressed her love for her daughter.
  • Hayley carried Hope in her womb for 8 and a half months, before giving birth to her in St. Anne's Church.
  • Both Hope and Hayley were born in New Orleans, during a war.
  • Hayley drank a single drop of her daughter's blood to finish her transition and become a hybrid.
  • Hayley is sired to Hope and is now a hybrid.
  • Hope is Hayley's first and only child, a daughter.
  • Hayley thought of many names for her daughter, but Hope was named by her father. It's possible that they spoke about Hope's name when she gave Hope to him before meeting Rebekah. 
  • They share the same initials: H.M.
  • Both Hope and Hayley were saved by Marcel as infants.
    • Hope was saved from being killed by Monique Deveraux.
    • Hayley was saved from being killed by one of her parents' pack members.
  • Hayley would do anything to protect her daughter and even tried to take Hope from Klaus and the Mikaelsons. But she failed and Klaus cursed her and her pack, the Crescent Wolf Pack.
    • In Ashes to Ashes, Hayley was seen in her human form for the first time since being cursed, and she made Elijah promise to be there for Hope, as Hayley didn't want her daughter to only know Klaus.
  • They and Katherine and Nadia are similar:
    • The baby girls were their mothers' first and only children.
    • They were separated more than once.
    • Both mother/daughter pairs got to be with each other despite time apart.
    • Both pairs also have witch blood.
  • Hayley is willing to sacrifice anyone (herself included) for Hope's safety.
  • Hayley and Hope have both been given nicknames by Klaus relating to their heritage, Hayley being his little wolf and Hope his littlest wolf.
  • Hayley was the first mother to be turned by her own daughter.
  • In order to protect her daughter from Dahlia, Hayley bound Hope's powers in the form of a bracelet in an attempt to keep her from drawing the older witch out, however, this proved to be useless; as Dahlia easily found Hope with her locator spell, with Klaus' blood, as Dahlia just needed the blood of the person Hope is related to.
  • Hayley and Hope (along with Klaus) left New Orleans to protect both Klaus and their family.
  • Hayley is now a single mother to Hope since Klaus and the Mikaelson's have all fallen.
  • Hayley is now trying to save her family while she raises Hope.
  • In Gather Up the Killers, Hayley mentioned that Hope made her mother promise that one day she would get her family back.

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