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My duty is to Klaus. The new order.
Greta to Elena in The Sun Also Rises

Greta Martin was a witch and the daughter of Jonas Martin and sister of Luka Martin. As a witch, she was allegedly kidnapped by Klaus and forced into finding another way to break the Sun and Moon Curse without using a Petrova doppelgänger. However, it seems as though her allegiance to Klaus was more intentional than obligated. She performs the sacrifice and feeds Jenna her blood to complete the transition and was later killed by Damon Salvatore.

Greta was a member of the Martin Family.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

In, Klaus, Greta makes her first appearance, arriving to assist Klaus with moving his soul back to his original body and ultimately to break the Hybrid curse.

In, The Last Day, Greta teams up with Maddox to capture Caroline, Tyler, and Jules. She later take Elena to the field, there she gives the transitioning Jenna her blood, turning her into the vampire that will be used for the sacrifice.

In The Sun Also Rises, all the sacrifices are in place with Klaus' arrival, where Greta traps them all within a boundary spell of fire as she begins to cause the Hybrid Release Spell, beginning with the moonstone, followed by the sacrifices: the werewolf Jules, the new vampire Jenna, and lastly Elena; the Doppelgänger. When Jenna was about to be sacrificed she vamp-speeds to Greta and attacks her, though Klaus stops and kill Jenna, allowing Greta to continue.


Greta is killed by Damon Salvatore

After the sacrifice is completed, and the curse broken, Klaus begins to shift into a werewolf. Bonnie begins chanting the incantation of the storm spell to kill Klaus. As Greta rises to stop her, Damon speeds behind her, and breaks her neck.

Powers and Abilities

Greta Martin proved to be a very powerful witch. Along with Maddox she cast a spell to send Klaus's' soul to his original body. She seemed to be very skilled in controlling her power when she pain inflicted Carolline, telekinetically threw Elena with little effort, cast a ring of fire boundary with no incantation on Jules, Jenna, and Elena all together. Her power was competent enough to break the Hybrid Curse that had prevented Klaus from using his werewolf side for one thousand years. Under the night of the full moon, she channeled it's power to release the spell bound within the stone. While casting the spell to break the Hybrid curse, she was able to remove the flame ring boundaries at the same time.


  • Klaus and Greta (Allies)
  • Greta and Maddox (Allies)
  • Jonas and Greta (Father and daughter/Enemies)
  • Luka and Greta (Siblings/Enemies)
  • Damon and Greta (Enemies)


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Physical Appearance



Greta is of German origin. Short form of Margaret (Greek) is "pearl".


Season Two


  • Greta has some notable similarities with Cristian Sulez from the Vampire Diaries books, being taken from their respective families by Klaus.
  • She and her brother Luka were both killed by Damon, though luka was unbeknownst to him at the time.
  • She's Damon's last kill in Season 2.
  • Greta is the only person Jenna bit or tried to feed on.
  • Greta never shared a scene with her father Jonas and brother Luka, it was because they were already dead when she was introduced.
  • She most likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion when The Other Side collapsed.



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