You may be cute, but you're still a vampire.
Gloria to Damon in The End of the Affair

Gloria was a character of The Vampire Diaries. She was a flamboyant soothsayer and witch. However, despite her charmingly good looks and forty-year old appearance, Gloria is more than one-hundred years old, though not immortal like vampires.

Early HistoryEdit

Though not much is known about her early life, it is known that she is well trained in the magical arts and knowledgeable about mystical object. She has also owned her own bar for decades.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In The End of the Affair, after a surprise visit from Klaus and Stefan, Gloria informs Klaus that she needed Rebekah's help to summon the spirit of the witch that cursed him. Rebekah wants to find her missing amulet, so Gloria prepares a spell to do so. Back in Mystic Falls, the amulet, currently in the possession of Elena Gilbert, burns her as she is wearing it. Gloria claims she does not see it, though she does. Sensing Stefan knows something, she plans on torturing him for information on the amulet. Stefan had given Elena the necklace, and knows that if Gloria can locate it, Klaus will know Elena is still alive. (Klaus was convinced Elena had died when he drained her of blood for the sacrifice).


Katherine kills Gloria

She is later visited by Damon Salvatore, whom she clearly cares for. Damon and Elena had come to find Stefan, and when Damon is nearly killed by Klaus, Gloria stops him by igniting the stake he was going to use (claiming she wasn't going to have a dead body in her bar).

In Disturbing Behavior, Stefan goes to kill Gloria to prevent her from discovering the truth, only to be attacked by Gloria instead. As she already knows where it is, she tortures Stefan to discover who the girl is. Realizing Elena is the Petrova doppelgänger, she prepares to tell Klaus, only to be killed by Katherine, who had snuck up on her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

TVD 3x03 Gloria Uses Pyrokinesis

Gloria was a very powerful witch and a self proclaimed old school voodoo practitioner capable of considerable feats of magic according to Klaus. As a young witch Gloria was a proud owner of a bar called Gloria's which she had owned since the 1920s. Knowing that she needed more time in life running her bar, Gloria created a longevity spell that slowed down her aging process which allowed her to live for over a hundred years. With her age and knowledge, Gloria was capable of performing strong pain infliction spells capable of taking down vampires like Stefan Salvatore just by looking at him. She was also able to locate Esther's Talisman. Gloria was able to light a stake with ease by simply pointing at it. She was capable of casting a paralysis spell on Stefan. She was shown to apply her practice of voodoo by using Stefan's blood to make a connection to his essence/spirit. Her knowledge in herbs was evident, as she explained to Stefan. Using vervain, she tapped into Stefan's past, and figure out who the girl with the necklace was (even though Stefan was fighting back mentally). She was able to see even details about Stefan, and know that he loved Elena.


Gloria had the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


Niklaus MikaelsonEdit

Gloria was allied with Klaus, although she didn't like him at all.

Stefan SalvatoreEdit

They knew each other and were friends back in the 1920s. However, they became enemies when she began to torture him shortly before she was killed by Katherine.


Season Three

Season Four


Gloria is a name of the Latin origin and the meaning is "glory".


  • Klaus called Gloria his "favorite witch."
  • Gloria is the first witch known to cast a longevity spell.
  • Gloria is the second witch, after Bree, to own a bar.
  • Similar to Bree, Gloria has a special affection for Damon Salvatore and all vampires in general.
  • Since The Other Side is gone, she most likely found peace or was sent into hell.
  • Like many powerful witches, Gloria had her own Grimoire.



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