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George lockwood
George Lockwood
Biographical information
  • Confederate Soldier (1864)
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Significant kills
  • Unknown (first kill)
Cause of death
  • Natural Causes
Physical Appearance
Hair color
  • Brown
Eye color
  • Hazel
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George Lockwood was the first known member of the Lockwood family to trigger his werewolf gene. He was the son of Benjamin Lockwood, an ancestor of Richard, Mason and Tyler Lockwood.

George Lockwood is responsible for helping Katherine Pierce to escape when vampires were taken to Fell's Church to burn.

George Lockwood was a member of the Lockwood Family.

Season Two


Katherine talks to George.

George Lockwood was an American Solider who fought in the Civil War in 1864. After killing in battle, George unknowingly triggered his werewolf curse, causing him to transform into a wolf every full moon. After discovering his true identity, Katherine Pierce convinced George to help her escape during the vampire-hunt the town was planning.


George helps Katherine escape.

According to Katherine, George Lockwood used the vampires as a scapegoat for the attacks he was responsible for and informed the Founder's Council about the vampires in Mystic Falls. One day in 1864 George warned Katherine about the round up and when it was supposed to take place. Katherine insisted that before the Church was set ablaze, the body count must be 27, the vampire population of the town including herself. George said he would see to it. However Katherine had no intention of dying in the Church, and convinced George to helping her escape in exchange of the Moonstone.

Since George went to war without even knowing his family was cursed, it is likely that it was Katherine herself who informed him of The Sun and Moon Curse and of the importance of the Moonstone in the ritual.


George is of Greek origin, and the meaning is "farmer".


Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • The casting call: a handsome and confident Confederate Soldier of 19. Katherine meets George and asks him for help. He’s aware that she’s a vampire and tells her that it’s in his blood to hate her. He’s a werewolf. It’s not a full moon yet so he can’t hurt her. He agrees to talk to her. He knows Salvatore brothers.



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