Because in our coven, twins are in line to be leaders.

The Gemini Coven were a coven of witches from the Pacific Northwestern United States, specifically Portland, Oregon. They are known for their penchant for cloaking spells and their unique means of selecting a leader from a set of twins.

The Geminis were also notorious for their ability to create Prison Worlds, and were known to have found a way to contact their dead ancestors before the Other Side collapsed.

The coven has died out as a result of the death of their leader, Malachai Parker. Its only surviving members are Jo's daughters, Josie and Lizzie Saltzman. Valerie Tulle is the only remaining former member of this and a coven of witch-vampire hybrids known as the Heretics, whose link to the Gemini broke when they were turned into vampires.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries series


  • Gemini is Latin for "twins", and is both a constellation as well as an astrological sign. It is also a reference to the twins Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. 
  • Jo reveals to Alaric that she was once a member of the Gemini Coven but quit because of family problems.
    • Though she did temporarily rejoin the coven in an effort to try to win leadership of the coven so Liv and Luke wouldn't have to do the Merge, she ultimately gave up her magic to Kai for good in Let Her Go to save the coven from death.
  • The coven used a Bennett Family spell to create Kai's prison world. They were close with Sheila Bennett, who helped with this spell.
    • It is also likely the spell was bound with Sheila's blood, as it would explain why Bennett blood is needed to open the dimension.
    • The spell may have also been based off the spell used by Qetsiyah, a Bennett ancestor to create the Other Side, as both were dimensional planes used to trap people, and were bound to someone, just like the way that Esther's creation of the Originals is also a variation of Qetsiyah's original Immortality Spell.
  • The Gemini Coven is confirmed to be one of the oldest known witch covens as they have been stated to track the Travelers for 2,000 years so they wouldn't break the curse that the earliest incarnation of their coven put on them in Fade Into You.
  • The process to become a leader of the coven requires a pair of twins to fuse their magic before the stronger twin absorbs it. This results in the death of the weaker twin.
    • Through a loophole, Luke managed to merge with Kai, but he unfortunately didn't survive.
    • It was shown in Let Her Go, that the merge, although successful, was causing Kai to degenerate magically as they were not truly twins. However, this condition was ultimately remedied when Jo voluntarily gave him her magic to properly complete the ritual.
  • Cloaking spells are a signature of the coven, according to Josette Parker, because they are the basis of their witchcraft knowledge. Because of this, its members are taught how to do them from a young age.
  • The Gemini Coven are considered 'weird' even by witch standards, according to the witch Enzo was deducing in Yellow Ledbetter.
  • The prison worlds created by the Gemini Coven are bound to their current leader. The death of their current leader risks the collapse of the prison worlds.
    • In The Downward Spiral, it is confirmed that there are only two prison worlds built by the Gemini Cove; the 1903 Prison World bound by the Aurora Borealis to imprison Lily, and the 1994 Prison World bound to a solar eclipse to imprison Kai. If they had succeeded in imprisoning Kai in I'm Thinking Of You All The While, the new prison world would have been bound to the full moon.
    • Though not active with the Coven or even a Leader, in It's Been a Hell of a Ride, a third prison world was created by Josie and Lizzie with Bonnie; the 2018 prison world to incarcerate Kai Parker. Bonnie mentions that there was no eclipse used to cast the spell, though that does not exclude the possibility of another celestial event. It is also unclear as to who the spell is bound to, though presumably it would be bound to both Josie and Lizzie.
  • The twins of the Gemini Coven go by shortened versions of their names. e.g Liv (Olivia) , Luke (Lucas), Jo (Josette) and Kai (Malachai).
    • This is continued with Josie (Josette) and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Saltzman.
  • If the leader of the Gemini Coven dies, subsequently, all members die.
  • Although rarely, or never used before, the Gemini Coven possess a spell with the ability to move twins in utero to another person.
    • The only time this was ever seen was when the coven relocated Josette Parker's twins into Caroline's body.



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