You're threatening me? On a full moon? How stupid are you?


Full Moon

The Full Moon is a celestial event and is the second-brightest, regularly visible celestial event in the Earth's sky, after the Sun. It functions as a source of power for Witches and is at the core of the Werewolf mythology.


The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth.


For WerewolvesEdit

Like the sun is to Vampires, the Moon also acts as a weakness to Werewolves which forces them to painfully turn from their human form into their feral wolf form when it is full, however with the help of a witch, a werewolf can control their form and escape this weakness using Moonlight Rings.

For WitchesEdit

Being a celestial event also means that the Moon can be drawn upon by witches (using the basic power of Channeling) as an external source of power to aid them in performing feats that they would not naturally be able to achieve using their own strength. This typically seems to happen only when it is visibly full in the night's sky and at apex.

Apart from acting as a power source for witches to channel, it also seems to act as binding agent for certain spells, for example, Boundary spells. Bonnie's Expression Lunar Boundary Spell on Klaus was bound to the new moon which kept him within the Gilbert sitting room as long as the moon was up. Another occurrence was with Celeste's Lunar Boundary Spell on Lafayette Cemetery, in which it was bound to the full moon which ensured that the barrier would last until the next full moon.

Episodes Featuring a Full MoonEdit

The Vampire DiariesEdit

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Six
Season Seven

The OriginalsEdit

Season One
Season Two
Season Three


  • Bonnie, Esther, Celeste and Dahlia are the only known witches to have either utilized the power of the moon, or bound their spells to it.
  • There is a debate among fans about the connection between the Moon and Werewolves, with theories suggesting that Werewolves were created using power from the Moon, which is why against their will they turn into wolves every full moon, however, the origin of Werewolves remain a mystery.

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