My family's about to be pulled apart and there's literally nothing I can do about it. I'm supposed to be the big sister that could fix everything...

Freya Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚠᚱᛖᛃᚨ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is a powerful witch and also a main character on The Originals. Introduced as a recurring character in the second season, she is the firstborn child of Mikael and Esther, the elder sister of Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik, the maternal older half-sister of Niklaus Mikaelson and the paternal aunt of Hope Mikaelson.

Esther told Mikael that Freya had died of the plague while he was off hunting, when in fact her aunt Dahlia took her as payment for performing a fertility spell using dark magic that would allow Esther to have children. Dahlia allowed Freya to live planning to use her to brand a new form of power which she would absorb from the powerful Freya, casting a spell on her that causes her to hibernate for a hundred years to preserve her youth and to only age for a year upon awakening which is also presumably what Dahlia has done to preserve herself as well. Freya escaped from under Dahlia's wing and fled from her powerful aunt.

Centuries later, desperate to find out more about her family, she traveled to New Orleans in 1914 where she attended a Christmas party thrown by her siblings. Attending as her brother, Kol's date, she was witness to Klaus's cruelty when he staked Kol in front of the entire party. Freya then put herself in a glass coffin in the Dowager Fauline Cottage where she then repeated her hibernation cycle until present day December 31, 2012.

Entering a deep sleep that lasted a century, she awoke 100 years later where she discovered that her sister, Rebekah, had been imprisoned in the Asylum in the body of a young witch. Posing as an inmate, she witnessed Rebekah's confrontations with the Kindred and Cassie's betrayal. Using her magic, Freya saved Rebekah from the Kindred and broke the spell on the Asylum, freeing herself and Rebekah.

When Freya reunites with her brother Finn, he informs her of Hope's life, which inspires Freya (who wishes to take revenge against Dahlia for the deaths of her lover and son) so she can kill her as Dahlia would come for her niece, so she affiliates herself with her siblings. In the end of hard long magical struggle (resulting in the death of both her parents), Freya and her younger siblings finally managed to defeat Dahlia, with Freya's finally winning her younger brothers trusts (especially Niklaus), and moving into their house as Hope's caretaker and an official Mikaelson sibling.

After a few months of peace in the supernatural community in NOLA, troubles started again with the arrival of Lucien Castle, Klaus's first progeny, and his warnings of war between the sirelines, and so, Freya's enormous magical powers were needed again to protect her family from harm.

After the completion of the prophecy foretelling the downfall of her family, it seemed as though the entire family is going to die. She was poisoned, her brothers bitten by Marcel, and Rebekah hexed. Seeing no other choice in saving her family, Freya used Klaus as an anchor to a spell similar to the one Dahlia had cast on her to keep her breathing for a thousand years. Freya also created a Chambre de Chasse as she wanted her family to be together as they wait for Hayley to find cures for all of them.

Freya is a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family.

Early History

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Two

In Klaus, Freya was referenced by Elijah, as he talked with Elena Gilbert about his family past, telling the human that his mother bore seven children.

Season Three

In Ordinary People, Freya was mentioned by Rebekah (although not by name) as she told Elena how her family was turned into the first vampires. She told Elena that her parents have lost a child to the plague, not knowing what really happened to her older sister.

Season Seven

In Moonlight on the Bayou, Klaus told Stefan Salvatore that he will take him to a witch to help him - Klaus was talking about Freya.

In I Would for You, Stefan mentioned Freya to Valerie Tulle (a witch-vampire hybrid), telling her that he almost run out of the herbs Freya had given him in A Streetcar Named Desire. The two of them then go to a herb storehouse Freya told him about, where all the herbs witches use are stored, in case something happens to them.

Throughout The Originals Series


Tumblr njkjj4xJr01qhg6ebo4 250

As a child, Freya was mischievous as she and Finn would climb up in the trees and plot mischief.

Freya has exhibited an independent, tenacious, rebellious streak, as she fled from her monstrous Aunt Dahlia centuries before and has been fighting, running from her for years ever since. She has a very stoic personality, keeping a calm, difficult to read, expression at near all times. Freya has shown to be a curious person, having wondered about her siblings, the Mikaelsons for some time. Upon meeting them but having lived in contempt of her aunt Dahlia for the abuse and terror she endured at Dahlia's hands and for her mother Esther for abandoning her. When she learned that Klaus had a child, the only sign of her shock was to grab hold of her necklace. Likewise, she showed little surprise upon seeing Finn's new form, as remained calm even while reminiscing about old times, and telling him of Dahlia's hunt for her.

Freya is tough, independent, she is a skilled actress, having convinced everyone in the Cottage that she was like any other inmate, but in truth, she is a strong, powerful woman and witch who is very much in control of herself. Upon finally meeting and introducing herself to her family, Freya seemingly has a firm sense of honor, as she killed Cassie for betraying Rebekah to the Kindred. She has a fondness for her little sister and approves of who she is, having observed her throughout her stay in the Cottage and when Rebekah was in danger, Freya showed no hesitation in protecting her. She has also shown a fondness for Finn, as he was the next of the Mikaelson clan she visited. She seems to have some nostalgia for him, as she embraced him upon meeting. Upon meeting Klaus and Elijah, she expected, humored their caution, suspicion (abrasiveness in Klaus' case) but warned Rebekah she'll be expecting that they would be on their best behavior. This shows that she has a sense of authority, being the eldest of the Mikaelson children.

Freya seemingly has a degree of morality as she sealed Finn's spirit into her pendant so that he wouldn't lay a hand on Hope, believing that he would not resort to threatening an infant, though she did perform a powerful locator spell to find her in a gambit to earn her siblings' trust. She is very fond of her father and has never forgotten the last time she saw him, patiently awaiting the moment she reunites with Mikael. However, she has significant disdain for Esther, as she resents her mother for giving her away and blames Esther for destroying her and her siblings. This hatred only worsened when Esther claimed that Freya lost the light within her and accused her of working with Dahlia.

Upon revealing her background, Freya is a haunted, tortured soul longing to free herself of the bonds that Dahlia cast upon her and attain vengeance for the misery that she dealt with century after century. Having lost the man she loves and her beloved unborn son in Dahlia's pursuit of ultimate power, she allies with her estranged siblings in the hopes of vanquishing her aunt once and for all.

The damage that Freya suffered caused her to become a methodical and cunning individual, using the spell to save Rebekah as an opportunity to reach into Klaus's mind and learn his secrets. However, she showed little interest in what secrets were in her brother's mind, casually brushing them off as of little use to her. She even accepted the fact that Klaus will never trust her and instead opts to turn their siblings against him one by one and killed Esther in vengeance for abandoning her and to make sure Klaus doesn't find out.

Dahlia's return brought out the fear in Freya and she appealed to her siblings to help her save Mikael and Klaus from her aunt's wrath. Then, we see Freya in utter anguish and heartbreak as Klaus kills Mikael so his ashes could be used as a weapon to murder Dahlia. She held this against Klaus so much that she gave an ultimatum to Elijah and Rebekah to either side with her or lose her if they choose their half-brother. Freya's desperation became clear when she resolved to use Hope as bait against Dahlia, something that made her family question her motives.

Though she was forced into becoming the bait to lure Dahlia into a trap, Freya took it with her head held high. She explained that her actions were due to jealousy of Hope for having people who would go to extreme lengths to protect her and Freya not knowing what it is like. She willingly goes along with Elijah's plan, happy to have known what having a family is like for a brief moment rather than spending an eternity running and in solitude.

She had a disparaging view of Klaus, questioning why Rebekah would still defend him after he joined Dahlia in the pursuit of Hope. However, when faced with the prospect of having to kill her younger brother to end Dahlia, she admitted that she doesn't want to and that Klaus was the family she always wanted but because of Dahlia she'll be forever alone. In the end, she chose to remain by Klaus's side to care for Hope while giving Rebekah the opportunity she had only regained recently - the chance to choose her own fate.

Over the past 6 months, in the light of Dahlia's defeat, Freya has integrated herself with the family, and they with her. She has taken an active role in caring for Hope and grown fond of her niece, delighted at how quickly Hope has grown. She also does her best to keep Klaus and Elijah in line whenever they quarrel.

Freya wastes no time in enjoying the freedom she has found after eliminating the threat of her aunt, Dahlia. She spends her night off partying at Rousseau's, dancing on the bar table and downing a couple of drinks. Her party-going and promiscuous tendencies are her way of coping with the increasing tensions in her family.

Freya has also shown a capacity for concern to those not of her blood, as she held Jackson back from interfering in the squabble between Hayley and Klaus. She openly grieved when she learned of Jackson's death. With tears in her eyes, she couldn't even look at his heart when she received it from a compelled tourist along with Tristan's letter. Freya later proved to be capable of caring quite deeply about others outside her family as she constantly feared for the safety of Keelin and attempted to keep her at arm's length and away from the hostile situation that the Mikaelsons found themselves in.

Freya has been seen to be reliable, determined, and fierce whenever things get difficult for her and her family. She is not above taking the initiative of handling things her way and would silence those who would oppose her, as she did with Lucien. She is also one of the more reasonable Mikaelsons, as she went behind Klaus' back by releasing Cami and having her join in on the plan that eventually neutralized Tristan de Martel, also showing her capacity for laying out successful strategies.

She has also proven to be stubborn, as her sole motive was to save her family even when she knew that would put someone else in danger. She took Davina down because she saw it as the only way to save her family, despite the consequences. Freya has shown she can be just as manipulative and cruel as Klaus in order to protect the ones she loves, even at a high price.

Freya's kind and family-oriented personality are widely displayed when she, even when weakened due to being previously poisoned, cast a pseudo-immortality spell on the rest of her siblings while using her half brother as the anchor. In addition to that, she created a Chambre de Chasse so that all of the slumbering Mikaelsons would be together awaiting Hayey to come back with cures for her daughter's family. However, like Elijah, Freya's loyalty to her family supersedes all as she is more than willing to hurt or sacrifice others to save her family, despite the many lifetimes the Mikaelsons have gotten to live.

Ultimately Freya has an almost black and white view of things, especially when it comes to those she views as enemies, not caring about reasons, motives or how grey the situation actually is, for example, while Cassie did betray Rebekah, she was broken and traumatised by her possession at the hands of Esther and thus not of sound mind. Another example is Marcel, who had his reasons for going up against the Mikaelsons and despite eventually allowing them to leave unharmed and with no intention of coming after them, Freya still wanted him dead simply for existing as a potential threat and created a dagger specifically to kill him..

Physical Appearance

Main article: Freya Mikaelson/Appearance
Freya 214

Freya, as a child, had curly blonde hair and green eyes. When she appeared in the Abattoir for the Christmas party in 1914, she is a very beautiful young woman of high stature and a slender build, carrying herself with grace and tact. As she slept for 100 years, she would appear to Rebekah as a girl wearing a black dress and her long, dirty blonde hair covering her face with a peculiar necklace in her hands. Upon waking up, she was seen wearing clothes like any other female inmate of the cottage, messy and unkempt. She tied her hair into a braid while letting her side bangs frame her face.

Not long after she escaped the Cottage, Freya's look changed drastically. She appeared to Finn in more modern, darker clothing and wearing make-up. She has let her long dirty blonde hair flow freely and has her pendant around her neck. 6 months after ending the threat of Dahlia, Freya's hair had been cut to shoulder length.

Powers and Abilities


Freya was a pseudo-immortal witch, twice, when she was linked to her Aunt Dahlia and recently to Klaus. After Dahlia's death, Freya lost her pseudo-immortality and had the typical weaknesses of a human/witch. Following the current events in the lives of her family, she was linked to her half-brother, Klaus, the anchor to her spell. Upon her awakening, the spell has been broken and again possesses all the standard weaknesses of a human/witch.



Main article: Freya and Dahlia

The relationship between Dahlia and Freya has been strained and complicated for nearly a thousand years. In an attempt to have children, Esther Mikaelson was forced to give Freya to Dahlia in exchange for Dahlia helping Esther birth other children. For the next several centuries, Dahlia and Freya were together. Freya felt as if she was a prisoner to Dahlia after slumbering for every hundred years just to have a year of life, in order to gain more magical power. Freya finally decided in Season Two that she was tired of living under Dahlia and she defected to the side of her Mikaelson siblings. Dahlia felt betrayed by this action when they reunited after slumbering in isolation for nearly a century. However, after Freya helps her siblings kill Dahlia and Esther, Freya was able to live a normal, free life as a witch without Dahlia's forced servitude.

Finn Mikaelson

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TO309 1565Finn-Freya

Ever since childhood, Finn and Freya have shared a close relationship for nearly centuries. Finn originally thought that Freya was dead, and he mourned for her still even after not seeing her for centuries. However, after awakening from a century's slumber, Freya reunites herself with Finn while he was in Vincent Griffith's body. After seeing how Finn attempted to kill Hope Mikaelson, she locked his soul away in a talisman to keep him from hurting the family or himself. During the third season, Freya was able to resurrect Finn and reunite him with the rest of their family. However, Finn is shortly killed by Lucien Castle and currently, Freya mourns her brother's loss with the rest of her siblings.

Niklaus Mikaelson

Main article: Klaus and Freya

The relationship between Freya and Klaus started rocky. Klaus mistrusted her the first moment he met her, even after Freya proved to be who she said she was. As revenge for Klaus mistreating her badly, she promised to make the rest of the Mikaelson siblings turn against Klaus, which is successful being Klaus attempts to prove himself to his siblings. However, after Freya is forced to try to kill Klaus and Marcel, she states in near-tears that she doesn't want to kill either of them. After Dahlia's death, Klaus finally accepts Freya as his half-sister and they become close as siblings, especially in Season Three.


"Freya: I kept thinking about everything that I didn't tell you... Everything that I feel for you.
Keelin: What is it that you feel about me, Freya Mikaelson?
—Freya and Keelin in Voodoo Child

Initially, the relationship between Freya and Keelin was originally that of a Warden and her Prisoner since Freya needed Keelin's venom to make the cure to Marcel's bite that would kill members of her family. While captive, they became friends while they worked together to create a weapon that would be able to kill Marcel. With the completion of the weapon, the pair grew closer, hanging out and opening up to each other, eventually developing feelings for each other. After Freya's brush with death, she admitted her feelings and kissed Keelin. Later, the Hollow enters Freya's mind and capitalizes on her greatest fear, which was Keelin dying and the latter's blood on her hands. This prompted Freya to talk to Keelin about how much she really does care for her, which leads to the relationship becoming sexual.

Other Relationships


TVD Season Two

TVD Season Three

TVD Season Seven

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Episode Absence

Season 3

In Season 3, Freya doesn't appear in four episodes:

Season 4

In Season 4, Freya doesn't appear in one episode so far.


  • Freya is a feminine name of Nordic origin (freɪə). The name means "lady". It stems from Norse mythology, Freyja the goddess of love, beauty, war and death. (In Ancient Norse: ᚠᚱᛖᛃᚨ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ).
  • If Freya was to truly follow Norse traditions, her surname should technically be Mikaelsdotter (daughter of Mikael) as oppose to Mikaelson (son of Mikael).


  • Freya was first mentioned by Elijah in Klaus, though not by name, although her first actual appearance was in the second season of The Originals.
  • Elijah mentioned that his parents had seven children in total in Klaus, which was the first time Freya was referenced, though her name was not known until Wheel Inside the Wheel. Until that point, the fandom believed that Freya was actually a son named Aaron, due to the runes that were carved into the Lockwood Cellar.
  • Her "death" caused Esther and Mikael to move to the New World, to the village that later became known as Mystic Falls.
  • Her aunt kidnapping her all because of a deal she made with Esther is a nod to the fairy tale about Rumpelstiltskin, although there is a small difference; in the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin takes the baby right after it is born, whereas Dahlia didn't take Freya as payment until several years after she was born.
  • The loss of Freya was the reason of why Mikael became so cruel in his grief, and so her loss was an indirect cause of the affair between Esther and Ansel.
  • There are parallels between Freya's life and that of her niece, Hope:
    • Both births were originally thought to be impossible; Esther was first barren, and Klaus' vampirism should have made him unable to reproduce; it was only due to the fact that Klaus was a werewolf who was turned into a vampire/hybrid by magic that he was able to conceive a child with a fellow werewolf, while Esther convinced her sister to cast a spell that would make her fertile.
    • They are both the firstborn of their generation, and they are both female. They also both have witch ancestry from their mother/paternal grandmother, Esther.
    • Freya was taken away from her parents by her aunt Dahlia, while Hope was given to her aunt Rebekah by her parents to keep her safe.
    • Both were separated from their parents under pretense of death, while only a select few knew what really happened to them; only Esther, Dahlia and Finn knew that Freya didn't die of the plague, and only Hayley, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah knew that Hope didn't die shortly after her birth.
  • Michael Narducci confirms Freya put herself in the asylum as a place to hide from Dahlia.[2]
  • As of The Map of Moments, Hayley, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah now know that Freya didn't die of the plague, but was instead taken away by their maternal aunt Dahlia, as well as the "curse" on all Mikaelson first born children. Whether Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah believe in the curse or not as yet to be seen, but while this information only made Finn more devoted to his mother as a result of the sacrifices she made for her family, it does not seem to have made the rest of the siblings any more sympathetic toward their mother, especially after she tried to kill them and Hope.
  • The necklace Freya was seen holding in the Fauline mansion (both by her spirit and her physical body) in Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire looks like the necklace that Dahlia was using to cast a spell in the flashbacks in Wheel Inside the Wheel, which suggests it could possibly be a talisman of some kind.
  • She seems to have a disparaging view of her brothers, as she notes that Rebekah's far better than them. However, she still seems to have some loyalty to Finn, as she helped him find Hope, in order to ensure that Dahlia could not come.
  • She states that she was in a century-long slumber because of a spell her aunt casted to preserve their beauty and youth. They would sleep, un-aging for a century, then wake for a year, before repeating the cycle over and over.
  • She claims that she despises traitors, yet specifically calls what happened between her and Dahlia as a betrayal of her aunt. Either she is as hypocritical as her siblings, or there is more to her tale that she has chosen not to disclose.
  • In I Love You, Goodbye, it is revealed that Freya was five years old when she was taken away from her family by Dahlia.
  • Due to their utilization of the aging-circumventing spell, Freya, together with Dahlia is (presumably) the oldest living witch in history, having never died.
  • In They All Asked For You, Freya stated that she does not care what happens to her mother, Esther due to the latter giving her away to Dahlia when she was a child and for causing their family's destruction.
  • As of They All Asked For You, Freya has met all her siblings with the exception of her younger brother Henrik, who is deceased.
  • Her personality seems to shift slightly, depending on which member of her family she is facing.
  • In Save My Soul, it is revealed that Freya has achieved a form of pseudo-immortality, as Dahlia's magic prevents her from aging during the century of slumber, and also acts as a powerful protection spell, allowing her to escape death.
    • As Freya is still able to practice magic, it can be presumed that she still ages during her year of life, and is still capable of dying a natural death of old age.
  • It is revealed Freya hates Dahlia because she believes Dahlia is responsible for her baby's death.
  • Klaus re-introduces Freya to Esther in Exquisite Corpse, when they needed someone that knew the spell that will bring Rebekah back to controlling Eva Sinclair body's when she regained control.
  • Freya kills Esther in Exquisite Corpse, after she reveals to Esther her plans to turn every family member against Klaus. When Esther asked her why she was telling her this, Freya replies, "because you won't be around to see it."
  • Freya is the third character to have killed Esther, the other two being Klaus and Alaric.
  • Freya shares some similarities with Katerina Petrova:
    • Both were born in Europe and migrated to America centuries later.
    • Both are witches however Katerina didn't reveal her Travelers status until after she got The Cure.
    • Both can use their magic to cheat death, Freya with the aging-circumventing spell and Katerina with the passenger spell.
    • Both got pregnant out of wedlock and lost their child because of one of their family members in some way.
    • Both were to be used in order for relatives of Esther to increase their power (Esther's sister Dahlia tried to use Freya to increase her magic and Esther's son Klaus tried to use Katherine to become a hybrid).
    • Both escaped and have been on the run ever since.
    • Both have committed suicide.
    • Both were thought to be dead.
    • Both have been separated from their family for a long time, but are eventually reunited.
    • They were both immortal in some point in their lives.
  • She is the second female non-main and also witch character to appear in more than 10 consecutive episodes (11 in that case) in a single season, after Genevieve.
  • Freya is the second witch character to be played by her actress, Riley Voelkel. The first was young Fiona Goode in American Horror Story: Coven.
  • Freya is currently the oldest living woman in The TVD/TO universe after the deaths of Sybil and Seline.
  • Freya was the second character to be seen pregnant in The Originals. The first was Hayley.
    • Hayley, however, was shown with her baby in present day while Freya's was a flashback in Save My Soul.
  • With Dahlia now dead, she is currently mortal.
  • It was Freya who clearly explained the source of Dark Magic, she called it a "Dark Power that can only come from a place of massacre."
  • There is a division in the fandom on whether Freya still has her augmented power levels or not, as she's shown to be very much weaker in comparison to the previous season, and since she has lost every enhancement she had while Dahlia was alive, now that Dahlia is dead, it points to her also losing said power-levels, this being said, it has not been stated but only implied so still remains open to debate.
    • It is implied by Michael Narducci that Freya still retains her immense power but is not able to use it as freely as she did in Season 2 due to fear of over-exhaustion.
  • Riley Voelkel referred to Freya as 'a female Klaus'.
    • This makes Freya the second Mikaelson to be compared to Klaus. Damon referred to Rebekah as 'Barbie Klaus' many times during season three.
  • Freya does yoga as shown in season three.
  • Freya admits to Keelin that she likes collecting the ashes of her enemies, as shown with Lucien's ashes.
  • In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, it's revealed that Freya is at least bisexual.
    • This makes her the third LGBT character to appear in The Originals after Josh and Aiden and the sixth LGBT character to appear in The Vampire Diaries/The Originals universe overall.
    • Humorously, Freya's sexuality is joked about by Kol in season three when he tells Freya that he thought she wasn't interested in him back in the 1900s because he assumed she "liked the ladies", not realizing at the time that it was simply because she was his sister, however, by mid-season four, Freya enters into a relationship with a woman, eventually proven Kol right.



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