[...] the means to kill the unkillable king of New Orleans
Freya to Klaus

Freya's Dagger is an Original Vampire killing blade created to destroy an Upgraded Original Vampire.

Throughout The Originals Series

In I Hear You Knocking, after surviving the attack by Marcel and continuing to feel threatened by his existence, believing that he would come after them, Freya sought to find a way to permanently kill Marcel as well as create a cure for his bite. For the former, she enchanted a dagger and used Lucien's ashes, Esther's magic, Marcel's venom and her own blood as ingredients in the creation of the dagger. Freya had created it with the intention of killing an Upgraded Original Vampire. After creating the dagger, Freya gives it to Klaus before he goes to confront Marcel, telling him he can chastise her later if he survives.

Klaus finds Marcel at the abandoned house and tells him that he is no longer unkillable. However, despite the opportunity to use it, Klaus drops it and instead breaks Marcel's neck.

After trapping Marcel in the underground prison of the Mikaelson Compound, Klaus is reluctant to let Freya have the dagger but is persuaded to give it to her by Elijah.


The Originals Season Four


  • Most of the ingredients used to create this weapon were also used to create the serum that created an Upgraded Original Vampires.
    • Additionally, Freya used Esther's magic when creating the blade.
  • Klaus briefly brandished it against Marcel but didn't utilize it.
  • Freya is also the second known Witch to enchant a dagger. The first being the witch who created the silver daggers.


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