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The Mystic Falls Founders' Hall is where the founding families and more people from Mystic Falls celebrate the Founders' Day Kick-Off Party and they have the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant here. The building contains paintings and other objects from Mystic Falls history.

Season One


The sign

The members of the Founders' Council met to discuss vampires here, at least when John Gilbert came back into town. They rang the official charter bell and started the countdown for the 150th Founders' Day Celebration.

John Gilbert was killed here by Damon, but came back to life because of his ring. John revealed to Damon and Alaric that he knew a lot of information about them and the vampire's tomb which he learned from Johnathan Gilbert's journals. Tyler and Kelly Donovan started talking and later made out, but they were caught by Kelly's son, Matt. Matt punched Tyler and Matt got beat up pretty bad which caused a short term rift in their friendship.

Stefan was still being tempted by blood during both events here, and was mesmerized by Kelly Donovan's blood on her forehead. He exited the building and tasted it. He was also seen to start compelling people because of his influence under human blood. In a later episode, while the Miss Mystic Falls pageant was going on, Stefan was still tempted by human blood and bit Amber Bradley, one of the contestants. He later was stopped by Bonnie who used her powers and it eliminated his bloodlust for the most part.

Season Four

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Season 1

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