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Stefan burning.

Fire is a method of killing that involves the burning of a subject with an open flame. This is a method which can be used to harm supernatural species such as vampires, werewolves, hybrids and witches. The most common way this method is used usually involves restraining the movement of the subject, dousing them with an accelerant before lighting them on fire. Thus, killing them from immolation. Witches are able to cause spontaneous combustions through magic.

Known Victims

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8x12-Body Count

Hellfire emerging

Hellfire was a supernatural, psychic fire originating from Hell. It was incredibly powerful and capable of destroying anything within its path. After the destruction of Hell it remains unknown if it's possible to recreate it.


Hellfire was created when Arcadius was killed and, unleashing a powerful psychic blast, created an imprint of his death (burning at the stake). Ever since, it's been used to torture souls in hell. Hellfire became able to be released upon the earth when the Bennett Coven's mystically imbued bell was corrupted by Ethan Maxwell with the Staff of Arcadius. The amplified properties of the staff made it possible for the psychic walls of hell to be breached, with 12 rings by an individual from the Maxwell bloodline.


  • Mystic Energy: According to Bonnie, hellfire possesses enough energy to destroy hell. This was proven when Bonnie and the Bennett ancestry, redirected hellfire back to hell destroying it.
  • Massive Destruction: Hellfire is capable of consuming anything within miles of where the bell was rung and has almost destroyed Mystic Falls twice. In order to stop it, it was necessary to utilize the magic of the entire Bennett Coven.


  • Original Vampires cannot be killed with fire as mentioned by Elijah although, it is unclear if they can still be harmed by it.
    • However, the flames produced by being stabbed with the White Oak Stake will kill them.
    • In Red Door, it is proven to be an important component to the white oak stake's killing power thus, suggesting said fire to have supernatural properties.
  • It is unconfirmed if fire can kill hybrids. However, Tyler Lockwood, a hybrid, mentions that the only way to kill him is through decapitation or heart extraction, so this is unclear.
  • Despite their ability to control fire, witches are able to be burnt to death.
  • Naturally, vampires and original vampires burn in the Sun.
  • According to Katherine, hellfire is extremely powerful and has the ability to destroy anything.


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