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The Originals - Finn(b)
Finn Mikaelson
Biographical information
  • 974 A.D. Kingdom of Norway (Age Unknown/1039)
  • Nobleman (Formerly)
  • College Adviser (Formerly)
  • Leader of the New Orleans werewolves (Formerly)
  • Leader of the New Orleans Coven (Formerly)
  • Vampire Hunter (Formerly)
  • Esther's little Huginn and Muninn (with Freya)
  • The Boar
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Forcing a werewolf to turn without the full moon
  • Putting a boundary spell on the Compound
  • Using thirst spell on imprisoned vampires
  • Channeling power from Mikael and Esther (using Sacrificial Magic)
  • Imprisoning Elijah's, Klaus' and Kol's minds in illusion
  • Hexing Kol
  • Vampire's heart extraction
Significant sires
Significant kills
Cause of death
  • Stabbed through the heart (as a witch)
  • Staked with the White Oak Stake (as a vampire)
Killed by
Played by
Episode Count
  • 17 (The Originals)
  • 4 (The Vampire Diaries)
  • 21 (totaled)
First seen
Last seen
Finished so soon, my indestructible brother? Father was right about you! You're nothing but a pathetic disappointment!

Finn Mikaelson is a major recurring character and antagonist in the second season of The Originals. Finn also appeared as a recurring character and an anti-villain in the third season of The Vampire Diaries. He briefly possessed the witch, Vincent Griffith, and was formerly an Original Vampire.

Finn is the son of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. He is the brother of Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Henrik Mikaelson and Freya Mikaelson. Finn is also the half-brother of Niklaus Mikaelson and the uncle of Hope Mikaelson and Unnamed Nephew.

Out of all of his siblings, Finn has the closest relationship with his mother. It is shown in the third season of The Vampire Diaries that he is strictly loyal to his mother and believes her intentions are the best, as he was willing to sacrifice himself to kill Klaus. Finn's behavior and attitude is what his siblings dislike about him the most. However, he eventually rekindles a relationship with his former girlfriend, Sage and has a change of heart. That is short-lived, as Finn is later killed by Matt Donovan in The Murder of One.

Eventually, Finn is resurrected in the first season's finale of The Originals during From a Cradle to a Grave by Esther, his mother. He poses as Camille O'Connell's college adviser, but secretly works closely with his mother in effort to convince her children to be mortal again. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Finn is captured by Klaus and is chained up. Klaus attempts to reason with him and convince him to betray Esther, but he refuses. As a result, Klaus puts him in his old coffin. Later on, in The Map of Moments, Finn is freed by Mikael and is now working with him and Esther to defeat Klaus and his allies, once and for all. He channels Mikael to become more powerful, and then later betrays Esther, after learning of her vampirism, and channels her too. Finn later reunites with his long-lost sister, Freya, and works with her to find a way to stop Dahlia. Klaus comes close to killing Finn in his witch form, but is stopped by Elijah. Freya appears to help Finn from their brothers. Fearful for his life, Finn begs to Freya to save him. Freya tells Finn that she won't let anyone hurt him and traps him in her tailsman to keep him safe.

Finn is a member of the Mikaelson Family.


The Middle Ages


Young Finn and his siblings

Finn is the second child who was born alongside his older sister Freya Mikaelson. After she was taken from them, he moved to the New World with his parents. There he gained more siblings and along with his family, Finn lived in peace with the other members of their village, some of whom were werewolves. Each month they hid during the full moon not to be hurt by the transforming wolves. During his childhood, he and his siblings played together many times and had fun with each other, showing their love for each other.


Young Finn.

Once, when his younger half-brother Klaus didn't come to dinner, Esther questioned her children on his whereabouts. While Elijah refused to tell, Finn gladly told his mother of Klaus's location. When Esther talked with little Niklaus out in the woods Finn watched them and smiled. Sometime later, Finn retrieved a starling necklace Esther had given Klaus that he had lost. Esther made Klaus thank Finn.

When his brother Henrik was killed in an incident during the full moon after he and Klaus sneaked out to see the wolves, their father Mikael had Esther turned them into the first group of vampires (using The Immortality Spell) in order to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

However, the object that granted their immortality could also take it away, which was the ancient White Oak Tree. To prevent anyone from making a stake from the tree, the family burnt the tree to the ground. However, they would have other weaknesses including the flowers that grew at the base of the tree, a silver dagger dipped in the ashes of the tree that could neutralize them temporarily and they would always have a constant desire for human blood.

During one such feed, Klaus killed a human which triggered a werewolf curse he carried, revealing Esther had an affair with a werewolf. Enraged, Mikael killed his wife's lover and his family, triggering the war between their races that would last centuries.

Esther placed a curse on Klaus to prevent him from becoming a true hybrid, as that would make him invulnerable to what harms both vampires and werewolves. In revenge, Klaus attacked their mother, killing her for what he considered betrayal and blamed it on their father. A hundred years after this, Finn eventually met Sage and fell in love with her, to the point of giving into siring her as a vampire, something he considers morally wrong, which would turn out to be true only indirectly as Sage would go on to become ruthless and hedonistic as a vampire, even corrupting Damon Salvatore


Finn reunited with his family in Italy and attended a party held by Alexander, a vampire hunter. He was daggered by surprise during the party. However, when Klaus (unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers and abilities) annihilated the Five, he undaggered all of his half-siblings but Finn, as he was tired of Finn's judgmental attitude (which most likely stemmed from Finn's virtuous ways and Klaus' evil ways)

Between 12th century - 21st century

After Finn was neutralized by The Brotherhood of the Five, his brother Klaus killed them all and undaggered all his siblings except for Finn who disapproved of Klaus' immoral ways, which annoyed Klaus who then decided not to undagger him until their father had been destroyed. Finn was in his coffin for many centuries while his siblings went all over Europe. In Cadriz, Spain 1702, Finn's body was brought on to a ship by Rebekah, as per Klaus' orders as they were fleeing the city because Kol's destructive appetites drew Mikael to the town. At some point they left Europe behind and ended up in a nearby town in America called New Orleans in the early 18th century. The people of New Orleans saw their ship and entered it only to see the coffins of Finn and Kol, their siblings then killed all the humans except for one and told him to help them carry the coffins with their siblings, including Finn. Klaus brought Finn's daggered body with him wherever he moved, keeping it in its coffin. In the early 21st century, Finn's body wound up in the possession of Stefan Salvatore, who wished to use Finn and his siblings' neutralized bodies as leverage against Klaus. After a short while, Klaus reclaimed Finn's and the other coffins.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three


Finn and his siblings.

Finn appeared in the episode Bringing Out The Dead. After his brothers Elijah and Niklaus where fighting, Elijah revealed that had been in a coffin for almost 900 years. Later on that night, Elijah had resurrected his brother Finn, along with resurrecting Kol, and Rebekah by taking the White Oak Ash Dagger from his chest in order to help them kill Klaus. Together with his siblings, they took out their rage on Klaus before declaring that they would be a family without him. Finn was shocked when he saw his mother arrive, having been freed from her coffin too.


Finn meets Elena Gilbert.

In Dangerous Liaisons, having had his hair cut and his shoes polished, he is seen at the Original Family Mansion alongside Kol and Rebekah. Finn spent most of the time with his mother at the ball, helping her with the preparations for the spell that would bind all of them together. Finn met with Elena Gilbert and introduced himself to her and said that his mother is waiting for her and that she needs to come alone. Finn then joins his siblings at the stairs while Elijah speaks for his family.

Finn kol 07

Finn and Kol.

Finn is then with his mother until Elena comes and then he leaves, leaving Elena and his mother to have a little privacy. Finn was the only one who knew about Esther's plans for the spell to kill her children. After his mother and Elena talked, she put Elena's blood in some wine glasses, then served it to all of her children, which they all drank. Right after Damon Salvatore and Kol fell from the balcony, the rest of the Originals went to watch as Damon snapped his neck. Esther argued with Elijah while Finn waited outside the door. Elijah later left, and Finn and Esther could continue what they had started.


Esther and Finn linking all the Originals together.

Finn then asked his mother if she had second thoughts and Esther responded she wasn't having second thoughts, it was just that Elijah was so moral, making her feel a little guilt, but not enough to waver from her convictions. Finn convinced his mother she was doing the right thing and when it was time, he would be ready to die. Esther then used Finn's blood to link him together with his siblings. When it was done, Esther said to Finn that they are now one.


Finn explains that his death is not a sacrifice but a gift.

In All My Children, Finn and Esther met with Bonnie and Abby Bennett. Finn helped preparing for the spell with his mother Esther and the Bennett witches. Esther explained that the spell she was casting would make her children human again and that her brave son Finn would sacrifice himself and with his death, the Originals would be no more. Abby questioned why Finn wanted to sacrifice himself, and Finn replied "It's not a sacrifice, it's a gift." Then later on, Finn was neutralized through Kol who was daggered by Alaric Saltzman.


Finn and Esther against Kol, Niklaus and Elijah.

Later on the evening, while he was ready to be sacrificed, Klaus, Elijah and Kol arrived to interrupt them, allowing Damon and Stefan to kill Abby, thus making the spell undo-able. When the three brothers came to confront their brother and Esther, Kol commented on Finn that he was her favorite son, Esther stated Finn knows virtue that Kol can't even imagine. Then when Damon turned Abby into a vampire, Esther couldn't do the spell, so Finn grabbed his mother and they both fled.


Niklaus meets with his older brother Finn.

In Break On Through, it was revealed by Rebekah that Finn and Sage were lovers, and that he turned her so they could be together forever. Damon threatens Sage by saying that once he finds a way to kill the Originals, he's starting with Finn.


Klaus threatens to dagger Finn unless he comes with him.

In The Murder of One, Klaus appears as Finn is walking down the street. Klaus asks Finn where their mother is and Finn states she is trying to find a way to end their lives and he will sacrifice himself all over again. Klaus tries to convince him into helping unlink them. But Finn says he has no wish to become unlinked, only to see his brother dead. Klaus tells him he won't be able to see him dead since if he dies so do the rest. Finn was getting tired of the conversion and told to bother someone else, but Klaus responded why should he when he can bother his big brother.


Finn meets with his beloved Sage.


Finn and Sage.

Then when Klaus realizes that he can't convince Finn, he threatens to dagger him and put him in the same box in which he rotted for 900 years. Finn replied: "What happens to one, happens to all. You might not feel the affect of the dagger, but you will lose your precious Rebekah." Finn then tries to run from Klaus, but is stopped by Rebekah, Klaus then appears and they both uses force to take him down and bring him back to Mystic Falls where Finn reunites with Sage. They reminisce about old times, Finn saying to Sage: "I assumed after 900 years, you would have moved on." But Sage tells him that she took care of herself, but she never stopped loving him and then convinces Finn to go on living.


Stefan about to kill Finn.

Later on, they go to Grill where they share a drink and Finn drank his first tequila, while Stefan is spying on them. Then a vampire named Troy came by and greeted Sage. Sage revealed that she turned him and told Finn not to be upset with her. Finn told her: "Exactly, Sage. I turned you. My passions overtook my morals." Sage tells Finn that her passions overtake her morals on a regular basis and tells him it is living life to the fullest. Matt then puts vervain into their drinks and Stefan lures them outside.


Finn's death.

Finn and Sage went after Stefan, and Stefan was about to stake Finn with the White Oak Stake, but Sage stopped him and told Finn to get the stake. Then after Stefan fails, Elena and Matt suddenly appear at the Grill backdoor. Elena shoots him with a normal stake and Matt stakes Finn in the heart with another White Oak Stake, not knowing that Bonnie broke the binding spell before they succeeded, making Finn's death useless to kill Klaus and tragic in that they killed the only Original that had never antagonized them nor wished to.  About an hour after Finn's death, Sage and Troy mysteriously died, with Stefan, Caroline and Elena realizing once an Original dies, so does every vampire descended from their bloodline.

Throughout The Originals Series


Young Finn and his siblings

In Always and Forever, Finn Mikaelson's coffin is seen along with Kol Mikaelson's as their siblings' ship enters the Americas near the city of New Orleans in the 1700's. His coffin is brought ashore when the ship makes landfall. 

In Farewell to Storyville, Finn is seen in a flashback where his siblings play together and jumps on him, showing them as happy siblings. Klaus later mentions that he was the only one being a victim to Mikael's abuse while his brothers Finn, Elijah and Kol were not. Klaus also mentions that he loved all of his siblings even Finn whom he kept daggered for 900 years in a coffin, because of his judgmental attitude to his half-brother.


Esther and Finn.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Esther resurrected herself by possessing the Harvest girl, Cassie and then she continued by bringing back her favorite son, Finn, putting him in the body of a witch named Vincent. Esther and Finn went to the woods near Mikaelson Mansion, where she was buried. They looked at her tombstone and Finn commented dryly that he hopes she rests in peace. Esther asked him what the fun in that was, telling him that they have work to do.


Finn and Esther's new bodies

In Rebirth, Finn was still in Vincent's body. He escorted and remained close to his mother while she spoke with the werewolves about the threat of Klaus and Elijah. After the meeting, Finn walked with her and spoke about any concerns about his brothers. Esther assured her son that Klaus and Elijah would have a lot more trouble with her this time. Later, Finn used his new identity as Vincent to meet with Camille O'Connell, keeping an eye on her for his mother. After that, he met with his mother and commented on how strange it was to no longer be in a vampire body, saying he'd forgotten what it felt like. His brother Kol arrived, having been brought back and also now in a new body, and Esther told them that they had to prepare for a family reunion.

In Alive & Kicking, Finn stood by his mother and little brother as they continued their plans for the city. Esther showed Finn and Kol her plans to create a werewolf army using moonlight rings. Later, Finn watched Kol try and get information on Davina by using a date. When Davina stepped out for a moment, Finn accused Kol of stalling, telling him if he didn't hurry it along, they'd get the information Finn's way. After leaving, werewolves attacked Davina and by extension Kol who was now vulnerable in his new body. Kol later attacked Finn, believing he had gave the werewolves the order but soon learned it was Esther. Kol released Finn and Finn watched as Esther put Kol in his place, not aware that Kol had seen vital information that he was withholding from them.

In Every Mother's Son, Finn approached Oliver at the bar, while Oliver was expecting Cassie. Finn gave him a new moonlight ring as a sign that he had really been sent by Cassie. When Oliver questioned Finn, Finn used his newly acquired magic to cause Oliver great pain to put him in his place, possibly forcing him to start to turn as his werewolf eyes started showing. Later, he went to Lenore immediately after his brother Elijah had just left her shop, needing her assistance. Finn brought Lenore to his mother, explaining to her that Kol was still tracking Davina and wouldn't be making it to the dinner she had invited Klaus and Elijah to. Esther explained that Finn's knack for persuasion was needed at the dinner so he should have the newly recruited Oliver torture Lenore. Finn assured her that he had made all the preparations for the dinner. Finn then gave Oliver his instructions to "persuade" the stubborn Lenore to talk.


Finn reunites with his brothers

That night, Klaus and Elijah prepared the dinner that Esther had set up. Finn arrived before his mother, approaching his brothers. Neither of them immediately recognized him in his new body until he began to chastise Klaus for how he used to be as a child. Klaus was able to deduce it was Finn from his words but Elijah remained confused until Klaus spoke Finn's name. Finn then joyously told them to begin the dinner. While the three brothers waited for their mother, Klaus condemned Finn for his previous treachery. Finn explained that the dinner was to celebrate his return, having spent 900 years in a box before being killed. He then dryly asked Elijah and Klaus about their contributions to society over the last thousand years, then stating that they hadn't contributed much besides making a path of destruction through time. When asked about the extra seat at the table, Finn told them that Kol had also been brought back by their mother. When Klaus spoke out that Kol would never follow their mother, Finn countered that Esther's argument had even convinced the most wild of the family to join her cause. Finn then questioned Klaus on why he had kept him daggered for so long and Elijah on why he hadn't saved him. Esther finally arrived, shifting the attention to her.

When Klaus and Esther argued over who was responsible for creating the monsters her children had become, Esther jumped from Cassie's body, leaving the dinner. Elijah and Klaus furiously questioned Finn on where she went but Finn used his magic to overpower them. Finn left while they tracked Esther down in her new body where she offered to put them in new non-vampire bodies just as she had done Finn and Kol. Finn later talked with his mother about how she was going to convince his brothers to see the error of their ways and accept the new life they wanted to give them. Esther explained that they'd take everything they loved away from them so they begged her to give them new bodies.


Finn helps capture Elijah

In Live and Let Die, Finn continued to keep an eye on Cami, posing as her therapist. Later, he argued with Kol over their respective missions that had been assigned to them. Finn then went to the werewolves that were under his mother's control and brought with him new recruits, all of which were boys and teenagers who were untriggered werewolves, wanting them to murder and be triggered to make his mother's army grow even more. Later, when Elijah slaughtered dozens of werewolves to help the children escape, Finn arrived and hurt Elijah with his magic. Elijah fought back, ready to snap his brother's neck but was suddenly impaled through the back by their mother, who used her magic to disable Elijah. They then captured him.

In Red Door, Finn called Kol, asking him if he had found the white oak stake. Kol told him about Davina's plan to unlink Klaus's bloodline from him so they wouldn't die if he did and Finn said that Kol had to either find what Davina was using as a binding agent and kill the spell or kill Davina. Later, Finn found that Esther was forcing the captured Elijah to not only relive horrors from his past but also giving him false visions of hope as a way to make him accept her proposed new life in a new body.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Finn ordered the werewolves to have Oliver executed for his part in aiding Elijah rescue the untriggered werewolves. Later, he again spoke to Cami under the guise of her adviser, Vincent. However, he came off as overly curious about her personal life, raising her suspicions about him. She soon dug into his history and discovered, with the help of Marcel, that Vincent Griffiths was being possessed by Finn Mikaelson, Klaus's oldest brother. Cami distracted Finn while a plan was being put into place to rescue Oliver from his execution. Cami began questioning him about his personal life and his relationship to his family, not revealing that she knew his true identity. The two began psychologically analyzing one another. She initially planned on attacking him but chose not to.

Normal TheOriginals207-1978

Finn struck by arrows

In Chasing the Devil’s Tail, setting out to free the werewolves from Finn's control, a plan was put into action by Hayley, Aiden, and Marcel to bring him down. Using Cami as a distraction, she invited him on a date, much to Finn's surprise. His mother instructed him that it was time to bring Cami into the fold of their plan but Finn grew agitated, saying he hoped there'd be more time. When Esther persisted, Finn told her that she didn't need to get Cami by force. Later, Finn and Cami went to a jazz club when Cami suddenly vanished. Finn went outside to find her being attacked by a werewolf who escaped. Cami vanished along with it. When Finn called Aiden, accusing one of his wolves of the abduction, he met with him at the church. When Finn revealed that he knew one of the rescued untriggered werewolves had been Aiden's little brother, he attacked him, knowing that he had taken Cami. Hayley arrived, fighting Finn with the help of the werewolf, Jackson, who shot Finn with arrows. Finn lay in a heap when Cami appeared with cursed cuffs that negated a witch's magic when worn. She handcuffed Finn, revealing that she knew his true identity and that she had tricked him. Hayley brought Finn to the compound, where Kol had also been taken captive. Klaus and Elijah appeared, greeting their captive brothers.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Elijah and Klaus tried to convince the captive Finn and Kol to join them against their mother. Finn tried to explain to them that their mother was trying to do right by them by offering them new mortal lives and that they were fools to turn down her offers. When Finn brought up Rebekah and her unending loyalty to Klaus, he wondered where she was. When he told them that Esther was watching her and had plans for her, he was attacked by Elijah who Klaus managed to pull away. Later, Klaus tried to torture their mother's plans out of Finn but Finn remained steadfast in support of Esther. When things grew to a boiling point, Finn revealed the truth of their older sister Freya's fate and how Esther had sacrificed her to Dahlia to save the rest of the family and that if the firstborn of each generation wasn't killed, Dahlia would come back to destroy them all. When Cami showed up with puncture wounds in her back, Kol, who had taken Klaus's offer to join him, deduced that Esther was preparing her body to be a vessel.
Normal TheOriginals208-2529

Finn terrified by his coffin

Cami questioned Finn, since he was the only one who knew of Esther's intentions. He explained that Esther wasn't going to jump into Cami's body, she was going to have Rebekah possess it. This horrified Cami and infuriated Klaus who grabbed Finn, telling him he didn't care about his fairy tales and when Finn refused to say more, Klaus had Marcel bring in Finn's coffin from when he had been daggered for nine hundred years. Petrified by the sight of the coffin he had been imprisoned in, Finn hysterically pleaded with Klaus but Klaus forced him inside, telling him he had put air holes in it, before closing it on him, trapping Finn in a coffin once again.
To209 294

Finn defends his morality

In The Map of Moments, Finn remained trapped in the coffin when Camille came to speak to him in hopes of convincing his mother to leave her out of it. Marcel relented to her request to see him and let Finn out, though still with the cuffs that repressed his magic. Finn sat down with Cami, no longer allowing his attraction to her distract him. When she questioned his morals, Finn grew angry and told her to look at her own morals before judging him, citing her relationship with Marcel and Klaus. He elaborated in defending his morality by explaining that he saw the world in black and white, in simple shades of good and evil. Finn said that unlike his mother, Elijah, and Cami, he didn't believe in redemption, especially Klaus's. Finn boldly proclaimed that he was trying to protect the world from the evil and impurity of vampires, saying that when he was free, he'd wipe out every vampire in the city and anyone who sided with them. Cami realized that Finn would not listen to reason and had him put back into his coffin.

Later, unseen, Finn was rescued from his imprisonment by his father, Mikael, who had made an alliance with Esther.

Normal TheOriginals210-0580

Finn confronts his brothers

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Finn and Mikael plotted to destroy the vampires of New Orleans. Finn believed he could put his father's strength to good use after hearing that Mikael wished to work together in their crusade. Finn went to the compound and confronted Klaus and Kol, where he demanded to know where their mother was. Klaus refused to tell him and Finn left, finding that vampires and werewolves were gathered in the compound, hoping to form a truce. Finn explained that he believed that their two species could never find peace and then cast a boundary spell so they couldn't leave the compound. He said that, given enough time in an enclosed space together, they'd come to see things his way. The spell was a powerful one, as Finn was channeling power through his father, using a sacrificial spell similar to those used by Papa Tunde. Finn then used a spell to force the vampires to grow even hungrier so they'd want to feed on the trapped werewolves.

Normal TheOriginals210-1982

Finn furious with his mother

After Klaus submitted their mother's location, Finn found her in a tomb but was horrified to find that she had turned into a vampire by Klaus. Despite Esther's apologies and claims to still be his mother, Finn angrily called her a hypocrite, telling her it was her morality and conviction that he had always respected. Finn furiously attacked her and used the same spell he used on his father to channel power from her, placing her next to Mikael. He somberly told his neutralized parents that they had been happy once when it was just him and Freya but because they had continued to have children, their family had been ripped apart. He threatened to destroy his younger siblings for the monsters that they were.

Normal TheOriginals211-0958

Finn and his brothers in the astral plane

In Brotherhood of the Damned, while Finn's boundary spell kept the vampires trapped in the compound, he performed another spell using representational magic. The spell he cast created an astral plane where he pulled in the minds of his brothers so they could all speak mentally, appearing inside of a cabin where animal heads represented each of them, a boar representing Finn. Finn revealed that within the cabin, he could not be harmed due to being its creator. Finn explained that his boundary spell would drop at sunset so the vampires inside the compound would violently feast on the people of New Orleans, finally taking the city from vampires for good. Meanwhile, Finn tried to press his brothers for answers on what Klaus was hiding, not knowing that his niece Hope was alive. However, Eljiah discovered a fault in Finn's representational magic. While Finn had seen Elijah as noble, representing him in the cabin with a stag, Elijah revealed that he wasn't so noble, admitting to the murder of Tatia long ago. The confession made Finn's spell weaken and it was broken fully when Klaus forgave Elijah, showing Finn that he wasn't the big bad wolf that Finn had portrayed him as. Finn's lack of understanding of his brothers caused his spell to break and brought their consciousnesses back to their bodies. Despite his momentary defeat, Finn made his next move, abducting Marcel and the vampires who had successfully escaped from the compound.

In Sanctuary, Finn had added Marcel and his vampires inside of his sacrificial circle, empowering him even more. Finn awoke Marcel, keeping him tied with vervain-soaked ropes. Finn tried to convince Marcel to give up whatever secret Klaus was hiding. Marcel refused, simply telling Finn that he saw his coffin two hundred years ago and that Klaus had told him they kept him daggered because he was such a bore. Finn angrily used his magic to hurt Marcel. Finn tortured Marcel until he was convinced he didn't know anything. Kol arrived, having heard that he'd taken Marcel. Though initially upset that Kol would dare come after siding with their brothers, Kol explained that he joins the winning side. When Finn remained unconvinced, Kol revealed his plan to dagger Klaus, saying he had Davina Claire wrapped around his finger and with her help, nothing could stop them. Finn realized, though, that Kol was just distracting him from Davina and Aiden sneaking inside. Finn had the captured vampires mindlessly attack them, forcing them to flee, before furiously telling Kol that he was through with his tricks. Finn placed a curse on Kol, forcing him to face his worse fear, of death. He trapped Kol inside Kaleb's body, to die in a few days time. He told him to say his goodbyes and that he wouldn't miss him. Finn then went back to Marcel and realized it was strange that Marcel was compelled to forget the specifics of Hope's death, realizing that Klaus was hiding Hope's survival.

In The Devil is Damned, Finn searched frantically for his niece, now knowing of her survival. However, he remained unsuccessful. He was suddenly confronted by his long-lost sister, Freya, and did not recognize her initially. She was amused by his confusion but quickly revealed herself, recalling their time together as children. Finn was shocked by her survival and Freya explained how she had managed to survive for centuries using magic after being taken by their aunt Dahlia. She also confirmed Finn and Esther's fear that Dahlia was still out there. Finn explained to her about Hope and how Dahlia would come for their whole family if that child wasn't killed. Freya agreed to help him track down Hope, requesting a few items from him. Finn then contact Marcel and Kol, demanding, much to their chagrin, and threatening that they get him the blood of Hope's parents, seemingly so he could perform a locator spell.

However, Finn had actually sent them on a wild goose chase, distracting Klaus and his allies long enough to go after Hope with the information he had already gotten from Freya. He went to their family's old vacation home where he found Elijah in the barn. Finn informed Elijah of their oldest sister's survival and Elijah chastised Finn for his actions. Finn attacked Elijah with his magic, impaling him with farming equipment before moving on to the house. Once inside, he saw baby toys laid throughout the house, confirming his suspicions. Finn also realized Cami had been watching Hope and called out for her threateningly, unaware that her and Hope had gone out on errands. Elijah, having recovered from the previous assault, struck back at Finn. It wasn't enough though as Finn overwhelmed Elijah and flung him through a wall. Elijah became distracted by the blood on his body and Finn knew that it was due to his past, arrogantly ridiculing his brother's need to remain clean of his transgressions. Elijah suddenly snapped out of his trance, revealing he was just biding time for the gas leak that had happened in the house to spread, telling Finn that he had disgraced their family for the last time. Finn watched in shocked as Elijah took off his daylight ring and put his hand in the sun, setting his body aflame and igniting the gas in the air, blowing up the house.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Vincent's body rested in a morgue, horrifically scarred from the explosion at the house. Freya arrived and performed a spell, reviving Finn's spirit within the body and began healing the burns that had been inflicted on her brother. Once he was healed, Freya explained that she had used her pendant to protect him and that they would have to protect each other since Dahlia would no doubt be on her way, and that she was far more powerful than Esther. She elaborated that Hope would display magic and when she did, it would serve as a beacon, drawing Dahlia to them. Cryptically, she said that once Dahlia came, she would take what was hers. Meanwhile, Finn's hex he had placed on Kol completed its task, and killed his youngest brother.


Early in his life, before he became a vampire, Finn was the most obedient of the Mikaelson children. He was incredibly loyal to his mother, doing anything he could to be a good son, even at the expense of his siblings at times.

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Finn Mikaelson.

Out of all the Original Vampires, Finn was shown to be the most moral, even more than his brother Elijah. Calm and quiet, Finn was ashamed of what his bloodlust had driven him to as a vampire. However, it is unclear how open about his feelings he had been about this with his family at first; Klaus had apparently daggered Finn for being too judgmental about their vampiric actions, (it was later revealed that Klaus didn't dagger him, a member of The Brotherhood of the Five did, but Klaus left Finn daggered as he was tired of Finn's judgmental attitude), but later on, after being undaggered, Rebekah didn't believe Elijah when he said that Finn hated being a vampire so he may not have been open about it outside of Elijah, Klaus and Esther. The only time it was said that he had put his morality against his vampire ways aside was when he turned his lover, Sage, but later said he regretted letting his love for her overtake his values. He was later seen shocked when Sage revealed that she's turned others (i.e. Troy) since she last saw Finn. It was this self-loathing as a vampire that made Finn want to go along with his mother's plan to wipe out her children and therefore, every vampire on the planet though its unknown if either of them knew of the consequence of killing an Original Vampire. He was willing to be the sacrifice in her spell that would turn all of her children human again before killing them, explaining that his mother was releasing him from an eternity of shame. Despite the failure of this plan, he told Klaus that he would be more than willing to try to sacrifice himself again when the time came. However, once he reunited with Sage, he put aside his hopes of his mother ending his suffering and decided to live life with Sage. This new mindset didn't last though, as he was killed soon after his change of heart.

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Finn possessing Vincent

A year after his death and with the birth of his niece Hope Mikaelson, his mother saw an opportunity to resurrect herself along with Finn, who had always stood by her side, along with Kol, being convinced of his mother's plan. They seem to be going forward with a plan to place their other siblings in human or witch bodies and a werewolf body for Niklaus, wanting them to have mortal lives and ending their vampire progeny with their true bodies through the White Oak Stake. This plan would save her children from Dahlia's Curse, as they would be in bodies of different bloodlines than the Mikaelson Bloodline, protecting any firstborn. Finn's loyalty to Esther remains intact, following her orders with precision and without question. While still quite rigid in personality, Finn is shown to be somewhat more at ease now that he's no longer a vampire, though comments that he forgot how it feels to be so vulnerable. Since his resurrection by possessing Vincent, Finn personality has seemed to become darker as he has been shown to be more willing to harm others to prove a point or to "persuade" someone to cooperate or side with Esther, even ordering Oliver to torture a witch to cooperate with him. No longer being a vampire and in a form he is more comfortable with, Finn is a bit more outspoken than he was as a vampire, letting his emotions be seen more while still maintaining an overall reserved demeanor in comparison to his siblings. His hatred of the vampire species has festered to the point of wanting to kill all vampires along with any sympathizers who get in his way utterly without mercy. He doesn't believe in Klaus's redemption, but in right and wrong, and good and evil.

Rebekah believes that Freya is the only one of his siblings that he was close to, and believes he hates the rest of his siblings, because they judge him and find him pretentious/dull.

Physical Appearance


Finn Mikaelson

Finn is a handsome and tall man who appears to be in his early thirties, somewhere between 30-33, given the time he was turned into a vampire by his mother. He has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and slim, but athletic figure. Finn is also the second oldest of the Original Siblings after his sister Freya.

500px-Finn crazy

Finn after being undaggered

When first awakened from being neutralized for 900 years, Finn still had the style of that time period, with long hair and adorned in the centuries old clothing, wearing a dark green tunic and pants in the fashion of the 1100's. Shortly after his return, he cut his hair to where it was still a bit longer in length than his siblings and usually slicked out of his face, much like Elijah's hair was during his time attempting to stop Klaus from becoming a hybrid. Finn was seen wearing dress shirts covered by gray dress coats, keeping an air of aristocracy about him though not to the extent of Elijah's dress style. Finn almost always had a severe, stern expression pasted on his face, rarely smiling while around his family, but becoming more friendly looking once he met Sage again.

After returning from the Other Side, Finn's spirit was placed inside the body of the witch, Vincent, taking on all of his physical features as his own. Even with a new body, Finn retained his style of attire.

Powers and Abilities

As an Original Vampire, Finn is considerably stronger and faster than that of any non-original vampire. Finn possesses all vampiric abilities, with the addition of being able to compel any non-original vampire. Unlike the rest of his siblings, Finn's combat skills have never been shown.

Since Rebirth, Finn has lost all his Original Vampire powers and abilities, due to him taking over the body of Vincent Griffith and taking all of Vincent's witch powers and abilities as his own. In Every Mother's Son, he was shown to be incredibly gifted in magic seeing how he incapacitated Klaus, Elijah and Oliver with ease. Later Finn was shown to have delved into the use of Sacrificial Magic. With this magic, Finn channeled the power of Mikael, and later Esther, to give himself even more power and was able to trap dozens of werewolves and vampires with a powerful boundary spell. With his boost in power, he was also able to create an astral plane using representational magic that he had near complete control over when inside. With his power boost, Finn was a nearly unstoppable force against anyone who opposed him, though his upgrade was only temporary, after being overloaded with magic by Kol and Rebekah, bringing him back to being only as powerful of a witch as his host body was.


Finn had the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire. Since Rebirth, Finn has lost all his Original Vampire weaknesses, due to him taking over the body of Vincent Griffith and taking all of Vincent's human/witch weaknesses.



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The Originals' Second Season


  • "Finn" from the old Norse meaning "person of Finland".


  • It is said by Elijah that Finn was neutralized for over 900 years, making him the longest neutralized Original Vampire.
  • In The Five, it was revealed that all the Originals were daggered by The Five in 1114. That's about 900 years ago and Finn was daggered ever since after Klaus Mikaelson refused to undagger him, sick of his judgmental attitude.
  • Of all the Originals, Finn can be considered the noblest, most virtuous, and most moral, but also the most self righteous and unwavering in his convictions in both his Original Vampire self and his possessing witch self.
    • Despite being the most moral, Finn is quite ruthless when obeying his mother Esther's orders. He had no problems torturing Lenore, Oliver, sending werewolves at Davina, and supports his mothers plan to trigger teenage werewolves curses to make them soldiers for Esther, this change in personality is similar to Mikael who was depicted in a more positive light on The Vampire Diaries.
    • Another explanation is that while moral, Finn was still a viking and only had 100 years worth of life adapting to the changing times.
    • While shown to never harm innocents as a vampire, as a witch he will kill and harm others associated with vampires, and enjoys killing vampires. He feels he is the hero and vampires are evil that needs to die. He feels the ends justify the means concerning collateral damage when destroying vampires and sympathizers, believing that despite his merciless ruthless actions, what he is doing is good fighting evil, and feels he is right in his plans. His personality from being an Original Vampire was more noble and moral, but as a witch he has darkened his state of mind, never realizing he is committing evil ruthless acts, but thinking he is doing heroic and right over wrong actions.
  • In All My Children, Kol speaks about Finn as Esther's "favorite son" - to which Esther replies that "(his) brother knows virtue (Kol) cannot even imagine".
  • Finn is the second Original destroyed by a White Oak Stake. The first was his father Mikael.
  • Finn was the first of Esther and Mikael's children to die as a vampire, as Henrik died as a human.
  • Initially, Finn wanted to die to avoid living as a vampire, but after finding Sage, Finn agrees to continue to live. Unfortunately, he and his entire bloodline were destroyed in the same episode.
    • Something very similar happens in Season Two of TVD, when Damon wants to die, but Stefan convinces him to continue to exist. The same thing happens with Stefan and Elena in Season One.
    • Finn wanted to die not only because Klaus would've died since they were all linked, but also because he despised being a vampire, claiming it as an eternity of shame. He chose to give up his death wish as soon as he was reunited with Sage.
  • Finn was neutralized twice:
  • Finn had never had any direct interaction with Damon Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood or Jeremy Gilbert. However, his lover, Sage, had had extensive interaction with Damon.
  • Klaus has repeatedly stated how he found Finn more interesting lying in a box than he was as a man, rudely referring to his brother as "a lovesick fool" and a "dullard".
  • Like his father, Finn was dead before the fire from the White Oak Stake burnt away his flesh. This was different for his younger brother, Kol, who was killed by the flames the stake produced, managing to run a few feet aflame before dying.
  • Due to Finn's own self-disgust of vampires, he may have been on good terms with his father Mikael, who had similar views.
  • Out of the Original Vampires, Finn has had the least amount of on-screen appearances.
  • Unlike his siblings, Finn's neutralized body was never shown in its coffin on-screen.
  • Finn never spoke directly to his brother Elijah on-screen on The Vampire Diaries. The first time they are seen to have a conversation is in The Originals episode, Every Mother's Son.
  • Out of all known vampires, Finn was dormant the second longest, at nearly 900 years. He was second only to Silas, who had been desiccated for 2000 years.
  • Of his family, he was closest to his mother. This made his siblings view him as a sycophant and Esther's favorite.
  • Finn is the only Original Vampire who has not shown his face or his vampire fangs.
  • Finn is the second Original Vampire to be resurrected. The first being his father, Mikael. Kol is the third.
  • In flashbacks, it was shown that Finn had a close relationship with his ​​siblings. It could be that at the time when they were humans, Finn loved his younger siblings and was caring towards them. However, he would put pleasing his mother before helping his siblings. After they were turned into vampires, he distanced himself from them, seeing that they became monsters.
  • Finn and Mikael are the only Original Vampires not to be daggered by Klaus.
  • He was brought back to life by his mother to possess a witch named Vincent.
  • Finn, while he's possessing the body of Vincent, is often lovingly referred to as "Finncent" by fans.
  • Michael Narducci compared Finn to Norman Bates, the main character of the film Psycho and the TV series, Bates Motel. This is due to Finn and Norman's shared closeness with their mother and both of their needs to obey and try and please her to a disturbing degree.
  • In Live and Let Die, Elijah states that Finn has always been merciless, but not enough to send kids into war, so it surprises Elijah when Finn plans to have kids murder humans to activate their Werewolf curse.
  • Finn states in Every Mother's Son that he expected cruelty from Klaus when discussing how he was left daggered for nine hundred years, this is indicates that Klaus became cruel and vicious within only a hundred years of being a vampire.
  • Finn is terrified of the coffin where he rested for nearly a millennium.
  • Due to possessing Vincent's abilities, his knowledge, and now channelling the power of Mikael, the most powerful vampire on the planet, Finn is currently one of the most powerful supernatural being in New Orleans.
  • Ironically was Finn the responsible that Dahlia learns about Hope's existence because his tries by kill her, made that the baby uses her magic and Dahlia sensed it, for that her actually is going to travel to New Orleans for take away the baby.
  • Finn cursed his own brother Kol to die a lonely death.
    • While Kol eventually succumbed to the curse, he however did not die alone as Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Davina were with him at the time.


  • And I Must Scream - Shared with family. When an Original is daggered, it leads to immediate desiccation. Also when the daggers are removed, the awakening is rather painful as well.


Finn (to Klaus) "You're staying behind."
- Bringing Out The Dead

Finn (to Elena): "If you want to see my'll have to be alone."
Finn (to Esther): "When it is time, I will be ready to die."
Finn (to Esther): "You're not having second thoughts, are you?"
Finn (to Esther): "You're doing the right thing, mother."
- Dangerous Liaisons

Finn (to Abby): "My mother's released me from an eternity of shame. It's not a sacrifice, it's a gift."
- All My Children

Finn (to Klaus): "I have no wish to help you. Only to see you dead."
Finn (to Klaus): "Oh, bother someone else with your hollow charm, Niklaus."
Finn (to Rebekah): "You're siding with him? Rebekah, he stored us in boxes!"
Finn (to Sage): "I’m truly awed by the evolution of mankind."
Finn (to Sage): "Exactly Sage, I turned you. My passion overtook my morals."
Finn (to Sage): "To living life."
- The Murder of One

Finn (Possessing Vincent) (to Esther): " May you rest in peace."
Esther (Possessing Cassie) (to Finn): What's the fun in that. Come along, we have much to do."
Finn: (to Esther): "Yes, Mother."
-From a Cradle to a Grave



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The Originals


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