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Hello my darlings so this is the last fan reaction of the year ;)

I don't know why but i kinda felt disappointed by this episode, especially one written by diane. the only interesting aspect was Rebekah and how she and Klaus manipulated marcel.

I don't know what's wrong with the writers, one day kol was leaving and the next day we find him at home talking with freya? WTF writers couldn't you at least give a little explanation, you can have kol say for example "i'm not here for you nik is the only reason why i'm staying" and voila you got rid of your inconsistency. and that was just the begining, the writers clearly don't care about him as an original and member of the family, they had him stay in an inconsistent way just so that he'll get bit, but they can't even have ONE SCENE IN 7 EPIOSDES with hope? his niece he never met onscreen as a baby? the kid he used his last breath to save, and didn't want to comeback to save her mom? but of course the writers neglect that and it hurts, sometimes i even blame myself for liking him in the 1st place because even on TVD the writers clearly showed no interest in him, always depowered him, so why would they change now and start fixing their mistakes what about rebekol? HOW DARE THEY NOT HAVE THEM INTERACT? NEITHER OF THEM NOTICE EACH OTHER? IT MADE 0 SENSE FOR KOL NOT TO GO AND THANK HER FOR ALL HER EFFORTS, IT MADE NO SENSE FOR REBEKAH TO NOT EVEN LOOK AT HIM AFTER NOT SEEING HIS ORIGINAL FACE FOR 3 F*CKING YEARS (oops sorry that was the angry side of me talking) to finish this kol rant (i know i tend to talk a lot about him, when the writers will treat him right i wouldn't have reasons to rant every episode) I liked the freya kol interactions, ever since 3x15 i always loved their potential, i know she hurt davina and i don't think he completely forgave her, it's just in the meantime, when they're stuck in that dream together, and she clearly shows remors to him which is more than elijah who stil only directly talks to him when it comes to hayley. i liked how she stayed with him and took care of him (almost like a mom :p but it's understandable given the age gap)

speaking of which, i loved the elijah klaus interactions, this episode made me realize with the line "they need you, you have to be strong" that elijah treated klaus more like a father, i don't know how to explain it, it's like he completely neglected any kind of relationship with kol and focus his whole energy on klaus, and i think it comes from the way mikael treated klaus, like elijah had the need to give klaus all the love and support to compensate for the pain mikael put him through.

and i loved how elijah admited it was all his fault, and took responsability for eveything, and that is what i call a good character progression, and if he just starts to treat kol better it may redeem him in my eyes, the fact that he attacked marcel right after he bit kol is a good start, so i'm glad that in this episode i hate elijah a lot less than i used to.

rebekah oh rebekah she's such a queen, she has that presense and fierce i almost forgot how it felt, and claire's acting is better than all of to's actors put together, it was just amazing (PS: yusuf is just as good ;) )

i know it's unfair that this whole season everything was elijah's fault, the strix, the prophecy everything, and yet klaus is the one to suffer, but i think it's an opportunity for klaus to be fully redeemed because if we ignore the BS excuse used to punish him, he still deserves to suffer for all the lives he ruined, even his family's and that is beautiful.

I don't know how hayley is gonna find the cures (not again with the word cure tvd season 4 traumatized me forever with that) but i think maybe she'll find valerie and use her for elijah and kol, then they free klaus and the boys will help their sisters

PS: I don't know why but i'm kinda disapointed with this recap it's a little too short, just like the 2 previous ones i don't know if it's me or the writing anyway i hope you enjooy it

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