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That epiosde was so good, seriously The Originals is getting better and better (we still have plot holes and absence of logic but it's better than the overall season 3)

There was a bit too much talking, but it's not that bad, Vincent is just too perfect i love him, Yusuf does an amazing job portraying him and i think he's the best actor, even better than mojo, the dynamic with him, kol and josh was just too good

Elijah ruins everything, he became so stupid lately he doesn't destroy the white oak, he sacrifices davina, and now he tells marcel that he saw he'll betray him and kill him? because he couldn't just snap his neck, drain him out of vervain compel him to not go after his family the worst part is the writers are twisting everything so that klaus will be the bad guy in the story when in fact he wanted to do the right thing but ELijah ruined it

also how is it fair for everyone to blame klaus for the slightest things even if they were necessary, but when it's elijah we should feel sorry for him and forgive him that easily? why should he get a free pass? and don't get me started on hayley and how the writers are ruining her for his manpain? seriously? she isn't even mad the man who saved her life and her daughter died? she doesn't even blame elijah and tell him there was another way? instead she blindly defends him because poor thing cried to her, i'm sorry he has no sympathy from me, if he apologized to the right people aka klaus or kol (especially kol) he would've had a better development, but no, instead hayley tells him to forgive himself? no he shouldn't he forgave himself too much and learned nothing from his mistakes, not when he left finn in a box, not when he held down kol 3 times to get daggered, not when he sent davina to suffer, it would be great if he just felt guilt and started to admit he's no better than others because of his arrogant postures and his eloquence, because he's the least noble of his sibling.

The Kol vs Freya was good, it was just enough, he guilt tripped her, then told her he never wanted her (well to be fair he thought she was dead until 3x15 but it's not the point her) he was a bit harsh on hoping the prophecy was true but he was speaking out of anger so...

i don't know why some people act like "kol is horrible, stop bitching, you choose the girl you barely were with over your family" because that family rarely treated him right, and despite being with davina for a year she treated him better than anyone else, so why should he choose the assholes who constantly betray him over her.

Davina's gone, i'll miss her so much, i was complaining a lot about how her death was treated and it turns out it was better than cami's, the funeral the last scene it was just perfect, and i loved how the show this time focused on all her relationships not just kol, and she died in a badass way. Give'em hell davina claire.

I'm so happy Bekah is back, it's been 84 years, i wish we get some good klebekah and rebekol scenes, preferably a hug and why not a scene with hope.

The finale sounds too good i really can't wait till saturday

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