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This Episode was Legen ..... wait for it ...... Dary, Legenday i loved it so much, this is the show i've always wanted to have, a dark and complex universe, all the supernaturals against each other, The Originals is such an amazing show (with so many flaws, bad writing but still) you get to explore the family relationships, you get to see the character's developement, they are all bad but you have your own compass to determine which you like and which you don't, for me i have one and only thing to ask from a character, to not be a hypocrite, i don't care if a character is bad, i don't care that he/she is murderous, i don't care that like in this case, they make terrible choices but with a purpose, as long as the said character owns up to their decisions and admit what they do is bad and they're no better than others, that's why kol, katherine, klaus, davina, even freya to an extent (as long as she doesn't turn into a female elijah) are one of my favorites, they do bad things, whether it's as a defense and protection like katherine, davina and freya or just bad but with some deep backstory behind it like kol and klaus

What happened to davina is beyond unfair, and i dislike it, she didn't deserve to die that way, especially when cami had a beautiful peaceful death with EVERYONE TRYING TO SAVE HER, death was enough that kara witch is taking it too far, now i hope she'll know about her kids being all alone because of her never ending vendetta

If you wanna trend for davina #DavinaDeservedBetter is planned for may 13th 8pm

and i condemn freya and elijah not for sacrificing her, but for not putting much effort into finding an alternative because the girl in question only matters to kol and marcel and family above all doesn't include them, only when they're useful, i totally understand that "it had to be done" and i accept it as hard as i don't want to, my love for davina can't let me get biased when i don't like people doing it :p yes it was brutal, unfair, horrible, but it was necessary, other choices could've been used, and that's what i dislike about the situation most, but i can't 100% blame them becuase of she wasn't sacrificed klaus, hayley, rebekah, even elijah and kol would've been all dead and there would be no show for us, however i'm on team marcel too, he did everything for they and that's how they repay it? they deserve his wrath.

also am i the only one who thinks hat davian's death was like katherine's, both are survivors from a sacrifice, both stood up for themselves, and both were punished by the writers and had been given the "worse than death" treatment, both my girls deserved better

i find it so ironic that in 19914 kol was jealous of how his family treated marcel better than he ever was now he's like welcome to the club, been here for 1000 years

and what i find sad about it is that he didn't expect much from klaus and gave the benefit of the doubt to freya who he barely knew when the situation was reversed, i really hope he has a confrontation with elijah, call him out on his bs, what brother says "the ancestors are occupied, terrorizing our brother kol, davina can take care of him" and never ever ask about him when after that he almost left town, got daggered and killed davina, and he didn't ask if he was okay or anything, until klaus came and acted as a brother, even tho he was suffering and mourning did you see how much klaus grew as a character, with finn and now kol i really love this progress, and even if elijah offered to be the ower source and hesitated to kill davina, he has 0 credit for it because his intentions come from satisfying klaus's wishes

Psychotic maniac is back, just admit it we all love this version better, this is the version that won over the fandom so much if it wasn't for it he wouldn't be back at all, the acting was too good i'm still processing that :p i'm not happy that someone died ofc but come on, his mom deserves it, and i was so done with kol crying in most of his scenes, kolvina was great, to's best ship by far, the writers just couldn't have a balance

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