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Seriously WTF? Not only cami's death lasted way too long compared to finn's who died in 7 hours give or take, but cami stays alive for 24 hours, she doesn't even hallucinate or suffer, everyone in there for her watching her and tried everything when they barely tried for finn !!!!!!

and then at the very end they kill davina as a cliffhanger, in the most violent and brutal way of all TO and TVD combined by the one she brought back from the dead (the ancestors controlled him but still) and they barely give it 20 seconds ?

how is it fair for such a strong character to die that way, not to mention how unnecessary it was that they went trough all that drama to make it kol the one who kills her? not only that storyline was boring, made him whiny, but now it will overshadow her death and make it about him and his manpain (more whiny kol coming) why didn't the writers just don't hex him, have davina deal with whatever magic stuff with vincent, stop the ancestors because they're evil bitches when kol helps his "family" and not cry every one second about hurting davina, and then an ancestor kills her, and they all try to save her that bullshit drama was so unnecessary

Davina claire deserves better, so much better, she was so strong, she defeated klaus so many times, protected the ones she loved and did everything for them, she was so badass i can't believe my baby is dead, and it feels like the writers focused so much on cami and her serving klaus they dimnished davina's death, even on interviews "cami cami cami poor leah who's starving to death and lost her job poor leah and oh davina died whatever" and for that fuck you, this is the whole reason why the show is failing, bad writing, unnecessary drama and playing favorites with the actors, they give cami so much screentime compared to freya because mn clearly loves leah, not because cami is relevant to the story, on the other hand they clearly dislike nate so they drag his coming back for 3 years and ruin his character taking away all that made him so popular even if doing so is hurting the show

someone should fire these childish "writers" they don't deserve to get paid for this sh*t ( diane is the best writer, they should promote her)

lucien is a bad bad boy, like his whole purpose is to impress aurora and then lash out on klaus because she still didn't like him, boring and pathetic, kol cries every 2 seconds and it's tiring, vincent is actually the best male character they should give him more badass things to do (maybe rule nola in the end) klaus's progressing as a character is amazing i'm truly proud of him, unlike elijah who not only has never had any storyline for himself ever since tvd season 3, but the writers still put him in the haylijah corner, ugh that ship is a no for me, the way it started how he's running after her it's boring and gross just move on hayley isn't the only woman on this earth

and when every one was watching cami die did anyone think "what about kol, our recently resurrected brother tormented by the ancestors, how is he doing, can we help him instead of sit here and do nothing, is it getting worse? he almost left town and now he's daggered and we don't even know that because "family above all" yeah more like "klaus's manapin above all"" they're horrible now i get why he went psycho, elijah who only barks order at him, klaus who cares a little about him and remembers him when he's bored, but when they both kill people all the blame will be on kol, rebekah who only uses him to do her bidding, at least now she made up or it and she's in all this mess for him

and seriously, the dark objects to hayley and then to hope, how about to kol who's the one who knows how they work and how to use them and then to hope ? no okay, even in her last breath she's still bitching about those toys, it's not like they can make others you know like in 1914 that was stupid

But now all i care about is davina and i'm so pissed about how she died it was so UNFAIR

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