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Guess who died, died again, finn is dead, tell your friends guess who's dead guess who's dead guess who's ... okay i'll stop it's not funny :p This episode was epic (i think it's my all time fave) every time diane writes something it's just perfect, she knows the characters so well, JOMO did an amazing job, he's so talented in both acting and directing i wish we'd have more episodes like this,

about this episode, i loved the family moments, i'd like if elijah will realize that he did more bad than good, no matter what his intentions were, his actions and ignoring his other sibling's pain is what lead the family to be so broken, and also it would be amazing if he just stops lying to himself and aknowledge his mistakes (which he's doing after all finn told him, which is a huge progress)

finn, he's the character i've always felt sorry for, since day one i've never accepted that he lost 900 years for no reason, not only that but he was conscious, suffering, when his whole family turned its back on him, the only time i didn't like him is when he wanted those kids to trigger their werewolf curse and when he killed kol, i wanted him to suffer a little for that, live as what he hated most, maybe he would've accepted it, but not die, his death was so sad and beautiful at the same time, i guess now he's with sage (i miss her so much)

In this episode we got TVD Kol back, when he snapped he was like his old self, tired of everyone getting in his way, but he has a lot of apologizing to do davina she didn't deserve that I wish we saw him kick cami's ass and get back his dark objects, she pissed me off so much with her obcession and arogance i wanted someone to teach her a lesson (which is coming very soon) i liked how he was mocking finn when he was suffering when he knew that he'd be cured (that was the kol i remember), but when he actually died he was a little sad about it, he wasn't a hypocrite, he didn't try to pretend that he liked him, but only wished him peace.

I'm so proud of Klaus, he became so much better this season, I think he's starting to learn from his mistakes, he showed kindness to finn, he was sad, when he promised to avenge him i laughed so hard because last time he said that he didn't keep his word (also he wasn't the main character on TVD) and i love his scenes with hayley, not only it gives them both so much strength, life lessons but they are a team, a little family for their daughter, i hope (pun intended) that the writers will stop the haylijah nonsense because it drags down both hayley and elijah (no offense to shippers it's just my opinion)

cami and matt should meet each other, they have so much in common, both useless, both have no storyline, both are way too arrogant and they're only still alive because of plot armor (i mean come on, see what happens??!! what will you do, he's faster and stronger (when he's not depowered), he made those dark objects so i don't think she could have enough time to use one against him, and most of all they're HIS you can't tell people not to take back what's theirs) the only reason she's still alive is because she's davina's friend. and matt bragging about killing finn ???!! WTF matt you're not even a trained hunter like ric, you're a human with wooden bullet guns

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