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Finally the hiatus is over and we can get our weekly dose of originals

First A big thank you to Ce Bee who gave me the snickers ad idea I hope you like it ;)

about the episode i actually didn't like it, it's one of my least favorites (and this season there were a lot)

whoever wrote this -should be banned from writing ever - clearly didn't know how to link this episode with the previous, we didn't see what happened between kol and finn, we didn't see how davina got to the compound, how many days passed between the two episodes

also there was a huge lack of logic, why did finn ask elijah to let freya put him in a witch body? he doesn't need his permission, why elijah and freya kept on stopping kol and finn from fighting when they're both unkillable (as lucien said) and how the writers always make kol weak since the moment he came to tvd, he couldn't even get free, and what happened to "touch me again and I'll tear your arm straight of"? and davina, one day she's string enough to beat klaus, but now she couldn't even snap finn's neck or fight back, and please D stop brutalizing 1000 years old books, and how in their right minds did they let lucien stay with them when they had important family issues and were looking for white oak??? and also why did lucien want them to have the white oak to take it back when it was almost burned (if not for elijah's stupidity)

also don't give me the kol in 1000 years never controlled himself, i don't buy it, he was in full control on tvd, and in flashbacks he killed because he wanted to, don't give us the "oh the poor baby was controlled by his bloodlust he didn't want to be bad" story we had it for every character, and it doesn't apply to kol, he just loved the trill killing gave him, he love the mayhem and chaos that's it, now i think there is something else, maybe the spell that brought him back or whatever the ancestors did to him that is causing that bloodlust

and the klayley scenes were so good, but unfortunately way too much time was wasted on that girl no one cares about only to get one tiny information that they could have found a lot earlier and started working on it

the way both elijah and freya acted was horrible, it's like he shouldn't be angry, he shouldn't want to make him suffer, he should just get over it, they acted like he was overreacting, because it's so good to die at the hands of your older brother.

i didn't like elijah this episode, i never did but now it's worse, his younger brother is lost and hopeless, maybe for the 1st time he opens up to him and what does he say? "it's who we are" an even more depressing thing to say, good job elijah you're officially the worst brother anyone can have, all elijah ever did was bark orders, neglect kol, ignore his existence and help klaus dagger him 3 times, when he's daggered or dies it's like elijah is more happy than sad about it.

are we sure that kol is actually his brother, because I'm starting to think that maybe his father isn't mikael but some witch guy his mom fell in love with when both ansel and mikael weren't there, elijah must've been 5 so maybe when he grew up he noticed that kol wasn't actually his brother so he never cared about him or liked him (ironically they look too much alike to not be brothers but let's ignore that)

I hope you liked this recap :D can't wait for next episode to come.

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