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Descriptions: -Scene one: Sam has dressed up as one of Mr. Craig's men, and found a way out. She is climbing on the roof, and Mac is telling his men to be ready to fire if they see her pull a gun or any dangerous activity, she then jumps off the roof onto a car and pulls of her mask. Mac realizes it is Sam, and tells everyone to back down. Sam yells that the lobby is wired to explode and that they need to get everyone out now. Then Mac says to hit the building with a gas, and to go in on his command, they hear gun fire and screaming so Mac gives the go ahead, and Lucky and his group put on gas masks and go in as Sam&Patrick watch looking for Jason&Robin. Nikolas comes running out with Robin in his arms, Patrick&Mac run to assist him. Patrick asks how she is, and Nikolas says he doesn't know that Emily did the best she could, and then notices that Emily is not with him, he starts yelling her name, while Sam is also yelling Jason's name, and Nikolas starts running back into the lobby to find Emily, but as he is running towards it, the building explodes, and he falls backwards. -Scene Two: Sonny is telling Carly that he wishes he could wish her happiness between her&Jax, but he jsut can't. He goes to say something else, but Mr. Craig and his men barge it (I love how fast Sonny's head turns around) and start shooting telling everyone that it is a robbery, and if they cooperate, that it will all be over within 5 minutes (yeah right.) -Scene Three: Sam is behind the desk, and goes to push the silent alarm when Mr. Craig starts to walk towards her, pointing his gun at her, and asks how badly she wants to be Employee of the Month. Sam takes her hand off the alarm, and Mr. Craig says that it was very prudent of her, and tells her that he doubts she gets paid enough to risk her life, then he asks Carly how she gets such loyalty&teamwork from her employees. She tells everyone on her staff to do what they are told, no one will be heroes. -Scene Four: Carly&Sonny are talking, and all of a sudden Carly gets up and goes over to Mr. Craig and tells him to take what he wants and get the hell out, then she tries to pull his mask off and he grabs her arm and jams his gun to her chin, lifting it. -Scene Five: Mr. Craig wants to play a game, he calls "Get To Know You" he says you have to say your name, and a word to go with it. He says his name is One, so he would be called "Fun One" he then picks up a box and says they have to pass it around and whoever drops it is the first to be a human target for the police, he starts it with Carly. Kick-ass Carly, Menacing Max, Screw-you Lulu, Nightmare Nikolas, Babys breath Elizabeth, Intern Emily, Jobbin' Robin, Hallin' Alan, Sweet Sam, Ready Eddy, Marty McFarty, Michael Corinthos Jr. (Sonny) -Scene Six: After their little "Name Game" Mr. Craig tells all the hostages to sit down, behave their selves, or die, he says its that kind of party, then shoots Robin. He then says that they all know he means business. Scene Seven: This is similar to Scene One, but it is a montage using the same clips basically. -Scene Seven: Mr. Craig is threatening to shoot someone, and Sonny steps in and asks Mr. Craig if he wants to shoot anybody that he is standing right there, and tells him to shoot him and Mr. Craig cocks the gun and points the gun at Sonny, then he waits a second and points it at Carly and says "ladies first." -Scene Eight: Mr. Craig is telling Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth, Lulu, and Sam that he likes moving targets, and he asks if they would like for him to demonstrate, and then he points the gun at Lulu, and again Sonny steps in saying that Mr. Craig has made his point, and Sonny speaks for everybody when he says that Mr. Craig means business, and that killing a whole bunch of innocent people during a heist ups the stakes, and then he talks to all of Mr. Craigs' men and tells them if they get caught that they will face the death penalty.

-Videos feature: Luke Spencer: Anthony Geary Mac Scorpio: John J. York Carly Corinthos Jacks: Laura Wright Sonny Corinthos: Maurice Benard Lucky Spencer: Greg Vaughn Elizabeth Webber: Rebecca Herbst Sam McCall: Kelly Monaco Jason Morgan: Steve Burton Alexis Davis: Nancy Lee Grahn Nikolas Cassadine: Tyler Christopher Emily Quartermaine: Natalia Livingston Lulu Spencer: Julie Marie Berman Max&Milo Giambetti: Derk&Drew Cheetwood Monica Quartermaine: Lesley Charleson Alan Quartermaine: Stuart Damon Damien Spinelli: Bradford Anderson Maxie Jones: Kirsten Storms Robin Scorpio-Drake: Kimberly McCullough Patrick Drake: Jason Thompson Epiphany Johnson: Sonya Eddy Jerry Jacks: Sebastian Roche Mateo Ruiz: Robert Lasardo Cooper Barrett: Jason Gerhardt Ric Lansing: Rick Herst

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