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[WATCH IN HD] "But we don't always get what we want, do we?"

Hey, look, overused song again! Haha, well at least it's an instrumental this time. Now, I don't really know what this is. It's very different from my other Kol videoes... Well, I hope you still like it. I guess you could call it a deeper character study. And it is the result of a lot of frustration. I am honestly convinced that Julie (Plec) hates both Kol and his fans. Because he can seriously never catch a break. "We don't always get what we want..." Are you kidding me? When does he EVER get anything? (And BTW, that also felt like a direct message to us (the fans), which UGH... seriously?). Because this is freaking ridiculous. He could have AT LEAST gotten a scene with Klaus, or SOMETHING. But no, of course not! Let's trap him, first in cement, and then in a "basement". Wonderful. And then let's make him disappear without getting any sort of happiness or revenge. I'm telling you, Julie does hate us (and him). And why in the world does JEREMY of all people get to come back?! I mean, what is this?! I would be fine with anyone else, but him? Really? He does not need to be back, and Elena certainly does not deserve her brother back after everything that she has done. But of course she gets what she wants as usual, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Sorry, I'm annoyed (again...). I'm currently not sure whether or not I'll watch S5... We'll see. (Or TO for that matter).

Anyway, about the video. I just had to make something, because I am tired of all this shit Kol gets put through. They could have just left it at 4x12 if they weren't going to give him any sort of positive scene... And now he's gone again. Lovely. And I'm not saying that he's some fragile little thing, because he's obviously not, I'm just saying that I don't think he's as one-dimensional as some people make him out to be, that's all. (And yes, I know the last quote is about Klaus, but I think it fits Kol just as well, so I just had to use it. Aaand apologies about the glitches and/or spelling mistakes, this took ages to render, I'm not doing it again.) So, please let me know what you think about the video! :D It actually took a while to find all those voice-overs, clips, and add the text... :)

And BTW, please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't like the finale? I've seen several people say it's the best episode ever... I completely disagree, I thought it was bad. I mean, they hyped it up to be some big ghost / living showdown, and it was just very anti-climatic, I think. And I also think I'm the ONLY one who doesn't care about the whole Stelena/Delena ordeal. And I'm really glad I don't, because ugh, drama, drama, and more drama. Also, Katherine getting the cure?! Really? After everything they have went through to get it for Elena, she goes and shoves it down Katherine's throat?! Talk about ungrateful bitch. Oh, and Bonnie is still dead... I was honestly convinced that she was going to be back. That is just so... She was becoming one of my favourite characters this season, and then she dies. Typical. And Jeremy comes back instead, one of my least favourites. HOW NICE! Okaay, I'll stop talking now. (My next video will be a humour video, and complaint free, I promise!)

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