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[WATCH IN HD] "As you wish, darling."

(EDIT: BTW, before I get into this way too long description: OMG! Have you seen the new promo for 4x23 with Kol's "speech". BEST DAMN THING EVER!! So freakin' true! "The slaughter of innocents by the so-called hero protectors of Mystic Falls. ....they rest, unleashing hell on earth for their own selfish gain." I think he is the voice of pretty much the entire fandom right now. Gosh, he is just so damn awesome. That's all. Now on to the actual description.]

It's your trusted Kol viddder; back again. Shocker, huh? Of course I had to vid him again, and I just love this song, it's so awesome. It was soo nice seeing Kol again (I have missed him SO much!!), but I had hoped for more scenes.

Buut, I actually thought the episode was pretty good. Especially compared to a lot of other episodes this season. But there were a couple of things that really annoyed me. Firstly, Elena being able to take on Katherine that easily? ...What? Oh nevermind; that's TVD logic. Second, Rebekah caring more about Matt than her dead brother. ...What? Seriously, what is wrong with her?! Her dead brother is back for a short period of time, and she tells him to get out?! And because of Matt of all people? What the hell? That was for all she knew the last opportunity she had to see Kol, and she chose to basically tell him to get lost, and stay with Matt (who was freakin' still going to be there later!!). The whole "family above all" thing never seems to apply to Kol, does it? And speaking of; I have to say that I feel so sorry for Kol. I mean, he has no one. All of the other ghosts were reunited with loved ones who cared, and he wasn't (he can seriously never catch a break). you could tell that he was hurt by the fact that Rebekah "chose" Matt over him. I swear if there is not a Kol Klaus reunion before the veil goes back up, I will be so mad. And lastly, Bonnie dying. Seriously? What is the point of that? We all know that she is going to come back next episode anyway. Which means that she is the one that will return permanently, and there is no hope for anyone else. Just lovely. Don't get me wrong I really like Bonnie, and I don't want her dead at all, I just think they shouldn't have killed her at all. It's pointless.

Now, on to something positive: how awesome was the scene with Kol beating up Elena? Best scene of the episode for me, hands down. I'm sorry (no, I'm not really), but she deserved that. I just can't bring myself to feel sorry for her. She brought it upon herself, I think. (I'm a little disappointed Kol didn't say "I told you so.", but whatever). And besides some things just never get old, and seeing Elena get her ass handed to her is one of them. (But of course Stefan had to come and snap Kol's neck. Which again is; TVD logic).

 Another thing, this episode reminded me that I actually really liked Alaric, and that I kind of miss him. Can't the ghosts just stay? That would make everyone happy! :D

I'm so not ready for Kol to be gone again.. :/ And probably permanently this time. Can I just skip watching the finale, and pretend that he stays forever? Nah, I'm kidding. But I want him to stay so bad... Ugh, why did they have to bring him back again for only two episodes? All that does is remind me of how much I love him, only to have him be gone again. Ughh, that is so not okay.

Anywaays, I'll shut up now. It just annoys me so much that they can't just let Kol stay, and then he could go to NOLA and join the spin-off. But nooo, of course not. That would only make a large part of the fandom happy, and up the ratings for The Originals, so of course we can't have that. Sometimes I wonder why I watch this show, I really do. (That being said; I am excited for the finale, I'm sure it's going to be great (apart from the fact that I really, really don't care who Elena chooses. Seriously, WHATEVER)! But I am so not ready for the veil to go back up.. *sob, sob*)

Now, please do leave a comment and let me know what you think about the video! :D (And ignore my ranting, I just needed to express some frustration. Sorry! And ignore the glitches in this video too, YT and SV made a collective effort to screw me over.)

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