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This article is about warehouse owned by Fell Family. You may be looking for Warehouse, warehouse under Mystic Falls.

The Fell Warehouse is a really old building in Mystic Falls. It's owned by the Fell Family, but they are not using it. In The Turning Point, Damon compelled Caroline to use the vampire compass to find an unknown vampire who turned out to be Logan Fell. Then he went inside and Logan shot him with a few wooden bullets.

Logan was hiding here in the daytime because he didn't own a Lapis Lazuli ring. He thought that Damon had turned him to a vampire. Then Logan wanted to know how Damon and Stefan can walk out in the sun. Damon asked him who turned him, so Logan fired a few more wooden bullets. Also there was a pile of bodies inside the warehouse that Logan had killed at the Armada Hotel.

Later, after Logan left and returned to the warehouse, Alaric confronted Logan, knowing that he was a vampire. Logan didn't know and tried to surprise Alaric, but was staked by him and died for the second and final time.


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