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Expression is the manifestation of your will. You could do anything.
Bonnie and kol
Kol being affected by Expression

Expression is a form of extremely dark and powerful sorcery that draws on energy that is so malicious it would supposedly demolish the world if it were ever called into existence. The details and history of expression remain unknown, however according to a witch named Nandi, the forces of expression are considered so powerful that many witches discredit it as magic, for it expands beyond the limitations of both ancient and modern witchcraft.

Season Four

Damon and Stefan Salvatore travel to New Orleans where they encounter a witch named Nandi, who explained to the brothers the dangers and darkness of expression. Nandi informs Damon that her mother, Valerie LaMarche, tricked Damon into killing twelve innocent human beings in exchange for breaking his sire bond to Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Atticus Shane begins teaching Bonnie Bennett how to properly use expression, claiming that the magic was neither benevolent nor malevolent, but instead a neutral source of power that is not monitored by nature, and thus can be used however a witch sees fit. Whether this stands true or not remains unknown.

Known Users


  • Damon Salvatore killed twelve unnamed human beings by the request of Valerie LaMarche.
  • Pastor Young killed himself along with eleven members of the City Council at the request of Atticus Shane.
  • Klaus Mikaelson inadvertently killed twelve rebel hybrids after being tricked by Hayley Marshall.
  • Caroline Forbes killed twelve witches in order to save Bonnie Bennett from a ritual sacrifice.


  • Expression is the most powerful form of magic known to man, however it is also the most dangerous.
  • The sacrifice of thirty-six people creates an immensely powerful vortex known as the Expression Triangle. The Expression Triangle is so powerful, it is strong enough to bring down the Veil that separates the human realm from the spirit world.


The Vampire Diaries Expression Powers(04:47)

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