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Rebekah and Esther
General Information
Intimacy Levels

Mother and Daughter, Rebekah mourned her death, Esther watched over her as a ghost while Rebekah missed her all those years, Esther tried to kill her siblings and Rebekah, Enemies Rebekah turned her mother into a vampire.

First Met

When Rebekah was born


Family, Enemies

I’ve been looking over you for a thousand years. Of joy and heartbreak. Your fights with Klaus, the nights you cried yourself to sleep calling out my name. Not a day has gone by that I wasn’t right there with you.

This is the mother-daughter relationship between Esther and Rebekah.

Not much is known about this relationship. Rebekah spent most of her centuries-long life believing that her mother was killed by Mikael. However, in Season 3, Elena discovered the truth when she was examining the Mikaelson family's cave drawings - Esther was actually killed by Klaus. Upon Esther's first return to life after her original death, Rebekah was shown to care deeply for her mother and refused to believe that Esther wanted to kill all of her children. When she found out about Esther's true plans, her feelings changed to anger and resentment, especially after Esther hijacked her body to further her plans to kill her and her siblings.

Season 3Edit

Esther and Rebekah reunited in the present for the first time in Bringing Out The Dead, when Elijah revived his daggered siblings, not knowing that earlier in the day, Bonnie and Abby finally learned how to magically open Klaus' fourth coffin, which contained Esther's preserved body. The Bennett witches doing the spell allowed her to channel the entire family's bloodline, both living and dead, which gave her a great amount of power which she used to resurrect herself. Rebekah was about to gather the rest of her siblings and leave Klaus to suffer alone to avenge her mother, but Esther arrived before she could hurt him and stopped them. Rebekah was both surprised and overwhelmed to see her mother alive again, and seemed happy when Esther admitted that she wanted them all to be a family again.

In Dangerous Liaisons, Esther throws a ball at the Mikaelson Mansion to celebrate the reunion of their family. Rebekah mentioned to Kol that Esther made it clear that the guests are not to be harmed. When Esther was speaking to Elijah, she told him she was furious at Kol and Rebekah for disobeying her order not to be violent to their community. After Elijah left, assuring her he would deal with them, Esther used Finn's blood to link Rebekah and the rest of her children together in her plan to kill them all.

In All My Children, Esther tried to use the power of the full moon and the Bennett bloodline to kill all of her children by using Finn as a "sacrificial lamb" to turn all of the linked siblings back into humans before killing them. When Elijah found out about this plan, he took Elena hostage, warned the rest of his siblings about Esther's attempt to kill them, and left Rebekah to watch over Elena while he threatened the Salvatore brothers into helping him out, with strict instructions for Rebekah to kill her if Stefan and Damon were too late. When Elena mentioned that Rebekah was still wearing Esther's necklace, she angrily tossed it aside, angry. Later, after Esther's plan was stopped, Rebekah asked Elijah, "Where is Mother?", to which Elijah replied "We have no mother, only Esther."

In Heart of Darkness, Esther went to see Rebekah and claimed that she was dying, but this was quickly revealed to be a ruse that she used to get Rebekah to let her guard down. Esther grasped Rebekah's hands to say goodbye, and then used their contact for Esther to possess her.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther successfully fooled everyone into believing that she was dead and that she truly was Rebekah while she was still possessing her body, including Klaus. Esther then returned to her body, after Alaric drives a dagger through Rebekah's heart. Together, Alaric and Esther made a second attempt to kill Rebekah and her siblings by using dark magic to turn Alaric into an Enhanced Original, and melting down a Gilbert ring to coat and protect the sole remaining white oak stake so it could be reused on all of the Mikaelson children.

The Originals Tv SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, it was revealed by Finn that Esther had been searching for Rebekah since her return. Esther sent a flock of starlings to track Rebekah down at a park where she was playing with Hope, but Rebekah quickly noticed them and managed to evade them, going to far as to drive to Arkansas to a safe house Klaus and Elijah had set up. When she met up with Elijah at a diner, the two discussed Esther's capture and torture of Elijah, and Rebekah remarked that Esther was clearly still up to her old tricks.


In The Map of Moments, after being disappointed that she and Hope couldn't have quality family time with Klaus, Elijah and Hayley without worry of Hope being discovered by Esther, Rebekah decided to pretend to take Esther's offer in order to get her guard down and take her out. Though she made arrangements to try to prevent Esther from jumping her spirit into another body, she went to see her mother for the first time in several years knowing she was risking allowing Esther to successfully place her in the body of a mortal. When Rebekah finally reunited with her mother, the two got along quite well, and Rebekah was intrigued by Esther's reasoning as to why she should take her offer. However, when Esther wasn't looking, Rebekah bit her thumb and dripped her vampire blood into Esther's glass of red wine. When Esther began the spell by turning over the hourglass, she obliviously drank out of her cup, not knowing that when Klaus would later kill her, she would awaken in transition to become a vampire, the creature she hated most, and would be unable to body-jump due to her severed connection to Nature and its magic.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Map of Moments, Esther became the first vampire shown on either television series to have been sired by Rebekah.



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