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Haylijah 1x19
Elijah and Hayley
General Information


Intimacy Level

She is pregnant with his brother's child. They are attracted to each other and has kissed on the forehead.

First Met

Always and Forever


Close friends, they have feelings for each other, protective of each other, allies.

I won't lose that girl.

The relationship between, the Original Vampire Elijah Mikaelson and the Werewolf Hayley Marshall.

Elijah and Hayley meet in New Orleans. He discovers that she is being held hostage by witches. After discovering that she is pregnant with his brother's child, he allows her move into the Mikaelson Mansion with him, Niklaus and later Rebekah. During the first few months of living under the same roof, their friendship grows to be very close and strong.

They begin to trust and protect each other, They spend much time together in spite that Elijah was a little out of her to avoid disturbing Klaus . Elijah is usually very overprotective when it comes to the safety of Hayley. In one occasion to save his sister, Elijah had to bite Hayley since the baby's blood was the only solution but he did not really hurt her.

However in spite of the clear feeling that they have for one another, Elijah is reluctant to be in a relationship with her as he doesn't want her to get hurt by Klaus.

They are referred to as "Haylijah " by the fans. 

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season Four

Elijah gives Hayley his jacket.
Elijah first meets Hayley when he went to New Orleans in order to find out why some witches in the city were conspiring against his brother, Klaus.

When he discovered that Hayley was pregnant with his brother's child, he immediately set out to convince his brother to stay in New Orleans, and agree to overthrow Marcel in exchange for the safety of Hayley and of his unborn nephew or niece. He seems to think Hayley and her baby will heal the scars that have plagued his family and is shown to be quite determined to keep both of them safe.

The Originals Series

Season One

Elijah and Hayley.
Mac2103Added by Mac2103
In Always and Forever, after Sophie tells Elijah about Hayley and her pregnancy, she has her coven who are holding Hayley, they bring her out to Elijah. Elijah explains to Hayley his and his families back story, and how Klaus turned out to be the Hybrid. Later, after Elijah finds Klaus, and learns about the baby, Klaus still isn't agreeing to co-operate, so Sophie reveals more the the spell Jane-Anne had cast before Marcel killed her, was that Sophie's life was tied to Hayley's. Later after finally getting Klaus to agree to help Sophie, Elijah has Sophie and her coven to release Hayley to him by giving them Jane-Anne's body. After taking her to there old home, Elijah promises to always protect Hayley and the baby.

In House of the Rising Son, Hayley tells Rebekah that Elijah left them and escaped (according to Klaus's words). Upset Rebekah convinces her that Elijah is very honorable and always keeps faith. If he disappeared, it happened by Klaus.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley asks Klaus if he and Rebekah released Elijah. Klaus say "You hardly know him, and yet you miss him".

In Girl in New Orleans, Hayley smiles when Rebekah say that she talked with Elijah and he asked her to take care of Hayley.

Halijah TO 1x05
Elijah and Hayley are reunited.
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In Sinners and Saints, When Elijah returns home, he hugs Rebekah and looks at Hayley who smiles back coyly and walks out of the room. Elijah's gaze follows her. Rebekah jokingly asks him now that he's if his first plan is to kill Klaus. A distracted Elijah kisses his sister on the forehead as he excuses himself to follow Hayley outside. He walks outside near the poolside and slowly approaches Hayley, with a small smile on his lips. She turns to face him and smiles and says, "You're back", to which Elijah replies "I'm back". There is a pause with the pair gazing at each other intensely, before Hayley's coy smile vanishes and whips her hand across, slapping Elijah. She then goes on to say, "Don't make promises you can't keep. Welcome Home," and saunters off. Elijah watches her leave and slowly touches his face where she slapped him with a subtle smile.
Hayley, Elijah and Rebekah.
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In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at. Elijah then sees Hayley and follows her to the kitchen, where she is making breakfast and tells her good morning. Hayley tells him and Rebekah if it would kill them to buy some milk in the house to which Elijah responds he hopes his siblings were hospitable towards Hayley in his absence. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. Elijah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk. She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked. Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. Elijah responds: "Probably no one. Alright, potentially everyone".

Halijah 3 TO 1x06
Elijah and Hayley.
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After Elijah and Klaus found Sophie, they made her help Hayley and Elijah took Hayley to the pool to slow the temperature until the witch Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley. Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child.  When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here. Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel.

Halijah hug.

In Bloodletting, Elijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle. Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel, If he did not hand over Hayley to him. When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings. Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood.

Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby. He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus. Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids. However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation.

Hayley and Elijah.

Enraged by what he saw as Elijah's betrayal and jealous that he would always be seen as being lesser since he was only Elijah's half-brother, he bit Elijah with his hybrid bite, leaving him and Hayley a parting gift. Later, Elijah told her that the bite wouldn't kill him and Elijah realized he may have been too quick to condemn his brother. Immediately afterwards, they found a bible left at the doorstep which included a family tree side with a list of names, including a name corresponding with Hayley's birth date; Andrea.

Hayley looking after Elijah.
In The River in Reverse, Hayley takes care of Elijah who was bitten by Klaus. She refused to leave him even then, when he begins to have hallucinations. During the hallucination he accidentally calls her by the name Celeste, which made Hayley jealous and looks at him with exasperation. Elijah quickly apologizes her for it.

When they arrive to home, she asks him what happened with Celeste. Despite the initial reluctance, Elijah shows to her Celeste's death in his memories. Hayley tries to grab by Elijah's hand but he retracts it. One moment after, he gently puts his hand over hers.

When Elijah and Rebekah talk with Klaus, embittered Klaus says to Elijah: "She's adored you since she arrived, and now my child, my blood, will grow up to call you father."

Hayley thanks Elijah and they almost kiss.
In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Elijah is worried about Hayley's safety after Klaus forcefully takes Hayley to his place. Feeling responsible, Elijah goes to rescue Hayley. When Hayley tries to sneak out of The Abattoir backyard and gets caught my Diego, Elijah arrives on time to snap his neck.  Elijah offers to bring Hayley to a safe place with him, but Hayley declines. Hayley explains that Klaus ordered a wolf hunt and asks that Elijah rescue her people instead. Elijah listens and later discovers that the werewolves are safe.

When Elijah returns home, he finds Hayley in the French Quarter balcony, and informs her that her family are safe. Hayley and Elijah hug. She tells him that she appreciates what he did and he tells her that she should cover up her birthmark. At this moment, Hayley stares at Elijah’s lips and they almost kiss but Elijah composes himself and leaves.

Hayley and Elijah 1x10.
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In The Casket Girls, Hayley has difficulty trying to fasten the zipper on her costume. Elijah, who observed this from behind, appears and helps her fasten her zipper. He compliments her by saying she looks lovely and reminds her to cover up her birthmark. Elijah offers to take her to the festival but Hayley declines, knowing this will further strain Klaus and Elijah’s relationship. At Hayley's motion, Elijah unbuttons and unzips her dress and then leaves.  

Elijah comes home and puts Davina's sketches together as Hayley watches with anxiety. They soon realize that the sketches form a larger image, which turns out to be Celeste Dubois, Elijah’s former love. Hayley freaks out because she was the one who looked through Elijah's journals and told Sophie where to find Celeste. Full of nervousness and realizing her mistake, Hayley leaves the room and makes an anxious phone call to Sophie who doesn't pick up.

In Après Moi, L
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e Déluge, Elijah starts by narrating the history of the witches to Hayley. Elijah again, comments on the many sketches of Celeste which causes Hayley to tell Elijah he needs to know something. However because of the power in Davina, an earthquake occurs, causing them to get out of the house which interrupts Hayley from confessing her secret. Afterwards, Elijah tells Klaus and Marcel that he needs to talk to a witch. On his way out, Hayley confirms with him if he's going to see Sophie. Elijah tells her she didn't have to eavesdrop and that he doesn't keep any secrets from her. Hayley tells him neither does she and finally comes clean about her plan with Sophie and how she went through his journals to find where he buried Celeste. Elijah who is disappointed, tells Hayley that Celeste made him promise to keep her elsewhere so that she could be at p
Haylijah 1x11
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
eace. Elijah is upset that Hayley had violated the promise he made to Celeste. Hayley is heartbroken at Elijah's words and says she believed they were just bones but Elijah questions her actions and rebukes that if she truly believed that, she should have just asked him and leaves.

At home, Hayley is stacking cans of ham to give to her werewolves in the bayou. Klaus catches her crying because of Elijah’s new opinion of her and tells her to come with him. At the church, Klaus gives Hayley advice and how she should just apologize to Elijah, showing that he approves of them.

When the harvest ritual is over, Hayley asks Elijah if he is ready to forgive her but he says it's not that easy. She admits she was wrong for what she did. Confused, she questions why he can't forgive her.
Haylijah 1x11...
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Elijah states that she should know since he showed her his mind when they were in the bayou. He asks if she had any idea what Celeste means not meant, to him and asserts that love is rare and that he had only found it twice. Hayley responds, “I know what a promise means to you, Elijah', but you made it 200 years ago. I live in the now. If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it. I won't choose the dead over the living, so why are you? I'm sorry, Elijah.” As Hayley is about to leave, Elijah grabs her arm and pulls Hayley very close to him and they almost kiss. However, he backs away and 

Hayley walks away bewildered.

Haylijah 1x12.,.,.,

In Dance Back from the Grave, Elijah finds Hayley in Davina's room, and finds her looking through Davina's sketches of Celeste. Hayley states she’s doing this out of boredom because of the vampire lockdown. Elijah assures her that he will deal with them in no time. Hayley notes that it took a supernatural threat for him to come close to her, which showed that he was keeping his distance from her prior to now. Elijah apologizes for neglecting her and explains their interactions agitates Klaus. Hayley points out that it’s a bad deal they can’t hang out because of Klaus. 

Haylijah scene 1x12 - 2
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In the compound, Elijah is worried and tells Hayley that Rebekah hasn't been picking up her phone. He believes it had something to do with Rebekah conspiring against Klaus. This leads him to confront Thierry who reluctantly confesses she was desiccated by the docks. Wanting to help, Hayley asserts that she’s coming too and promises she won’t leave Elijah’s sight.
Haylijah 1x12.,.
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At the docks, they find Rebekah’s desiccated body within a circle. Because of the convoluted spell, Sophie tells them on the phone that they need a potent ingredient or mystical binding agent to break the spell. Elijah realizes they can use the blood of Hayley's child as an agent because it’s a quarter witch. Hayley agrees and allows Elijah to bite her wrist to draw the blood onto the magic boundary line. Elijah then enters and holds Rebekah’s body and Hayley's hand and then speed vamps them home.

In Crescent City, Elijah takes a tour with Sabine and soon confirms that she is actually Celeste. Celeste kisses Elijah who returns the kiss but then realizes it was poison. Celeste makes him choose between saving his family or Hayley. Elijah is faced with this dilemma and only has the time to save one of them. 

Haylijah 5x13.
Elijah saving Hayley
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Meanwhile, Hayley is trapped in the burning plantation house with Jackson. She informs Elijah that the witches are up to something and tells him her location. Elijah comes and rescues Hayley and asks where Rebekah is. Hayley who doesn't know, asks Elijah to help Jackson. After Elijah pulls Jackson out of the fire, he immediately went out to look for Rebekah but it was too late. In a fit of rage, Elijah walks straight to Marcel and some of his guys and demands to know where Klaus is. Marcel tells him he doesn't know making Elijah to start throwing Marcel's vampires against the walls. Hayley sees this and yells out his name in disappointment. Elijah stops but orders that every vampire must help him find Rebekah and Klaus.
In Long Way Back From Hell, Elijah goes looking for his missing siblings and approaches Monique who
Haylijah 1x14
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cryptically advises him to follow the path Celeste left behind. Suddenly, a tattoo of names appear printed over Elijah's body. Elijah heads back home and takes off his shirt. He then calls Hayley to make a list of the names on his body. Marcel informs them that this is a riddle can needs to be solved in order for the tattoo to disappear. Marcel and Elijah then recognizes one of the names on the list, Annie La Fleur and leaves to the village she used to live. In a phone conversation, Hayley tells Elijah to ask Marcel about Brynne Deveraux, a name on the list who was part of Sophie's bloodline that put the curse on her family. Hayley then apologizes for puting Elijah in his predicament after he chose to save her life. Elijah tells her there was no other choice and hangs up.
At the Abbatoir, Elijah questions Marcel about Brynne who recalls that she cursed the werewolves for him. Marcel then confronts Elijah about why the Crescent werewolves were at the plantation with Hayley. This upsets Elijah who warns Ma
Hayley-Elijah 1x14
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rcel not to touch Hayley or he will end his life. Elijah then discovers that every name on his body signifies a witch who killed herself with the exception of Clara Summerlin. The tattoos from Elijah's body finally disappear. Elijah returns back at the compound were Hayley is and reveals that she was right about Brynne. Hayley informs Elijah and Marcel that Clara was a nurse and shows them an old picture of her. Marcel then realizes that Rebekah and Klaus are at the sanatorium and confesses it's because of what Rebekah and him did to the witches. Elijah leaves to rescue his siblings while Hayley knocks Celeste out with a shovel.
In Le Grand Guignol, Hayley and Eve threatens Celeste, who they had tied up, with a shotgun. Hayley demands Celeste to
Haylijah hug 1x15.
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undo the curse on her werewolf clan. Unexpectedly, Celeste agrees without hesitation and claims she likes Hayley. Celeste then makes a mystical green potion and gives it to Hayley, saying it will break the curse during the next full moon. At that moment, Elijah appears and tells Hayley not to trust Celeste. Hayley tells Elijah to help her or to move aside. Elijah takes no time to snatch the antidote from her and vamp-speeds away, taking Celeste with him.
Celeste points out to Elijah that if he prevents H
ayley from breaking the curse, Hayley will hate him for it, but if he allows it, there will be a good chance, she will leave him to be with her family. Celeste happily notes that either choice will ruin his relationship with Hayley. Knowing this, Elijah returns to where Hayley is and decides to give her the cure. Hayley hugs him for helping her and Elijah returns his affection by giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead. Elijah seems to silently acknowledge that Hayley would most likely choose her wolf pack over him and tells her, "I wonder if they have any idea how lucky they are to have you."

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah is in a reunion with a representative of each species vampire, witch, human for sign a peace treaty but he hasn't included werewolves, Hayley learns about this reunion and gets upset with Elijah for having excluded the werewolves.
Elijah-Hayley 1x17
Elijah and Hayley discussing
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She arrives to the reunion and interrupts them, Elijah end the reunion and stay alone with Hayley. He tells her that if have any idea what it took just to get those people in one room together but she is angry and answer that she don't because she didn't even know what he were doing out there until someone else told her. She ask to Elijah if he leave the werewolves out because of her, and Elijah tells her that he excluded them because they no longer reside in the french quarter and that his immediate concern is to end the mounting conflict there but he assure to her that once that treaty is solidified it will expand to include her people. Elijah tries to persuade Hayley to return with them and no longer stay in the bayou with werewolves but Hayley isn't happy about that and tells him that the wolves deserve a voice and that he know it's the right thing to do, she leaves and leaving Elijah alone. Klaus and Elijah decide to throw a party and invite all included werewolves, when Hayley arrives to the party Elijah looks surprised by her beauty.
Hayley Elijah dance
Hayley and Elijah dancing
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Later, Elijah asks Hayley to dance and extends his hand to her, Hayley takes his hand and they start dancing, Hayley tells to Elijah that he outdid himself because he even got Klaus to come out and play, they talk about Klaus and Elijah tells her that he hopes their daughter inherits everything about her mother. They smile at each other and Hayley tells him that is weird being back, Elijah says that he hope that isn't unpleasant but Hayley says that not entirely looking his eyes, apparently referring to him. Elijah ask to her that if are she entirely sure she shouldn't be there with them, but that bothers to Hayley and tells him that if is because he don't think that it's safe in big, bad wolf country, that she isn't gonna sit in a rocking chair and knit booties, at that moment arrives Jackson and ask to take Hayley to dance, Elijah disagrees but Hayley accepts dance with Jackson and leaving Elijah annoying, Elijah since away listen the conversation between Jackson and Hayley.
Haylijah 1x17..
Sign peace treaty
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Later in the party there is a confrontation between Oliver and Diego, Elijah stops Oliver threatening its life and Jackson stops Diego holding a dagger pointing his heart, Hayley comes in the stairs and tells Elijah to kill Oliver, she gives a speech about how all they have hurt each other, and killing each other would put an end to war, Elijah understood her point and stops his attack on Oliver, Jackson does the same, suggesting that all together will make the peace treaty. Later, each representative signing the treaty with their blood, Elijah and Hayley look at each other while doing so.

Elijah and Hayley in 1x18..
Elijah and Hayley
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In The Big Uneasy, Hayley is in the bayou with wolves and Elijah arrives to invite them to the celebration in honor of the witches, Hayley is reluctant to accept the invitation because she sees the witches as their enemy, Jackson anyway ignores to Hayley and accepts Elijah's invitation, he tells Elijah that they will send a representative with a gift for the witches. Hayley leaves annoying but Elijah stops her with his vampire speed, saying that Jackson accept the invitation very easy, so it's suspicious, he tells her that she shouldn't trust in Jackson or any of them, he leaves.

Hayley and Elijah 1x18
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Hayley arrives at the party and Elijah is receiving the guests, he is surprised to see that Hayley has come to the party alone without her friends, the wolves. She tells him that they have sent to her as their representation so is his decision if he want to take her or leave her, Elijah smiles and offers his arm, Hayley takes it and they enter to the party. The guests are surprised by a band of instruments, Elijah approaches Hayley to see the show, then the band says they bring a message of Marcel and they begin to cut wrists, vampires at the party begin to show their teeth by the smell of blood, but Elijah tries to calm the situation, at the moment there is a power outage and the vampires start attacking the humans.
Haylijah in 1x18
Elijah helps Hayley
Tvdfan77Added by Tvdfan77
Elijah tries to find Hayley screaming her name, when rekindle the light, Hayley calls Elijah to help her, she is bleeding a little in her face but she is fine, Elijah helps her up and they then see a message in blood on the wall that says "There will be no peace".

Later, Hayley is in the bayou with Jackson and other wolves, she is smiling and seems to be happy, Elijah looks her from afar. Eve approaches him and tells him that everything will be fine, when something happens she will call him, Eve invites him to join them in the reunion but Elijah tells her that the only thing that he wants is that Hayley to be happy, he smiles and he tells Eve that not tell to Hayley that he was there.



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