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You need to fight. I know you’re scared, but you have to do anyway.

The relationship between the vampire Rose-Marie and the human doppelgänger Elena Gilbert.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

Elena Gilbert and Rose first met in the episode Rose, after Rose and Trevor kidnapped Elena in order to trade her to Elijah Mikaelson in exchange for their freedom. Elijah killed Trevor for his betrayal five hundred years prior, although he did ultimately grant Rose her freedom, as he believed her loyalty to her friend was commendable. During their transaction, Stefan and Damon both came to Elena's rescue, and Rose fled during the ensuing confrontation between the brothers and the Original vampire. That evening, Rose showed up at the Salvatore Boarding House, where she had come to talk to Stefan. She warned him that though Elijah was "dead," Elena would continue to be in danger because Elijah and the vampires with whom he works would be seeking her out to bring her to Klaus.

In Katerina, Elena is summoned to the boarding house by Stefan, where he and Damon reveal that they have learned some things about what they're facing from Rose. Elena was at first suspicious and confused when she sees Rose, but agreed to listen to what she had to say. Rose then explained what she had picked up over the centuries, which was that Klaus was an Original vampire and that he's known for getting whatever he wants and for killing those who get in his way. Knowing that she was necessary in the ritual to break the Sun and Moon Curse, Elena took the information that she learned from Rose and sought out Katherine, who was locked in the tomb, for more information as to why the doppelgänger was so important.

In The Sacrifice, Elena learned that Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie were planning to de-spell the moonstone to make it useless in the ritual. Knowing that her loved ones were putting themselves in danger to save her, she sought out Rose to take her to see Slater, claiming that she wanted to learn more about Klaus. Rose was initially reluctant, but Elena insisted, citing the fact that Rose owed her for kidnapping her and promising Rose that Bonnie would make her a daylight ring if she helps her. The two traveled to Richmond to Slater's apartment, where they found Slater staked and killed, and his girlfriend Alice hiding in a closet. With some convincing, Elena was able to get Alice to help her access Slater's contacts on his computer, which was when her real intentions became obvious to Rose -- Elena wanted to turn herself in to Klaus to prevent her friends and family from getting hurt at Klaus' hands.

Once Rose realized what Elena planned to do, she immediately contacted Damon and insisted that he get there as soon as possible. Damon arrived just as several of Klaus' associates had come to collect Elena and bring her to Klaus. Suddenly, before they could take her, Elijah arrived, revealing that he wasn't dead, just temporarily neutralized from the regular wooden stake. As soon as Rose realized Elijah was alive, she once again fled, not wanting to get herself killed. She later returned to the boarding house in By the Light of the Moon to apologize to Damon for what happened with Elena. It was during this conversation that she was bitten by the werewolf Jules, who had been transformed during the full moon and who meant to attack Damon.

In The Descent, Damon was checking on Rose's werewolf bite when Elena walked in, and she winced when she saw how bad the wound was, though she lied and said it didn't look bad in order to make her feel better. Damon decided to find Jules to ask her about a cure for Rose's bite, and left Rose in the care of Elena while he was gone. During their time together, Elena and Rose began to bond over their fondness for Damon and their experiences of fear in their lives. However, Rose suddenly became ill and asked Elena to get her some blood in hopes of making her feel better; instead, the blood only made her vomit, and she quickly became bloodthirsty and overcome by hallucinations. She began to think that Elena was actually Katherine and started to attack her, forcing Elena to fight back and eventually lock herself in a room to protect herself.

Unfortunately, while Elena was hiding, the sun went down, and Rose escaped from the house, overwhelmed with hunger and confused due to her hallucinations. Damon and Elena eventually found Rose at the school, having killed several people in the parking lot out of hunger, and they brought her back to the house to rest. Rose apologized to Elena for her behavior and admitted that she has never liked taking human life, but Elena assured her that she wasn't herself and that it wasn't her fault. Rose then told Elena that even though she knew Elena was scared of Klaus and what he was planning, she needed to keep fighting anyway. She then became even more ill, and Damon sent Elena away so that she wouldn't have to see it. Damon then gave Rose a beautiful dream of her hometown in England before mercy-killing her so she would no longer have to suffer.

Season ThreeEdit

In Heart of Darkness, Elena and Damon had gone to pick up Jeremy in Denver to take him back to Mystic Falls after learning that Klaus and his family knew Jeremy's whereabouts. While there, Elena and Damon decided to ask Jeremy for help in contacting Rose with his powers of mediumship in order to find out which Original sired their bloodline so they could kill the rest, as they knew that Kol Mikaelson was on their trail. Once she had been summoned, Rose instructed Jeremy to give Elena and Damon several messages, including the fact that she actually enjoyed being on the Other Side, as she didn't have to worry about running any longer. She also told them both that she both missed them and was rooting for them to finally get together. Later on, Rose reappeared to Jeremy to tell him that he was too young to see it, but that Elena made Damon a better person, and that Damon changed Elena, too, by challenging her and making her open her mind to new ideas.

In The Departed, Elena died with Damon's blood in her system, turning her into a vampire. This resulted in Elena and Rose being linked by sharing Klaus' vampire bloodline.



  • Rose told Elena's brother Jeremy that she made Damon a better person.
  • She also said that Damon is either the worst or best thing for Elena.
  • Rose rooted for Damon and Elena to be together.

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