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You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer.
Meredith to Elena in 1912

The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the human, Meredith Fell.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Three

Elena arrives home to find Alaric and Meredith kissing but gives them her blessing as she wants him to move on and be happy. A number of murders begin to occur in Mystic Falls, and though Damon becomes suspicious of Meredith, Elena defends her. Meredith later informs the police that Alaric assaulted her, and accused him of being the serial killer. Elena argues with Meredith in defense of Alarc, but eventually, they discover that Meredith was right, and Alaric was possessed by the Darkness as a result of dying too many times while wearing the Gilbert ring.  Meredith confesses to Elena that she wants to help Alaric, because it's in her nature, as a doctor. After Alaric almost kills Meredith, Elena and Stefan find her and are able to save her in time.

Season Four

Meredith rescues Damon when he is shot with arrows that are attached to claymore mines in Connor's trailer, and gives him advice involving Elena. She tells him that he's a good person for not abandoning her, after everything that had happened to her recently. Meredith later shows up to collect Jeremy's body from Elena's house; unfortunately, Elena was in denial at the time, and angrily slammed Meredith against a wall when Meredith suggested that Elena start making arrangements for Jeremy's body.

The Novels

Elena and Meredith are best friends and like sisters. Elena describes Meredith as a strong person. Meredith was the second to find out about Elena's transformation. She also tried to help protect Elena.


Meredith: I’m due in surgery, whatever case you’re gonna make against Alaric, make it quick.
Elena: I don’t have to make a case, he didn’t do anything.
Meredith: How do you know? Sure, you live with him, he takes care of you, but do you really know anything about him?
Elena: I know enough.
Meredith: Let me tell you what I know. He was arrested for fighting four times before the age of 21. When he was at Duke, his future wife, Isobel, filed a restraining order against him, twice. Although, then she married him, so I guess that says more about her.
Elena: Okay, you’re making all of this up.
Meredith: Am I? How would you know? You took pity on a borderline alcoholic vampire hunter and you never even thought to look any deeper?"'
Elena: How could you do this to him? He didn’t kill anyone and you know it.
Meredith: You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer.



  • In the books, Elena and Meredith have known each other since childhood and are best friends. In the The Vampire Diaries, Meredith is older than Elena and they meet for the first time in Season Three.
  • Meredith was originally going to be based on her novel counterpart as a main character but she was removed because there were too many main characters. She was later introduced in The New Dealbut was different from her novel counterpart.
  • Meredith was the one who gave Elena Damon's blood, which turned her into a vampire, and thus saved her life when Rebekah killed her.

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