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I'm sorry. I really am. But we need to make the doppelgänger blood useless. One of you needs to die.
— Liv Parker to Elena Gilbert

The relationship between the cured vampire/doppelgänger Elena Gilbert and the witch Olivia Parker has been mostly antagonistic throughout the two seasons.

Early History

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Liv met Katerina Petrova when she was possessing Elena's body.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season 5

In Gone GirlLiv performs a locator spell to find Katerina Petrova who had possessed Elena's body.                

In While You Were Sleeping, Liv performed a spell to lock Elena in her dorm so she wouldn't hurt anybody. Elena wanted to leave, so she stabbed the witch and told her that she would give her blood to save her only if she undid the spell. Liv did it and Elena healed her. Later, Liv tells Bonnie "I survived my first vampire attack. Aren't you a little proud of me?"

Elena, Bonnie and Liv.

In Rescue Me, Liv found out that the Travelers would come to Mystic Falls because of the Doppelgängers, Elena and Stefan Salvatore so she tried to kill Elena by pinning her on the wall with a spell and staking her but Damon arrived and stabbed Liv with a stake. Later, in the Salvatore Boarding House; Damon helps Liv in front of Elena.

In Resident Evil, Elena has strange visions about how her life would be with Stefan and she and Caroline call Liv but instead of her, her twin brother, Luke arrives and tells that he can't help because this happens because of the Universe and he can't go against it.

In Man on Fire, Liv is forced to help Enzo to take Elena and Stefan hostage.

Elena-liv 5x21

Elena vs. Liv

In Promised Land, Liv and Luke attempt to kill Elena or Stefan in order to stop the Travelers' spell. Elena and Liv engage in a little struggle, but Elena runs off with Stefan to escape death. 

In Home, Elena and Caroline force Liv to help them with getting Stefan back and saving the world. In order to make Liv fully agree, Caroline kills Luke. Elena approves and looks at Liv. Later, Liv does the spell and tries to keep the Other Side open, as she promised Elena and her friends.

Season 6

In The Day I Tried To Live, Tyler states that Elena saved her with her blood after he persuaded her to.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, As both are attendees of Alaric and Jo's wedding they end up as Kai's casualties with Liv directly dying and Elena being cursed with a Sleeping Beauty Coma by Kai as Lily gave him the idea to do so.


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