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Elena and Damon
General Information

Delena, DE, Dex

Intimacy Levels

They truly loved each other and saw a future together, Passionate feelings, Made love, Dated, Protective of each other, Can't live without each other.

First Met

May 23, 2009 (before Pilot)

Started Dating

November 29, 2010 (My Brother's Keeper)
Relationship Confirmed: May 2011 (Graduation)


Best Friends, Lovers, Dated (Separated as Damon is dead), Elena lost her memories of loving him.

I am gonna tell Elena how much I love her.

The relationship between vampires, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore is a greatly complicated, but popular powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series.

Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine Pierce, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human in 1864. However, after realizing that Katherine had secretly escaped the tomb but hadn't cared enough about him to find him, he resented her. He begins to fall for his younger brother Stefan's girlfriend, also Katherine's doppelgänger, Elena. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived. They form a rocky friendship.

Elena constantly forgives Damon from doing horrible things to her, such as killing her younger brother Jeremy (although he came back to life) or feeding her vampire blood (essentially ending her human life). Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he's worth saving. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon's feelings for her, though continues to love Stefan.

Their friendship deepens, leading to them becoming best friends. Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even when she chooses Stefan over him, Damon continues to still be there for her when she needs somebody and feels she can't turn to Stefan about it. Damon has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth, although has admitted that he will lie to her if it saves her life.

After becoming a vampire, Elena breaks up with Stefan as her feelings for Damon had become too strong for her to ignore. Elena and Damon sleep together after she admits to her feelings. It's discovered that because Elena had feelings for Damon when she was human and it was his blood which turned her, a sire bond has been created between them. Damon begins to doubt her feelings for him and believes they are solely built on the sire bond. After being compelled by Rebekah to tell the truth, Elena reveals that she is no longer in love with Stefan and is instead in love with Damon. She later confesses this to him, stating that it's the most real thing she's ever felt. After Jeremy dies, Damon uses the sire bond to get Elena to turn her emotions off, knowing that the pain would be too much for her. She loses all feelings she has for him as a result, but continues a relationship with him solely for manipulation, later telling him her feelings were all due to the sire bond. Damon's willing to do anything to get her emotions back, including torturing her and killing Matt (although he was brought back to life), which eventually proved successful.

Elena later chooses between Damon and Stefan for the second time, this time choosing Damon, since she had fallen out of love with Stefan. She confirms her love for Damon during a heartfelt confession from them both, and they kiss. Damon's later proud as he says to Alaric, "I got the girl."

Their relationship lasts the whole summer and briefly becomes long distance when she begins attending college. After realizing how he's changing her, he decides to break up with her, causing her great heartbreak. Stefan makes Damon realize how he was stupid and he decides to try and win her back. However, when he finally tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has taken over Elena's body when she rejects him. This sends him off the deep end and he becomes guilty when he finds out the truth. After he tells her the truth, they mutually decide to end their relationship as they realize they have too much control over each other. However they end up sleeping together. But after that, Elena tells Damon that he has to let her go until they can figure things out.

As Markos, the Travelers' leader finally makes his appearance, Elena and Stefan begin to have visions of a life that they would never have. Damon is hurt by this but Elena lets him know that the universe doesn't control anything and that her and Damon are real, not those visions. She tries to be friends with him but he refuses and they try to avoid one another which turns out to be impossible. After getting kidnapped by Markos, nearly dying and with a little encouragement from Stefan she tells Damon that she thought she would never see him again and couldn't think of a worse way to die and so they both rekindle their relationship. In the finale of Season Five, in order to bring Stefan back from the Other Side, Damon and Elena go on a suicide mission. However, when the resurrection spell starts, Damon is unable to come back from the Other Side. Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down completely. A ghost Damon confesses to her that she is the greatest thing that ever happened to him and the fact that he will die knowing he was loved by Elena Gilbert is the epitome of a fulfilled life. Damon says I love you and leaves while Elena continues to cry and pleas with him to return to her.

Months after Damon's death, Elena desperately mourns him. During that time, Elena had been using a witch drug that allowed her to hallucinate Damon as she does not want to believe that he's dead.

They are known as "Delena" by fans.

Early History

"You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger...I want you to get everything you're looking for."
—Damon to Elena

Elena meets Damon

Damon first met Elena the night her parents died. She met Damon in the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. They started talking and even flirted a little. He told her that she wanted a love that consumed her, a love that was passionate, and a love that was a little dangerous. And then he told her that he wanted her to have everything she wanted. After their moonlit conversation, Elena's parents had arrived and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened. They were later reunited in The Night of the Comet, but she didn't remember him. This also explains the reason how Damon knew who Elena was when they met in the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena admitted in The Departed, that if she had met Damon first, she would have been with him instead. This memory resurfaces after Elena has transitioned into a vampire in Growing Pains.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries Series

Describing their Relationship

"This year, she's had a very traumatic roller coaster of life experience and it's changed her irrevocably—and at the center of it all was the die hard belief that she loved Damon, that she loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone."
Julie Plec
"That's the journey, I don't just want to throw them together tomorrow. I'd be sad. I want to see the kiss, I want to see the sweaty palms, I want to see it all go down."
Kevin Williamson
"Because of Damon's feelings for Elena, thinking that, for the very first time in his life that he has a home, Elena is the one who helped Damon find his home and his home is Elena."
Kevin Williamson
"I think that's what makes them as a couple so powerful. Even if the story line is them not dating, it's still a love story."
Caroline Dries

So many stories are about love at first sight, but we have to say that the most compelling ones are the ones that take their time with the build up, the thrill of the anticipation, until there’s so much unresolved sexual tension waiting to boil over the brim. That definitely fits Damon and Elena’s love story. He was the narcissistic evil vampire, who came to town to seek revenge on his younger brother, who Elena happened to develop an interest in. When everyone had written Damon off as a bad guy who couldn't be redeemed, Elena - who was unafraid of him and willing to call him on his crap- saw something in him that hinted he wasn't entirely evil. And so there marked the start of a tentative yet beautiful friendship. What’s so great about Damon and Elena is that they’re so true to life. Their relationship didn't happen overnight, it took some time. It wasn't perfect, and there were screw ups along the way. But that ‘way’ lead them to becoming friends and Damon falling for Elena. He’s always saving her from danger and she’s saving him from his dark self.

There’s an undeniable chemistry between her and Damon. We see it in the way they look at each other and the way they dance. Even when they’re fighting, there’s heat there. Even Elena admitted herself that being with Damon consumes her and she feels free.

These guys are more than just a simple love story. For three and a half seasons we've been captivated by Damon and Elena. Despite this, they've managed to gather thousands of fans from around the world and have so many talking about them and wondering what’s going to happen next, which is a true testament to how popular they are and their strong chemistry. They say that true love comes to those who wait and this couldn't be more true for Damon and Elena. It finally happened when she chose him in Season Four.

As the series continued on, Elena and Damon's relationship grew even more stronger leading them to wanting to have a future together.

In Season Six, Damon and Elena will be facing the ultimate obstacle. As Damon was unable to return to the land of the living in Season Five Finale, Home, he would be stuck in an another world and would be physically separated from Elena. Julie Plec says about their journey in season six: "Damon and Elena are obviously not together at the moment because he’s not with us. But I think what’s beautiful is in the show they are together spiritually because she’s missing him so deeply and he is dying to get back to her so profoundly. Even though, they’re not physically with each other, that’s what each of them want so badly and so much of the first part of the season is trying to draw them back together and then all the things that get in their way, and its bad. It’s bad, but it’s beautiful. Happy tears. Sad tears….So, they’re longing for each other and longing is just as beautiful as being together in a lot of ways too." source


Dating Timeline

First Relationship

Post Break-Up Sex

  • Start Up: While You Were Sleeping (5x16)
  • Ended: Rescue Me (5x17)
    • Reason: Elena asks Damon to let her go because she believes that when they are together they do bad things for each other and that she can't control herself around him. Damon kisses her forehead and lets her go.

Second Relationship

  • Start Up: Promised Land (5x21)
  • Separated by Death: Home (5x22)
    • Reason: Damon dies in Home, Elena and Damon did not break up.
  • Reunited:


  • Ironically, the actors who play Damon and Elena, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev began dating in 2010 and moved in together. However, they broke up in 2013 after three years of dating.
  • Elena and Damon & Klaus and Caroline are the most popular couples of the show, however, Klaus has now left the show.
  • They both know what its like to be the older sibling as they both have a younger brother (Jeremy and Stefan).
  • Damon taught Elena how to feed without losing control.
  • Their names are linked alphabetically, D and E.
  • Damon has never broken a promise to Elena, until Home when he promised to come back to her but died.
  • To deal with Damon's death in Home Elena has started using a witch drug to hallicunate him and has started feeding on humans again.
  • Elena asks Alaric, since he was made a vampire with the Original Vampire Spell by Esther, to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon so she move on with her life and eventually fall in love again.
  • Elena first realized she loved Damon on her 18th birthday when he did the selfless act of giving her the necklace Stefan gave her even though he loved her, knowing that it represented hope for her and Stefan.
  • Some of Elena and Damon's most popular moments include:
  • There's been something between them since their first meeting: “Even before anything happened in our series, Elena had been touched in her soul by this man," Julie says of their clandestine meeting. [1]
  • Damon originally had his own room until Elena moved in and they began to share a room. She briefly moved in with Rebekah when she lost her humanity.
  • Many cast and crew members have shown their love for the couple.
  • Elena and Damon have been on a lot of road trips.
  • Elena chose Damon over Stefan at the end of Season Four.
  • AlaricRose, Matt, Enzo, Bonnie Bennett and Stefan ship them.
  • Damon became an Augustine Vampire in Total Eclipse of the Heart, and Elena became an Augustine Vampire in Gone Girl, making them the only Augustine Vampires in existence. Though they're cured in While You Were Sleeping and reverted back to Vampires.
  • In the series, Damon is the oldest vampire as Katherine died and The Originals left the show while Elena is the youngest vampire.
  • Delena is the nickname of singers, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez (Delena) who were best friends in real life.
  • Delena is the most trended TVD couple on Twitter.
  • Elena has talked about a future with Damon twice throughout the series.
    • First was in Into the Wild when she told him to take the cure with her, they can be together and grow old.
    • Second was in Home as she told him it was all she sees.
  • In episode 4X19 of The Good Wife, one of the characters reads a Delena fanfiction. [3]
  • Damon and Elena is endgame in the novel series.
  • Damon and Elena appear on the List of Wiki Super Couples of all time. [4]
  • They won the Vampire Diaries Wiki Award for Best Couple for seasons One, Two, Four and Five. They were nominated in season Three, but lost to Jeremy and Anna.
  • After getting to the Top 4 on the contest and getting many votes, they became the number 1 t.v. couple. [5]
  • They came 1st in the top 10 couples of 2010-2011. [6]
  • They came 2nd in the top 10 couples of 2011-2012. [7]
  • They came 3rd in the top 10 couples of 2012-2013. [8]
  • They won the poll for the hottest relationship on The Vampire Diaries. [9]
  • They won the Hollywood life poll of Fall TV’s 25 Hottest Couples. [10]
  • They won the Hollywood life Thanksgiving poll. [11]
  • They were crowned Prom King & Queen in iVillage'S Pop Culture Awards.[12]
  • They won the poll for the hottest sexual tension in 2010. [13]
  • They won the Alloy entertainment poll for favorite magazine cover. [14]
  • They won the poll for the cutest tv couple of 2012. [15]
  • They won the poll for tv's sexiest hookup. [16]
  • 2 times winner of tubey's Best Almost Romantic But Not Quite Relationship-2010&2011. [17][18]
  • Damon and Elena's sex scene is one of the hottest sex scenes in vampire history according to Hollywood Life. [19]
  • They won the title of the best byte of season 4:best couple in an official poll. [20]
  • In 2013, they won the E! Online tournament of the best tv couple of all time. [21]
  • Their 5X02 ending kiss scene was declared the scene of the week. [22]

Elena and Damon win PCA Best On Screen Chemistry 2014

  • Damon's epic "You are my life" confession to Elena in Original Sin was declared the scene of the week. [23]
  • Damon and Elena won Favorite On-Screen Chemistry at the People's Choice Awards 2014.
  • Winners of TV's best Teen couple poll. [24]
  • Their hug during Elena's last moments in 5X12 topped the scene of the week poll along with The Tomorrow People scene. [25]
  • They came 4th in the top 10 young ships of 2013-2014. [26]
  • Their 3X19 kiss was voted as the Steamiest Moment in E! Online's Golden Remote Awards 2012. [27]
  • In Zap2it's Crushworthy Polls, Elena and Damon has won Most Crushworthy Overall and Most Devastating Breakup. [28]
  • Elena and Damon's deathbed confession and kiss scene in As I Lay Dying won in EW's 2011 Season Finale Awards: Most Rewound Moment, Top Tissue Moment, Best Kiss, Best Romantic Cliff-hanger. [29]
  • Damon and Elena's break up and break up sex scene in While You Were Sleeping was declared the Scene of the Week. [30]
  • They won the poll for epic couple who epitomize true love. [31]
  • The scene in Rescue Me where Damon lets go Elena won the Scene of the Week poll. [32]
  • Elena and Damon's heartbreaking goodbye scene in Home won the Scene of the Week poll. [33]

Damon and Elena win MTV Ship Of The Year 2014

  • Elena and Damon won these awards in the EW's T.V. Season Finale Awards:
    • Damon's goodbye to Elena.
    • Unforgettable Line.
    • Best Use of Music.
    • Most Rewound Moment. [34]
  • They were crowned Alloy Entertainment's Prom King & Prom Queen 2014. [35]
  • In E! Online's Best Ever TV Awards 2014, Delena won:
    • Best Couple.
    • Best Kiss (Delena's goodbye kiss in Home).
    • Biggest Tearjerker (Delena's goodbye in Home). [36]
  • They won the Best Ship Poll in Telefilm Addicted Awards 2012. [37]
  • They won the E! Online's Tournament of Young TV Edition 2013. [38]
  • They won the MTV's Ship of the Year Award 2014. [39]