Was that your boyfriend? He seems sweet. And terribly vulnerable, as humans tend to be.
Rebekah to Josh about Eddie

Eddie is a character who appears in the second episode of the fourth season of The Originals. He is Josh's ex-boyfriend.

Early History

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Four

In No Quarter, Eddie reluctantly left Josh's loft after spending some time with him there since Josh had "managerial obligations" to run at Rousseau's. The two had time to share a few kisses before Eddie was quickly forced out of the loft by Josh with the promise to be texted soon. Josh did this hoping to avoid an unpleasant encounter with Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson in front of Eddie. Later that night, Eddie was tricked by Kol Mikaelson who sent him a message from Josh's smartphone pretending to be him and trying to help Davina's best friend, saying that Josh was drunk and needed a ride home. Eddie, then, went to Rousseau's where Josh invited the boy to spend some time in the bar even though it was closed, and they embrace in a passionate kiss behind the bar's doors.


Eddie is described by Rebekah as a sweet but vulnerable boy. Eddie seems to be a responsible and affectionate young man, as shown in the moments he has spent with Josh. According to Josh, Eddie is fond of dogs. In fact, when Eddie crosses random dogs in the street he greets them with a "weird baby voice".

Physical Appearance

Eddie is a tall, handsome young man in his 20s with short brown hair, hazel eyes and clean shaven face. Eddie was seen wearing a V-neck t-shirt, and jeans.


Joshua Rosza

"I haven't missed anyone so much in a long time."
—Josh to Eddie in No Quarter

Following the devastating death of his former boyfriend Aiden, Josh has found love again with Eddie. Despite the two appearing to be at the beginning of their love story, they seem to be particularly affectionate with each other. Several years and a season later, it appears they have broken up offscreen.


Season Four


  • Eddie can be a masculine or feminine name. It comes from English origin and can be a diminutive form of Edward or Edmund.[1] It means "rich guard", which derived from the Old English "ead".[2]





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