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Eddie is a character who appears in the second episode of the fourth season of The Originals. He is also Josh's new boyfriend.

Early History

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Four

In No Quarter,


Physical Appearance


Season Four


  • Eddie can be a masculine or feminine name. It comes from English origin and can be a diminutive form of Edward or Edmund.[1] It means "rich guard", which derived from the Old English "ead".[2]


  • Eddie will be Josh's new boyfriend in season four.
    • "Eddie — described as “sweet, funny, sexy and charming, with an encyclopedic knowledge of random facts” — has no desire to be anything other than human. We’ll meet him in the second episode of the season." [3]
  • Eddie's portrayer, Keahu Kahuanui, was a recurring actor on the MTV television series Teen Wolf, just like fellow actors Daniel Sharman and Adam Fristoe. Keahu Kahuanui portrayed Danny, a classmate of main characters who was also a gay character.




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