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He's a total ass. But he buys the beer.
Caroline about Duke in Fool Me Once

Duke is a former student of Mystic Falls High School.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

Duke attends Duke University. Every time he returns to Mystic Falls he throws a party. Caroline says his real name might be Bob, but either way, he's an ass. In Under Control, When Elena was dancing with Stefan, she accidentally ran into Duke and when she tries to apologize to him, Duke tells her she needs to get off the dance floor. Stefan tells him there's no need to be rude and that he should apologize to her but Duke says whatever and walks off. But soon Stefan becomes angry and grabs his arm and compels him to apologize to Elena and he does. But Stefan says he needs to apologize like he means it and he does. After that Stefan makes him leave.

Later when Stefan runs into him again and he pushes Stefan and then apologizes and says that all he does is to apologize. When Stefan asks him to move he pushes him and apologizes, Duke then tries to punch Stefan but he grabs his hand and breaks it. He was going to do more but heard Elena looking for him and he leaves Duke alone. Elena finds Duke but not Stefan. Duke says he fell and broke his hand and that he's clumsy which is what Stefan compelled him to say.


Physical Appearance


Season One


  • Duke is from English origin, and the meaning is "leader". It also comes from the noble title duke, which was derived from the Latin dux. [1]


  • Jeremy says sarcastically that Duke is going to Duke.
  • Duke is possibly based off the character Dick in the novels.
  • According to Caroline, he graduated 2 years ago and since the timeline of season one was 2009-2010, it was about 2006 or 2007 when he graduated.



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