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Diane Ademu-John is one of the writers for the hit CW show, The Originals.


Diane Ademu-John started working in television during 2001, when she began working as a writer for "Crossing Jordan," a crime/drama series that focuses on a crime-solving medical examiner. Ademu-John would continue to work on the show until 2003, by which time she had also served as a story editor. The next show Ademu-John worked on was "1-800-Missing," which once more saw her serve as a writer and story editor (from 2004 through 2005). But it would be her next gig that would serve as the best known of her career thus far--"Medium" (in 2006), a supernatural and dramatic series that stars Patricia Arquette in the lead role of Allison DuBois (a medium who works for the district attorney's office in Phoenix). Ademu-John served as a writer, story editor, producer, co-producer, and supervising producer on various episodes.[1]


The OriginalsEdit

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  • Diane's favourite films are: The Godfather, The Exorcist, Spirited Away, Blade Runner, Mad Max Fury Road, Miller's Crossing and Buckaroo Banzai.[2]

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