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One of the Deputies

Sheriff's Deputies of Mystic Falls work for Sheriff Forbes, operating out of the Mystic Falls Police Station. Outwardly, they appear to be ordinary police officers trained to serve and protect the citizens of Mystic Falls but in actuality, they have been secretly trained by the Town Council to hunt and kill vampires.

Season 1

Only a small circle of deputies know of the vampires and are usually warned by Sheriff Forbes of their presence, using the term "V5." This term is used by her in the Turning Point and by John Gilbert in Founder's Day. Although they answer to the Sheriff and appear loyal to her, they go behind her with Richard Lockwood and John Gilbert in their plan to kill the vampires in Mystic Falls during Founder's Day although it is unlikely that they knew that John knocked her out and locked her in her office so that she wouldn't stop them.

Season 2

Two deputies helped Sheriff Forbes capture Damon and Stefan Salvatore in Kill or Be Killed but were killed by Caroline Forbes. They also helped the sheriff try to capture Damon when he was driven mad by a werewolf bite in As I Lay Dying.

Season 4


In Growing Pains, several deputies helped Pastor Young with his plan to kill all vampires. Deputy Adams was killed by Stefan, in the cell, Elena fed on him and completed her transition, the other was unknown. One of them caught Elena trying to escape while in transition.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

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