Declan is an upcoming character on The Originals. He will debut in the first episode of the fifth season

Early History

Throughout The Originals Series


Season Five


He is described as "a flirtatious, roguish and charming Irish chef, who is unaware of the supernatural underbelly of New Orleans or that the woman he is involved with is part of an infamous family of vampires.[3].

Physical Appearance


  • Declan is of Irish origin, meaning "man of prayer" or "full of goodness".[4]


  • "Hayley's got a friend with benefits," she says. "Hayley’s getting some." (Specifically, that man's name is Declan and he's Irish.)[5]
    • "Declan, a "flirtatious" Irish chef with a hot temper to match his killer charm. Like most humans on the show, he starts out with no knowledge of New Orleans' supernatural shenanigans — until he’s introduced to a famous vampire family by the woman he loves."[6]
  • He is named after Declan de Barra.



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