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Not now, Dana!
Some Main Characters to Dana throughout the series.

Dana was a student at Mystic Falls High School in the same graduating class as Elena, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie and Tyler. She was eventually killed by Stefan, who was compelled by Klaus to kill both her and Chad.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season Two

Dana first appeared in The Descent, where she was searching for Matt Donovan to tell him that they needed more hamburgers. Matt yelled at her "Not now Dana!"

She appeared again in The Last Dance, where Klaus was posing as Alaric Saltzman. Firstly, she appeared in the History classroom where she informed Klaus (as Alaric), that they had been covering the 60's all week, due to the upcoming 60's Decade Dance. Later on, Klaus compelled her to give Elena a message, saying he wanted the first dance. She also hosted the event and gave Elena a shout out from Klaus.

Season Three


Dana after being killed by Stefan

In The Reckoning, Dana is contributing to Senior Prank Night in the gym. Klaus enters with Elena and orders for Dana and Chad to stay while the other kids leave. Klaus later compelled Dana to stand on one foot and if she drops it, Chad must beat her to death. She lasts long enough to keep her balance and is helped down by Chad. Klaus then orders Stefan to kill them, but then he compels him instead to which Stefan begins feeding on her neck till the point of her death while Elena watches.


Season Two

Season Three


  • Dana is a unisex name. It means "wise" or "intelligent".[1]



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